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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. No idea if this is old news but I was asked to post it here. With my views on the >90s of trans who are just sexual predators my name probably glows red.

    The browser extension “Shinigami Eyes” colour codes names on the wrong side of history
    Jordan Tyldesley
    14 November, 2021
    This week I had the audacity to suggest on Twitter that antisemitism remains a problem within some on the Left, and it led me down an extraordinary and terrifying rabbit-hole. Welcome to the online world of Shinigami Eyes.

    Shinigami Eyes uses algorithms to decide your fate

    I received a notification from one Twitter user alerting another to the fact that “Shinigami Eyes shows [me] as a transphobe”’ with a link to the webpage Confused, I clicked on the link and made a startling discovery. Shinigami Eyes is a browser add-on that highlights supposed “transphobic” and “trans-friendly” people, businesses and organisations. Unbeknownst to members of the public, users who enable this function are invited to colour code others in either red or green — red meaning “danger” and green meaning “safe”. The extension supports Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Medium, Youtube, Wikipedia articles and search engine results. According to Google Chrome, it has over 40,000 current users, and the extension is also supported via Firefox and Android.

    Essentially, this is a database of people who are being recorded for their views without their knowledge or consent. Shinigami Eyes uses a combination of user contributions and algorithms to decide your fate. Anyone who installs it can type your name into a search engine and form an opinion of you based on the colour you’ve been assigned. You have involuntarily joined a database which includes information about you for others to inspect.

    According to the website, having “Shinigami Eyes” in manga/anime means “having the ability to see people’s names and remaining lifespan just by looking at them”. Similarly, this extension “allows you to see a person’s trans acceptance orientation just by looking at them”. The creator Lorelai Bailey (formerly known as Wesley) gives the reason for developing the extension as “distrust towards people” and bemoans the difficulties of “dealing with communities that tend to be moderately progressive […] such as the feminist community, the lesbian community and women’s associations”.

    Lorelai has previously contributed to the software “Terf Tracker”. Past tweets include: “Perhaps if trans women smacked you in the face with a baseball bat every time you said ignorant hateful shit you would learn” and “punch out a TERF”. Lorelai has also been accused by five individuals of raping and sexually abusing them, including underage minors. Whilst he is now shunned by many members of his own community, Shinigami Eyes continues to thrive.

    Some of the app’s followers are people in positions of power

    Prior to installing Shinigami Eyes for myself, I decided to head over to its Twitter page. They’re currently followed by 1,664 people. Not a high volume you may argue, but I became concerned nevertheless. Followers include a freelance journalist who has published in a national newspaper, a prominent trans activist, an admissions officer at the University of Bradford, a freelance research and strategist, senator for students at the Labour Party and a woman who the BBC included in their list of “inspirational and influential women for 2016”. Of course, following the page does not necessarily mean these people are active users of Shinigami Eyes, but if they are, that is incredibly worrying. Some of these people are in positions of power with the ability to grant or deny access.

    If an admissions officer within HE can decipher an individual’s political or moral persuasion and considers this disagreement to be “a danger”, could that prevent him from allowing a student a place on a university programme? A commissioning editor for a magazine has interacted positively with the page; this is someone who has access to journalists’ private details such as their addresses. If someone in a position of authority uses this feature, they could decide to reject your work purely based on your beliefs and their distaste for them. This is not just odd; it is also a safety risk for people. At a time when many women are threatened for being a “TERF”, the thought of these people having access to our personal information is frightening.

    I installed the add-on reluctantly because I had to see the scale of this problem for myself. Sure enough, when I typed my name into the internet I showed red. I stand out like a sore thumb: dangerous because I believe in women’s spaces and our protections, an act akin to violence for some. Twitter was the same. I started furiously typing in people’s names to see their judgment cast by the gender-identity overlords.

