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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. This is a very interesting admission by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Accepting the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to U.S. health officials within the Health and Human Services Department [STORY HERE], the CDC admits they do not have evidence of a single case where a person carrying natural immunity ever transmitted the virus to another person. [Document Source]

    “You would assume that if the CDC was going to crush the civil and individual rights of those with natural immunity by having them expelled from school, fired from their jobs, separated from the military, and worse, the CDC would have proof of at least one instance of an unvaccinated, naturally immune individual transmitting the COVID-19 virus to another individual. If you thought this, you would be wrong.”


  2. The collectivist is not bothered in the least by reality unless it persists. It is the fiction they paint that they insist we accept, even if it kills us. Even when their paint brush is gigantic, as in the size of all mainstream media and government propaganda arms. NBC, CBS, BBC, CBC and ABC–our simple “No,” is enough to poke through their narratives. It just takes a lot of these little No’s.

    Like the climate-change activists cheering on the rise of electric cars and the zero-emissions goal, it’s a fantasy.

    Wind and solar are derivatives of carbon fuels. Full stop. Just about everything is whether you like it, or not. From the diesel needed to run the mines from which we extract the raw materials, to the oil-soaked asphalt roads on which these vaunted electrics ride, it’s oil. Also, to have enough rare-earth minerals for all the battery storage to power this fantasy would require a few more planets at our disposal the size of our Earth. Maybe this is why they’re labelled “rare”.

    The myopia of the climate-change narrative is disastrous, but it’s the train we hear-a-comin’. The burdens we are currently placing on the business sector–private capital placed at risk in an extemely hostile environment–are massive. Never mind all this talk of a crisis in capitalism. What utter nonsense it is. There is a crisis called cronyism, yes, which on a national scale becomes fascism. Otherwise, non-politically-connected small and medium-sized companies are as natural and organic as your tulips in springtime. They natural expression of human endeavor.

  3. “Dr. Lee Merritt: We Are Facing An Extinction Event But Humanity Can Still Be Saved” Gemma O’Doherty – November 11, 2021

    Dr. Lee Merritt mentioned David Martin, PhD

    Related: “Dr. David Martin carefully called the people he named ‘The Orchestra.’ This is not an accident. The orchestra always plays somebody else’s music score, and is conducted by another person too. He does not name the author of the music nor the conductor of the orchestra. Yo-Yo Ma merely part of the orchestra? A solo-is perhaps?”
    Robin Monotti-Dr Mike Yeadon+Cory Morningstar C…
    November 11, 2021 – Telegram

  4. Meanwhile in Minsk:

    Interesting speculation about possible link with Russia’s geostrategic agenda
    “russia is behind this, they want a corridor (via poland) to Kaliningrad”

    “I understand that. Suwalki corridor.
    But Lukashenko/Putin is not bringing the new “tourists” to the corridor area by buses. They are taking taxis on their own there now.
    Unless news in Belarus reports that migrants are able to get through Poland smoothly.”

  5. Top Dutch virologist accuses WHO leader of undermining Covid origins research
    Tedros Ghebreyesus, head of the World Health Organization (WHO), undermined the findings of the expert team that traveled to China to investigate the origins of the coronavirus. Dutch virologist Marion Koopmans, who was part of the WHO team, said this to research program Zembla. “We experienced it as: we are being thrown under the bus,” she said.
    Koopmans and the WHO team spent four weeks in China earlier this year to try and identify the origin of the current coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. One of the theories looked into was that the coronavirus was made in a laboratory in the city of Wuhan. The team concluded that this theory was “extremely improbable” and did not deserve any further investigation.
    In a press conference that followed, Ghebreyesus called that conclusion of the team “premature,” therefore going against his own team.
    “We had a penetrating conversation,” Koopmans said about that press conference. “I was quite irritated.”
    The investigation into the virus’s origin was halted without result, even though the team already presented a list of recommendations for further research in February, Koopmans said. Politics may be the reason behind no additional steps being taken yet.
    Former United States president Donald Trump persisted in calling the coronavirus the “China virus.” His successor, Joe Biden, had his security services investigate the laboratory theory. China claimed the virus was actually created in the U.S.
    Koopmans said she was naive to think that the WHO team would find the truth in China with such political interests swirling around the issue. “In any case, I underestimated how unbelievably the focus came on that mission. I really underestimated that. But I think it would be a terrible thing if things like this just couldn’t be done anymore because of political wrangling.”

