Robert F Kennedy Jr. on Tucker with a list of other items on the state of things today: Links 2, November 21, 2021

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1. Red pill Germany corrects his own prediction for Austria, makes new ones about plans for the great unvaxxed

2.  Had to check twice that this was actually on CNN

3. Just in time for the propaganda effort to vaccinate young children, 5 to 11, this ‘news’ story breaks:

4. 19-year-old high school graduate dies during class trip in Berlin – connection with Corona vaccination under investigation

A19-year-old student died on a study trip to Berlin. Now the public prosecutor’s office has ordered an autopsy on the high school graduate. The reason: the young man may have died as a result of a Corona vaccination. The 19-year-old died on October 28. He was found dead in his bed in a hostel in the Berlin district of Mitte. Before that, the student had already felt ill. We recently reported about the 12-year-old child from Cuxhaven who also died after the Corona vaccination.

(One thing that begins to resolve itself. If you think you are getting Corona 19, you have a lot of options for treatment. If you get sick from the vaccine as a young man, you basically want to call a priest.)

5. Tablecloth Vader hijacks anti American, anti Rittenhouse verdict protest to be all about hating on Israel and promoting it’s destruction

Thank you Yucki, M., Malca, Stefan Cel Mare, MissPiggy and all who contributed to this site in any way this month.

Robert F Kennedy Jr. on Tucker Carlson. A 52 minute look at Fauci as Robert Kennedy understands him.

After watching Kennedy on Tucker, the following clip makes perfect sense.


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5 Replies to “Robert F Kennedy Jr. on Tucker with a list of other items on the state of things today: Links 2, November 21, 2021”

  1. Thank you so very much
    Not sure how you got this
    I would gladly pay for Fox Nation streaming
    CRTC censors this in Canada
    So awful but true
    He has so many excellent interviews on this stream
    Thanks so much for this one

  2. #5 What a douche. But shouldn’t he be called Darth Tablecloth? His Sithlord power is making everything about the palestinian cause, I guess.
    In the Netherlands that pattern is used for clothes for drying dishes. It’s called a “theedoek”.

  3. I had to overcome nausea to listen to a scion of the Rose-&-Joe Kennedy mafia family.
    ~~ Worth it ~~
    He’s broken free, he’s his own person. A whole other species.

    I think we in Massachusetts are finally out of their grip, but the professional myth-makers of Camelot have to die off. I hope to live long enough to celebrate the renaming of many landmarks and institutions around here.

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