    It may come as a surprise to some people to find out they’re on the colour-coded “wrong side of history”. Jess Phillips, I’m afraid you are also red. I typed into Google “why is Jess Phillips red? Shinigami Eyes”, and found users having a discussion about the fact that when she reads out a list of murdered women in parliament, she fails to mention trans-women. It looks as if her fate has been sealed whether or not she decides to stand with us appointed TERFS.

    The overwhelming majority of people monitored for their opinions are women

    The overwhelming majority of people being monitored for their opinions are women. Here is a short list of just some of them: Martina Navratilova, Camilla Tominay, Mary Harrington, Julie Bindel, Janet Street Porter, Sonia Sodha, Jennifer Saunders, Hadley Freeman, Dominique Samuels, Janice Turner and Sarah Ditum.

    The list goes on and on. Of course some men make the list, too. Paul Embery and Pope Francis sit side by side on the trans naughty step. Most people are yet to have their colour decided but I’m sure their time will come.

    But is this legal? In Norway the nonprofit civil liberties organisation Electronic Frontier Norway (EFN) doesn’t seem to think so. After analysing this computer extension, they found that the classification of people and organisations into friendly or phobic is uploaded to a server in the US. They believe it violates Article 9 of the GDPR which prohibits the registration of people’s political views and philosophical convictions. EFN is concerned that the app is a threat to people’s safety by putting a mark against their name. It could be used to identify targets for online harassment, cyberstalking and physical attacks.

    For anyone who still thinks this isn’t a conversation for them, think again. The word “dystopian” gets thrown around often, but this takes it to a whole new level.

  2. Liverpool explosion: Three arrested under Terrorism Act @BBC News live

    16 Nov 2021 SUSPECT NAMED Who was Liverpool taxi bomber Emad Al Swealmeen?
    POPPY Day bomber Emad Jamil Al-Swealmeen struck after his asylum bids were turned down.
    Here’s what we know about him.
    The Jordanian, 32, also had mental health problems and was once arrested with a knife.
    He blew himself up in a taxi at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Cabbie David Perry, 43, survived by a “miracle”.
    Emad Jamil Al-Swealmeen, who had no known connections with any terrorist groups, blew himself to bits with a home-made ball-bearing device.
    He had taken a taxi from his bomb lair home to the local Liverpool Women’s Hospital.
    CCTV footage captured the moment the device was detonated seconds after cabbie David Perry pulled up in front of the main entrance at 10.59 am.
    Because of Al-Swealmeen’s severe injuries, it took police several hours to establish a potential identity – and he has yet to be formally identified.
    It remained unclear when exactly the bomber entered the UK but it was understood he had been in a long-term dispute with the Home Office over his application for UK residential status.
    And he had not been granted leave to remain here permanently.
    According to friends, he earlier spent a large part of his life in Iraq, where his mother came from.
    It was claimed that Al-Swealmeen had told friends he came from Syria — but The Sun understands he was a Jordanian national.
    It was also claimed that motor-racing enthusiast Al-Swealmeen had changed his first name to Enzo in honour of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari — and to sound less Muslim in a bid to help his asylum ­application.
    He was also said to have converted to Christianity at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral in 2017.
    Al-Swealmeen spent eight months living with devoted Christians Malcolm and Elizabeth Hitchott at their home in the Aigburth district of Liverpool.
    Former solider Mr Hitchott said: “He first came to the cathedral in August 2015 and wanted to convert to Christianity.
    “He took an Alpha Course, which explains the Christian faith, and completed it in November of that year.
    “That enabled him to come to an informed decision and he changed from Islam to Christianity and was confirmed as a Christian just before he came to live with us.
    “He was destitute at that time and we took him in. The UK asylum people were never convinced he was Syrian and he was refused asylum in 2014.
    “He had his case rejected because he has been sectioned due to some mental health incident where he was waving a knife at people from an overpass.”
    Mr Hitchott explained: “He was going to put in a fresh asylum claim. Once he had done that, it was possible for him to be housed again by the Home Office and get £35 a week.
    “He didn’t want to stay here any more. So he could get the accommodation, I gave him notice to leave. He never talked about Islam, terrorism, nothing.”
    Mrs Hitchott said: “I bumped into him in a street, he was doing cake decoration at an educational class, a formal course somewhere, he was very enthusiastic. He showed me the designs he had done and what he was hoping to do in an upcoming exam. He was quite artistic.
    “I gave him a sketchbook and pencils. He drew hills, flowers, everything around him.”
    The couple said he loved motor racing and would often do go-karting at Brunswick in Liverpool.
    The bomb factory where Al-Swealmeen constructed his deadly ball bearing device was yesterday revealed as a bedsit.
    Police carried out a controlled explosion at the studio room in a Victorian property in Rutland Avenue in the city’s upmarket Sefton Park district.
    Smoke billowed from the house following the 4pm blast, with families having already been evacuated.