  6. Meanwhile in Minsk, Pt II
    “Nemiga neighbourhood in Minsk has turned into Little Baghdad. Yesterday Minsk Intl Airport published a new winter schedule according to which at least 55 planes will be flying from the Middle East to Minsk every week.”
    “The number of people willing to get to the EU via Belarus is so high BY embassies started issuing group visas instead of individual ones. In October alone, Polish Border Guard prevented over 15k attempts to illegally cross the border, another 5k people were detained in Germany.”

  7. The first migrants who went through Belarussia arrived in the Netherlands, military police intercepted 56 travelling in vans.
    Article in Dutch, with video (interviews in English):

    The majority is from Yemen. Some received advice from belarussian soldiers on how to cross the border.

    The german intelligence service estimates that 800-1000 such migrants arrive in Belarussia every day. Article in German:

    Flights to Belarussia from muslim countries have been ramped up to 55/day:

  8. Reuters’ interviews with immigrants who entered Poland from Belarussia:

    Statement from Lavrov:

    Refugee children used as tools of propaganda. They chant sorry:
    Looks like adult refugees use tricks to make them cry:

    An apt cartoon:

    #Belarus The migrants are being chased along the fence by #Lukashenko’s security officers. The video was filmed at night and published by the Polish Ministry of Defense. It is not clear whether these are new migrants or those on the camp.
    A #Kurdish migrant on the Belarusian-Polish border lights a bonfire using the pages of his #Iraqi passport. He’s not going back home. If he get into the #EU, he will be able to impersonate a citizen of another country (for example, #Syria) and increase the chances for asylum.

  10. Migrants break though Belarusian-Polish border:

    In this video, it is claimed that Lukashenko picked 2 dozen Iraqis and Afghanis with combat experience and had them trained and armed. These are among the immigrants at the border, and their mission is to cause havoc in the EU:
    “Lukashenko is preparing the ground for a military conflict & threatening the #EU with terrorists by falsely claiming arms supplies from Ukraine”

  11. Unvaccinated Should Reflect On Their Duty To Society, Merkel Says

    BERLIN (Reuters) – People who are still not vaccinated as the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic takes hold in Germany must understand they have a duty to the rest of society to protect others, Angela Merkel said on Thursday.

    Merkel, speaking at the invitation of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at an Asia-Pacific business summit, said it was the task of politicians to make the case for serious interventions by being honest with the public.

    Coronavirus case numbers have surged across Europe in recent weeks, with experts worrying that health systems risk once again being overwhelmed, in part because unvaccinated people are still spreading the disease to the older and more vulnerable.

    “We have to make it clear that I have the right to get vaccinated, and that is a great fortune, a huge achievement of science and technology,” Merkel said over a video link. “But I also have a certain obligation to contribute to protecting society.”

    While many of the unvaccinated are in age groups that are statistically likely to experience less severe cases of COVID-19, they can pass the virus to older people with weaker immune systems, who can then end up in intensive care even with a vaccination.

    Merkel, who was being interviewed by Microsoft president Brad Smith, added that the challenges of the pandemic and of climate change were similar, since they were both exponential processes whose severity was hard to recognise at the start of a growth curve.

    “When you see the start of an exponential increase you have to act immediately, and an understanding of what exponential means isn’t widespread in our societies,” Merkel said.

    “That’s also why we have been so unconcerned about climate change – that also has exponential growth and we have to act at a time when it is not at all visible how the numbers will grow.”


    SOT, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor: “We started from different advantage points in our respective countries, New Zealand had a very strict zero-covid strategy that it pursued whereas we developed yardstick right from the outset which was that we did not want to overstretch and overburden our health system. At first stage, we were quite successful in managing this, but we quickly realised that the biggest challenge really was that you had to talk action proactively, pursuing preventive measures. Once you see cases rising dramatically you have to intervene immediately. Exponential growth and the understanding of what it means is not very, well, widespread in our societies. You know, that also explains why we have neglected the issue of climate change because there we’re witnessing exponential growth too. You have to act at a time where it’s not yet visible in what way the case numbers are going to develop.”

    SOT, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor: “Unfortunately, Germany is in the midst of the fourth wave now. We are registering a high increase in numbers which people may believe that it is a thing of the past but we have to realise it’s not over. Once again we have to make sure, our health system is not overstretched. We have to develop a sense for exponential growth and what it means. Acting preventively, these were for me the greatest challenges and they continue to be the greatest challenges in the face of this pandemic.”