    Also see

  3. Leading COVID Test Firm Is Planning To Sell Swabs With Customer’s DNA

    The “research programme information sheet,” which was updated on October 21, states that the company retains data including “biological samples … and the DNA obtained from such samples”, as well as “genetic information derived from processing your DNA sample … using various technologies such as genotyping and whole or partial genome sequencing.”

    The documents assert that the DNA information will be compiled along with “self- reported health and trait data” — like information about their customer’s medical history, and “information we obtain from other sources, such as publicly available demographic information.”

    Customers were not expressly informed about the possibility of their information being sold or used for anything other than COVID testing.

  4. Ontario reports more than 500 confirmed cases of post-vaccine myocarditis or pericarditis

    Ontario reached a new low last week after the government confirmed 521 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis following inoculation with the still-widely-mandated COVID vaccine.

    “As of November 7, 2021, there have been 521 reports of myocarditis or pericarditis following receipt of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in Ontario,” writes Public Health Ontario (PHO) in a report.

    “These reports have been identified through case-level review of all reported AEFIs. Of these, 138 (26.5%) were diagnosed with myocarditis and 239 (45.9%) were diagnosed with pericarditis. The remaining 144 (27.6%) were diagnosed with perimyocarditis (n=21), myopericarditis (n=119) and myocarditis/pericarditis (n=4).”

    Moreover, the rate of incidents of post-vaccine myocarditis appears to be increasing, as 45 new cases were reported in just the last week, marking a 9.45 per cent increase in a single week.

    As PHO notes, young males between 12-24 are the most likely to suffer from post-vaccine myocarditis, usually after the second dose and usually after four to five days after vaccination.

    The PHO’s data now shows that males in the 12-17 age group are now reporting myocarditis/pericarditis following the first dose at a rate of 65.3 per million and 133.5 per million following the second dose, roughly 1 in 5,000 when both reports are combined.

    Similarly, and even more damning, males in the 18-24 age group are now reporting myocarditis/pericarditis at a rate of 49.9 per million after the first dose and 181.7 per million after the second dose, roughly 1 report of myocarditis in 4,318 vaccine recipients.

    It should be noted that on September 29, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer Kieran Moore announced they would no longer recommend the Moderna vaccine because of a similar risk factor for males in these age groups.

    “This recommendation was based on the advice of Ontario’s Children COVID-19 Vaccine Table, Ontario Vaccine Clinical Advisory Group, and Public Health Ontario and is due to an observed increase in Ontario of the very rare heart condition called pericarditis/myocarditis following vaccination with Moderna compared to Pfizer in the 18 to 24-year-old age group, particularly among males,” stated Moore at the time.

    “The majority of reported cases have been mild with individuals recovering quickly, normally with anti-inflammatory medication. Symptoms have typically been reported to start within one week after vaccination, more commonly after the second dose.”

    While Moore claims that myocarditis (heart inflammation) is mild, myocarditis is deadly and very often leads to lifetime disability for those who survive.

    According to the National Center for Biotechnology, 20 per cent of those who develop myocarditis die in the first year. A full 50 per cent — yes, half — die within five years.

    This means that the vaccine can be expected to kill over 250 otherwise healthy people (excluding those who die from other post-vaccine side effects).

    Based on the available data, assuming that reports of myocarditis are accurate, if 1 in 4,318 males in the 18-24 year age group end up with post-vaccine myocarditis and 1 in 2 who are diagnosed with myocarditis will die within five years, we can expect the vaccine to kill 1 in 8,636 for those in this demographic who receive the vaccine — significantly higher than their risk from COVID-19 which is absolutely negligible.

    Public Health Ontario – Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFIs)
    for COVID-19 in Ontario: December 13, 2020 to November 7, 2021

    PDF :

  5. Dr Naomi Wolf: Pfizer In Cahoots With US Intelligence Agencies

    Author Naomi Wolf talks about what is being revealed about the corporate state and it’s ties to the national security apparatus.

    “What we’ve got is bullying at the very highest levels.

    The CEO of Pfizer made it clear he was in alignment with the FBI and the CIA and that they were on his side warning him about these dark horses that were saying bad things about vaccines or maybe trying to hack Pfizer…

    He’s definitely trotting out the intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies to say, ‘we’ve got them on our side.’”

    + VIDEO

      • 14 Children Given Incorrect Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine in Antioch

        Just over a dozen parents who got their kids vaccinated at a popup clinic put on by Sutter Health in Antioch were told they got an incorrect amount of the vaccine.

      • 14 children get wrong dose of vaccine in Antioch

        Sutter Health pediatricians are looking into what went wrong when some children at their Antioch office got double the amount of COVID vaccine that they would normally have gotten in a single shot.

      • Some of the list of “Covid Pirates”
        North Carolina Chapel Hill – Ralph Baric
        Vanderbilt University
        NYU Langone Health
        Imperial College, London

    • Egypt issues ultimatum to unvaccinated citizens

      The Egyptian High Committee for COVID-19 has given an ultimatum for citizens and employees to get vaccinated.

      Starting November 15, unvaccinated civil servants will not be allowed into their offices, while from December 1, unvaccinated citizens will not enter government buildings.

      The step will be accompanied by the launch of a digital mobile application to be a vaccine pass for all citizens.

    • Deutsche Pravda – Germany’s COVID crisis stretches hospitals to the limit

      In Germany, coronavirus case numbers are rising fast.

      For the ninth straight day, the country has registered record infection rates, prompting doctors and public health experts once again to sound the alarm.

      They are urging leaders to ramp up pressure on unvaccinated people, and the first states have started to heed their call.

      Meanwhile the surge is stretching medical staff on the front lines to the limit.

    • DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – How well do face masks slow the spread of the coronavirus?

      With winter coming to the northern hemisphere, fears of another deadly COVID wave have triggered a new debate over whether face coverings should make a comeback.
      Research suggests they help slow the coronavirus.

    • Hamburg sperrt Ungeimpfte aus

      Hamburgs Erster Bürgermeister Peter Tschentscher (SPD) hat heute bei der Landespressekonferenz neue und deutlich schärfere Corona-Maßnahmen für die Stadt verkündet.

      Ab dem 20. November gilt durch die erweiterten 2G-Regeln quasi ein Lockdown für Ungeimpfte in der Stadt.

    • Nominiert zum Deutschen Zukunftspreis 2021

      Das Team Prof. Dr. med. Ugur Sahin (Sprecher) / PD Dr. med. Özlem Türeci, Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Huber und Prof. Katalin Karikó, Ph.D., BioNTech SE, Mainz, ist mit ihren Forschungen zu “mRNA-Impfstoffe für die Menschheit – erster COVID-19-Impfstoff als Beginn einer neuen Ära in der Medizin” in die Endrunde der Preisvergabe zum Deutschen Zukunftspreis 2021 eingezogen.

    • ZDF – 2G-Corona-Regeln in Sachsen – wie werden sie eingehalten?

      Nur Geimpfte und Genesene dürfen ins Café, zum Friseur oder ins Restaurant.