    SOT, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor: “What we’re witnessing these days is that we have a high vaccination rate but we still have a group of people we have not been able to reach in that regard. And we have to impress upon them once again that of course, you have the right to get vaccinated. We’ve been very fortunate that we have developed a vaccine within a year of the outbreak. It has been an enormous achievement of the science community. Unfortunately, vaccines are not yet available for each and everyone at the global level, but we have to work to make sure that that is the case. But as I said, you have the right to get vaccinated, but to a certain extent you also, as a member of society, have the duty to be vaccinated to protect yourself and to protect others. So making transparent the date and keep explaining the contribution each and every one of us can make to help contain the crisis.”

    SOT, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor: “Never before have we been able to realise how interconnected we are globally: what is happening here influences was is happening in Africa, in New Zealand and in the United States of America. In that sense of how small our globe actually is when it looks to the spread of such a virus, I think that should continue to guide us when we tackle issues like biodiversity and climate protection.”

    • DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – Germany hesitant to implement COVID restrictions despite record-high daily infection rates

      It is the first time the country has been battling a major wave despite a majority of its population being doubly vaccinated.

      About 67% of people in Germany are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

      But experts have warned from the beginning of the rollout that the number is not high enough to keep the virus under control.

      The vaccinated who could face a higher risk, she says, are the older ones with weaker immune systems, especially if some time has passed since their second shot. The country is now administering booster shots to people who were fully immunized more than six months ago.

      They have to wear medical, so-called FFP-2 masks on public transport and in stores, and most venues will only let them in if they are vaccinated, have recovered from COVID-19 or were tested.

      This year delta, a more contagious mutation of the coronavirus, has become the predominant variant in Germany and much of the world. It is more than twice as contagious as previous variants, according to the CDC. It might also cause unvaccinated people to experience worse symptoms.

    • reuters – AstraZeneca vaccine turns profitable

      AstraZeneca is counting on new orders to move its COVID-19 vaccine to “modest profitability” after the shot made a small contribution to earnings in the third quarter and achieved $1.05 billion in sales for the three-month period on Friday.

    • NBC – 100 Kids In Virginia Given Wrong Dose Of Covid Vaccine

      Officials in Virginia say at least 100 kids aged 5 to 11 were administered a third of the adult dose of the Covid-19 vaccine by a pharmacy.

      NBC News contributor Dr. Natalie Azar says the concern is the “volume of liquid was so small” that it’s “unlikely that the kids actually got the full pediatric dose.”

    • Vaccine mandate protesters take to the Golden Gate Bridge

      Protesters are at the Golden Gate Bridge ahead of the evening commute to demonstrate against the San Francisco mandate that requires city workers be vaccinated against COVID-19.

      They argue too many people are losing their jobs over the mandate and that it infringes on their personal freedom.

    • How should you handle anxiety about Thanksgiving dinner & unvaccinated guests?

      As booster shots are on the horizon for many, there remains a portion of the U.S. population that are completely unvaccinated.

      • Why would a mother of young children volunteer for something like this? A Joan of Arc delusion?

        And those who offer up their KIDS?
        Science?? To Moloch??

        I saw a copy of a legal waiver they make you sign first. In so many words, you’re absolutely on your own. Did she or her husband even READ it?

        Uncle Vlad’s gremlins experiment on the volunteers from the huge prison population. They’re offered reduced sentences +/-transfers to different [less terrible] facilities.

    • reuters – Latvia bans unvaccinated lawmakers from voting, docks pay

      Nov 12 (Reuters) – Latvia’s parliament voted on Friday to ban lawmakers who refuse COVID-19 vaccine from voting on legislature and participating in discussions.

      Latvia, which has one of the lowest vaccination rates in European Union, was the first in the bloc to reimpose a lockdown this autumn as a surge in COVID-19 cases threatens to overwhelm its health system. read more

      The restrictions on vaccine-rejecting lawmakers, which includes docking their pay, was supported by 62 of its 100 lawmakers, and will last from Monday until mid-2022.

      State television reported that nine MPs have rejected the vaccine.

      The ban on unvaccinated MPs in parliament was necessary to promote public confidence in the government’s policies to control COVID-19 infections, the legislation’s sponsor, lawmaker Janis Rancans, was cited as saying by the parliamentary press service.