      Mit mobilen Einsatzteams kontrolliert der Landkreis verstärkt die Einhaltung der neuen Corona-Verordnung.

      Die Kontrollen stoßen nicht immer auf Zustimmung.

      Manchmal schlägt den Beamten Hass und Aggression entgegen, die Stimmung ist aufgeheizt.

      Auch manche Wirte sind mit der 2G-Regel nicht zufrieden, sie befürchten massive Umsatzeinbußen.

      Gerade mal 51 Prozent der Menschen sind im Landkreis gegen Corona geimpft.

      Die neue 2G-Regel führt zumindest dazu, dass sich einige doch impfen lassen.

      Der Ansturm auf die mobilen Impfteams ist enorm.

      Das wenige medizinische Personal kann den Ansturm kaum bewältigen.

      Das führt zu Frust bei den Wartenden.

    • ‘I’m not doing anything dangerous’ | Doctor resigns from Houston Methodist in wake of anti-vaccine mandates

      Dr. Mary Bowden resigned from Houston Methodist after the hospital claimed she was spreading misinformation about COVID-19 on social media.

      …. and in favour of giving some covid patients ivermectin, a drug not proven effective in treating the virus

    • city news – Town hall for black parents hesitant about the vaccine

      Parents may be a bit apprehensive about giving their child the Covid-19 vaccine.
      According to one group the Black population is not only dealing with misinformation online but also experiences systemic racism within healthcare.

    • Boris Johnson Announces Only People With Boosters Will Be Deemed “Fully Vaccinated”..!

      The government approved definition of “fully vaccinated” will now require the citizens to take booster shots in order to remain compliant.

  6. DAILY MAIL – EXCLUSIVE: ‘We’re numb… there was nothing to suggest he would become radicalised’: Christian couple who opened their home to asylum seeker who converted from Islam tell of their shock after he blew himself up at Liverpool maternity hospital

    Christian pensioners who opened home to Liverpool suicide bomber have told of their shock at attack

    Emad Jamil Al Swealmeen died when his device blew up outside a Liverpool hospital on Sunday, police said

    He changed his name to Enzo Almeni to sound more Western as he applied for asylum in the UK

    Al Swealmeen, 32, was a pizza chef who fled the Middle East several years ago and converted to Christianity

    He had mental health issues and was arrested and sectioned in 2014 for carrying knife around Liverpool

    Almeni blew up a taxi outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Sunday, just before 11am Remembrance silence

    Taxi driver David Perry was hailed hero by friends who said he locked the ‘suspicious’ man in his car


  7. The Defender Children‘s Health
    Guinea Pig Kids’: Fauci’s Legacy of Cruel Experiments ON Kids.

    Recent revelations about Dr. Anthony Fauci shed new light on a 2004 BBC documentary, “Guinea Pig Kids”. The film exposed the cruel experiments — approved by Fauci and funded by the U.S. taxpayers —on poor minority children as part of Fauci’s search for a cure for AIDS.

    The recent #BeagleGate scandal accomplished what a global COVID pandemic, a “gain-of-function” research scandal, worldwide vaccine mandates and a career of squandering American tax dollars could not: It got the world to stop and question the integrity of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

    “The irony is that it’s these little puppies bringing the outrage” said Vera Sharav, human rights activist and founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection.

    It’s not that Sharav doesn’t care about puppies. She is frustrated however, that she has been unable to generate the same public outcry when it comes to her lifelong mission to end cruel medical experimentation on children.

    “Animals have powerful advocates, like People For the Ethical Treatment for Animals, fighting to protect them from this kind of abuse.” Sharav said. “but these children are disposable. It is a travesty.”

    As a child survivor of the Holocaust, Sharav witnessed first hand how a corrupt system can systematically obliterate moral norms and human empathy in the name of public health.

    She has worked for decades to put a stop to unethical and abusive medical practices, including those subsidized and facilitated by government agencies and Big Pharma.

    her battle to break through conspiratorial silence and get the attention of the media and the regulatory authorities has been a. Uphill battle, spanning decades.

    But in 2004 there was a glimmer of hope. The BBC reached out to her as part of an investigation for a documentary film, “Guinea Pig Kids.”

    Based on the findings of an investigative journalist, Liam Scheff, the gut-wrenching documentary exposed Fauci’s torturous, clandestine, medical experiments on HIV-infected children in care of Incarnation Children’s Center.

    Sharav teamed up with Scheff, investigative reporter Celia Farmer and film’s director, Jamie Doran. for a brief time, the three believed the truth might finally come to light.

    But as they discovered shedding light is not for the faint of heart.

    Who Were the Guinea Pig Kids?

    The ICC, which marketed itself as “New York City’s only skilled nursing facility providing specialized care for children and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS,” was the scene of these crimes against humanity.

    In 1992, NIAID provided funding to reintroduce the ICC as “an outpatient clinic for HIX-positive children” and the clinic became part of Columbia University’s Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Unit.

    New York’s child Welfare Department, the Administration for Children’s Services, was empowered to offer up the vulnerable and underprivileged children under its care as lab rats to lest toxic AIDS drugs like AZT Nevirapine and various protease inhibitors, as well as experimental AIDS vaccines.

    Most of these drugs, approved for adults with AIDS, carried Black Box warnings and caused potentially lethal side effects, including bone marrow death, organ failure, deformities and brain damage.

    Most of the children were black, Hispanic and poor, often born to drug addicted mothers.

    NIAID, captilizing on the AIDS orthodoxy, justified the unethical experiments preformed on these kids as the only chance they had to survive.

    Jacklyn Hoerger, whose job it was to administer the drugs to the children said
    “We were told that If they were vomiting, if they lost their ability to walk, if they were having diarrhea, if they were dying, then all of this was because of their HIV infection. I just faithfully gave as I was told to do by the doctors.”

    Compliance, as an unidirectional principle, has been a recurring theme throughout Fauci’s career. According to ICC Medical Director Dr. Katherine Painter, the “biggest problem facing families with HIV-positive children is adherence.”

    Hoerger learned this lesson the hard way, when she began the process of adopting two half sisters from the program. Applying a much more compassionate scientific method at home, Hoerger deduced that it was the medications that were causing the children’s ailments. So she took them off the drug regimens.

    she described the improvements as “almost instantaneous” and noticed the girls began eating properly for the first time in their lives. but her non-compliance deemed her as a negligent parent and she lost custody of the girls. She was never permitted to see them again.

    At ICC, the cooperation of experimental subjects took precedence over their well being. Children were required to take these medications regardless of their negative impacts, and adverse effects were attributed to their presumed illness ( AHRP discovered that NIAID allowed its pharma partners to experiment on children without lab-confirmed HIV infections).

    When some patients refused to consent to the trials, children’s services officials would promptly remove them and place them with foster families, or in children’s homes where a child’s participation would be authorized.

    When children resisted or refused their medications they were brought to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where plastic tubes were surgically inserted into their stomachs for drug administration.

    According to Sharav, at least 80 children died over the course of these clinical trials.

    “Fauci just brushed all these dead babies under the rug,” Sharav said. “They were collateral damage in his career ambitions. They were throw-away children.”

    One visit to ICC’s mass grave at the Gate of Heaven cemetery in Hawthorne, NY, drove that point home for Celia Farmer, an investigative reporter who conducted research for the film.

    “I couldn’t believe my eyes, “ Farber said. “It was a very large pit with AstroTuft thrown over it, which you could actually life up. under it, one could see dozens of plain wooden coffins, haphazardly stacked. There may more than 100 of them. I learned there was more than one child’s body in each.”

    Compliance was also an issue when it came to the Nuremberg Code or even following federal regulations related to clinical trial participation.

    Instead of adhering to requirements put in place to protect foster children, New York created an institutional review board, an ethics committee comprised or representatives from the same hospitals who were conducting the research to grant approvals.

    in other words, approval was put in the hands of the stakeholders.