      Latvia, home to 1.9 million people, has reported 236,765 infections and 3,646 coronavirus-related deaths since the pandemic began.

      europravda – Latvia bans unvaccinated MPs from voting and suspends pay

      Latvian MPs who have not been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 will have their pay suspended and no longer be able to take part in parliamentary votes.

      MPs approved the measure in a vote on Friday with 62 votes in favour in the 100-seat parliament.

      “From November 15, an MP will be entitled to participate in the work of the Saeima [Latvia’s Parliament] only if he or she has presented an interoperable COVID-19 certificate confirming the fact of vaccination or illness,” the statement from the parliament press office states.

      “The payment of a monthly salary and compensation will be suspended for a Saeima MP who will not be entitled to participate in the work of the parliament,” it adds.

      The measure also applies to local government lawmakers and will come into force as the country exits its latest one-month lockdown.

    • reuters – Austria plans to approve lockdown for the unvaccinated on Sunday

      VIENNA, Nov 12 (Reuters) – Austria’s government is likely to decide on Sunday to impose a lockdown on people who are not fully vaccinated against the coronavirus as daily infections have surged to record levels, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said on Friday.

      Schallenberg did not say when the lockdown would take effect, but the two provinces hardest-hit by this wave of infections, Upper Austria and Salzburg, will introduce the measure for themselves on Monday.

      Roughly 65% of Austria’s population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, one of the lowest rates in Western Europe. Many Austrians are sceptical about vaccines, a view encouraged by the far-right Freedom Party, the third-biggest in parliament.

      “The aim is very clear: that we give the green light this Sunday for a nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated,” Schallenberg, a conservative, told a news conference, adding that intensive-care units are increasingly strained.

      “The development is such that I do not think it is sensible to wait … We will take this step now and my wish is that we take this step on Sunday and nationally for all nine provinces.”

      Schallenberg said on Thursday the unvaccinated would face the same restrictions on their daily movements that the whole country endured in three lockdowns last year.

      Schallenberg wants to avoid placing further restrictions on those who are vaccinated to encourage holdouts to get a shot. Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein said health workers will be required to get vaccinated.

      In possibly a bigger blow to Austria’s economy than the planned lockdown its biggest source of tourists, Germany, will classify the country a high-risk region as of Sunday, imposing a quarantine on people arriving from there. Austria is a popular destination for winter sports.

      Infections are surging across Europe as colder weather sets in and Netherlands is expected to announce a three-week partial lockdown that would apply to the whole population.

      reuters – Dutch consider new partial lockdown as coronavirus cases hit record

      AMSTERDAM, Nov 11 (Reuters) – The Dutch government on Thursday was considering whether to impose Western Europe’s first partial lockdown since the summer, as new coronavirus cases jumped to the highest level since the start of the pandemic.

      A surge in infections that started when social distancing measures were lifted late September has put pressure on hospitals throughout the country, forcing them to scale back regular care to treat COVID-19 patients. read more

      New coronavirus infections in the country of 17.5 million have roughly doubled in the last week and hit a record of around 16,300 in 24 hours on Thursday.

      To contain the outbreak, the government’s pandemic advisory panel on Thursday recommended imposing a partial lockdown, shutting down theatres and cinemas, scrapping large events and closing cafes and restaurants earlier, broadcaster NOS reported.

      Caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s cabinet will discuss the advice during an emergency meeting on Thursday night, and will announce its decisions during a televised press conference scheduled for Friday 1800 GMT.

      The government often follows the expert panel’s recommendations.

      After a partial lockdown of around two weeks, during which schools would remain open, entrance to public places should be limited to people who have been fully vaccinated or have recently recovered from a coronavirus infection, according to the advice.

      Even as infections spike to record levels, many developed countries have taken the view vaccine rollouts mean lockdowns are unnecessary.

      Britain is relying on booster shots to increase immunity and to try to avoid overwhelming its healthcare system.

      The Netherlands has so far provided booster shots to a small group of people with weak immune systems. It will start offering them to people aged 80 years and older in December, while extra shots will eventually be available for anyone older than 60.

      Around 85% of the adult population in the Netherlands has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

      Last month, roughly 56% of Dutch COVID-19 patients in hospitals and 70% of those in intensive care were unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated.

      Unvaccinated COVID-19 patients in Dutch hospitals had a median age of 59, compared to 77 years for vaccinated patients, data provided by the Netherlands’ Institute for Health (RIVM) showed.