    In 2004, Sharav’s organization filed a complaint with both the U.S. FDA and the federal office of human research protection.

    The complaint focused on the unlawful enrolment at foster children in these trials and systemwide institutional failure to protect them in accordance with federal regulations mandating an independent advocate for each child.

    These kids, some as young as 3 months old, had no independent voice. the ACS, the same organization that essentially put them on a conveyor belt for clinical trials, was also their legal guardians.

    “It’s a complete abdication of “first do no harm” and the dignity of human beings.” said Sharav. “From a medical research perspective lab animals are expensive and these children are cheap. The government handed them over like a herd of animals.”

    The Campaign Against AIDS Deniers

    “Guinea Pig Kids” debuted on BBC on November 30, 2004, but was Abruptly taken off the air.

    A complaint filed by powerful AIDS activist led the BBC to pull the documentary and expunge the investigation. And it was worse behind the scenes.

    Celia Farber said she and others were “relentlessly brutalized at every level” for being so-called AIDS deniers.

    They came after us professionally, economically, spiritually, socially, “ Farber recalled. “Nobody wanted to be an AIDS denier, it elicited such hatred. the term cast a really deep spell and people couldn’t hear past it. It instantly shut people down.”

    A r children 2005 subcommittee meeting hosted by the U.S.Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) concluded that the protected rights of foster children had been violated in some of the AIDS drug trials — but nothing at the ICC and children continued to die.

    The Vera Institute of Justice, which was tasked with investigating the death of the children used in these experiments, was prohibited from looking at the medical records and refused to accept data from Scheff’s own investigation.

    The efforts of Scheff, Sharav and Farber were plunged back into darkness, until now.

    “Fauci has headed this agency (NIAID) since 1984 and has never come up with a drug or vaccine”, Sharav said. “There has been no healing. HE HAS ONLY SUCCEED IN TERRORIZING PEOPLE.”

    Sharav is ready for FAUCI’S REIGN ON TERROR TO END.

    But perhaps we can learn the most about Fauci and his cronies, not by looking at his failures, but by directing our attention to his success. He and his colleagues at the NIH and CDC have perfected a pandemic paradigm using changing diagnostic paradigms and clinical definitions incorporating flawed testing methods.

    This method was used to launch some of the most successful fear campaigns in global history. That fear was used to generate a medical warfare model that has been used to justify thousands of cruel unnecessary and expensive experiments.

    and while those experiments did not produce effective treatments or cures, they successfully desensitized researchers and healthcare workers and trained them to “just follow orders” and regardless of health outcomes.

    This was all accomplished at enormous expense to the American taxpayers — and the resulting orthodoxy has caused millions of people their health.

    Treatments come and go, but medical compliance and creating a “how dare you” culture of shame and silence the voices of dissent has likely remained the most successful and profitable scientific experiment in global history.

    But there are two variables Fauci didn’t accurately account for: the resilience of the human spirit and the power of a parent’s love.

    Witnessing the unraveling of the narrative is surreal for Farber.

    I still feel this rage and disgust that this terrorist matrix of AIDS activists succeeded in convincing the public to look away, that they shouldn’t care about these children.” Farber said.

    But despite every she’s been through, there is a spark of optimism. —-The spark of light is that so many people are embracing this now, are prepared minds for this now, if one can be a prepared mind Farber said.

    God bless these tireless, champions Vera Sharav, Celia Farber and the late Liam Scheff.

  8. Enrichment in Birmingham:

    Watch as teen killers fist pump after luring man to his death at Birmingham park
    West Midlands Police has released CCTV footage of the moment Danish Mansha and Daiyaan Arif walked down a street and fist pumped

    First pictures of teens jailed over brutal Summerfield Park murder of man who texted girl of 17

    Birmingham man among five guilty over death of Amir Shafique, 22
    22-year-old Amir Shafique was killed in Aylesbury after the five men had set up a fight over social media.

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