      Last week, the Netherlands re-introduced masks and expanded the list of venues that require a “corona pass” that demonstrates vaccination or a negative test result, to gain access


      The Dutch support lockdown, but don’t believe it will be short

      This is apparent from a survey among seven thousand members of the EenVandaag Opinion Panel that was held on Friday. Earlier this week, the Outbreak Management Team advised the cabinet to introduce stricter corona measures. Hospitality and non-essential stores will probably have to close at 7 p.m. from tomorrow for the next three weeks. The cabinet also calls for more working from home and the advice is to receive a maximum of four guests. Theaters and cinemas will probably remain open.

      Of the surveyed members of the One todaypanel says 60 percent support these measures. With the infection figures that have risen to more than 16,000 per day in recent days, this is unavoidable, according to the respondents. Three in ten would have preferred long-term measures instead of a lockdown now.

      At the same time, hardly anyone believes that the measures will really last for a short time. Eight in ten (82 percent) think the lockdown will be extended after three weeks. There is also support for the return of the 1.5 meter measure – if it comes. This also applies to an entry ban for unvaccinated people in certain locations, one of the options that is still on the table.


    • How cognitive biases and adverse events influence vaccine decisions (maybe even your own)

      Our team of business analytics and artificial intelligence researchers at Concordia University, along with a professor of epidemiology at McGill University, has published a paper in the BMC Public Health journal that investigated this critical concern from two perspectives.

      Vaccine hesitancy means “delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite availability of vaccination services.” Vaccine-hesitant people cite distrust in vaccine safety and concerns over vaccine adverse events as the most common reasons for reluctance to get vaccinated.


      For example, contrary to the positive effect of providing people with summarized vaccine safety information that increases vaccine trust, detailed vaccine adverse event reports will decrease trust because of two cognitive biases.

      First, when vaccine hesitant people read a detailed report about a vaccine adverse event, it gives them the chance to see what they want to see. It is an example of confirmation bias, which is the tendency to recall and interpret information that confirms our existing beliefs.

      […]We identified 15 cognitive biases in the vaccine decision-making process and categorized them into three groups:

      Cognitive biases triggered by processing vaccine-related information include availability bias, as in the above example, as well as framing effect, base rate neglect, availability bias, anchoring effect and authority bias.

      Cognitive biases triggered in vaccination decision-making include omission bias, which is when the results of not taking an action are viewed as less damaging than the results of taking action, even when this is not the case. Others include ambiguity aversion, optimism bias, present bias and protected values.

      Cognitive biases triggered by prior beliefs regarding vaccination include confirmation bias such as the one in the example, as well as belief bias, shared information bias and false consensus effect.


      The full list of cognitive biases affecting vaccination decision-making and their examples is available here.

      Public health officials and practitioners can use this list and customize their plans, interventions and other forms of vaccine communication to decrease vaccine hesitancy.

      COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Worldwide: A Concise Systematic Review of Vaccine Acceptance Rates

      on this page :

      BMC Public Health

      Table 1 Potential cognitive biases that contribute to vaccine hesitancy

      on this page :

    • Regulator Reviewing Reports Of “Rare” And Serious Condition Linked To Moderna Vaccine

      Europe’s drug regulator on Thursday confirmed it is investigating reports of a blood condition in recipients of Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. According to a bulletin posted by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), it is reviewing six cases of capillary leak syndrome, considered a “very rare disorder,” after they were reported in the EMA’s EudraVigilance database.

      “At this stage, it is not yet clear whether there is a causal association between vaccination and the reports of capillary leak syndrome,” the EMA wrote on Thursday, adding that “these reports point to a safety signal … information on new, or changes in, adverse events that may potentially be associated with a medicine or vaccine and that warrant further investigation.”

      The review also will address the risk of capillary leak syndrome in groups who have a medical history of the disorder.

      As a result, EMA researchers will “evaluate all the available data to decide if a causal relationship is considered likely or not,” the bulletin reads.

      It also noted there is “currently insufficient evidence” of a link between Moderna’s vaccine and cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome.

      Capillary leak syndrome, according to the Mayo Clinic, is a rare disorder involving repeated leaks of large amounts of plasma from blood vessels into nearby body cavities and muscles. The condition—known as Clarkson’s disease—can result in a sharp drop in blood pressure that can lead to organ failure or even death.

      “Attacks may be triggered by an upper respiratory infection or intense physical exertion. The frequency of attacks can range from several a year to a single instance in a lifetime,” says the clinic. Symptoms include nausea, fatigue, irritability, muscle aches, more thirst, or a sudden increase in body weight, the clinic’s website says.

      Earlier in the year, the EMA’s safety committee concluded that capillary leak syndrome should be added to the product information as a side effect of AstraZeneca’s vaccine, which uses different technology than Moderna’s.

      Outside of the European Union, Canada’s health agency earlier this year updated the label for the Oxford-AstraZeneca and Covishield COVID-19 vaccines to add capillary leak syndrome as a possible side-effect. The Canadian agency included a warning for individuals with a history of the ailment to not receive those vaccines.

      U.S., European, and Canadian health officials have previously stated that the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine’s benefits outweigh the potential risks. “Like all medicines,” the EMA said on Thursday, “this vaccine can cause side effects, although not everybody will experience them. The most common side effects known for [Moderna’s vaccine] are usually mild or moderate and get better within a few days after vaccination.”

      Moderna this week confirmed it is seeking to expand the conditional license for its COVID-19 vaccine in the European Union to include children between the ages of 6 and 11.

      CBC – Health Canada authorizes Moderna COVID-19 vaccine as a booster shot

      […]The Moderna booster shot will be half a dose, Health Canada said in a news release on Friday.

      That differs from the Pfizer booster, which is a full dose.

      “A COVID-19 booster shot is an extra dose of the vaccine given after completion of the primary vaccine series,” the news release said.

      “The booster shot is designed to help people maintain their protection against COVID-19 over time.”

      Both the Moderna and Pfizer booster shots are authorized for adults 18 years of age and older to be given at least six months after the regular second dose.



      ctv news – Moderna COVID-19 vaccine authorized for booster shot: Health Canada

      TORONTO — Moderna’s Spikevax COVID-19 vaccine has been authorized by Health Canada as a booster shot for adults aged 18 and over, the agency said on Friday.

      […]Health Canada said the Spikevax vaccine booster shot met all safety, efficacy and quality requirements, following an independent review.


      The KidCOVE phase three clinical trial at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, which is evaluating the safety and effectiveness of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in children, has shifted focus to kids 6 months to 5 years old.

      In August, enrollment for kids ages 5 to 11 years old closed just days after the nationwide trial opened at the Madison site thanks to a high volume of applicants. Data from that cohort are currently being analyzed by Moderna.

      In Madison, dozens of kids ages 6 months to 5 years are participating in the clinical trial at American Family Children’s Hospital. Due to incredible community response in August, study coordinators and researchers have the candidates they need and are not taking more participants. Those who applied previously will be contacted by the researchers if their child is chosen to participate.

      On Oct. 26, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted emergency use authorization for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and CDC director recommended the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for this age group on Nov. 2. Moderna is expected to start the same process for its vaccine soon.

      Researchers for the KidCOVE clinical trial have sought enrollment of approximately 4,000 children in North America in each group (vaccine or placebo), spread over 75 to 100 study sites in the United States and Canada. The Moderna vaccine is administered in two doses, four weeks apart. Participation in the trial lasts 14 months with at least four follow-up appointments during that time.

      This is a placebo-controlled trial, meaning participants will either get the vaccine or the placebo. Participants will not know which one they get. Approximately 80% of the participants in the trial in Madison are from underserved populations meaning they might face barriers based on race, ethnicity, income, geography and health outcomes, according to study leaders. (Learn more about why clinical trial diversity is important.)

      “This is the final frontier. Our very youngest children need to get the vaccine and we need to make sure they are safe,” said Bill Hartman, MD, PhD, co-principal investigator of the KidCOVE clinical trial at UW–Madison. “The kids participating are heroes. They will be able to tell the story of how they helped save the world.”

      moderna clinical trials – A COVID-19 vaccine study for children

      The primary purpose of the KidCOVE Study is to test the safety and effectiveness of the study vaccine, called mRNA-1273, that may protect children between the ages of 6 months to < 12 years from getting sick if they come into contact with SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.

      Moderna plans to enroll this study in two parts, staggering the recruitment of three different age groups.

      The first age group will start in children between the ages of 6 years to less than 12 years old. The second age group, recruiting later on, will be for children between the ages of 2 years to less than 6 years old.

      Finally, the third, and last group to start, will be for children ages 6 months to less than 2 years old. Please be aware that it may be several months before your child’s age group and/or a site near you opens.

  12. Reuters videos about the Poland-Belarus border crisis:

    A screaming wounded female immigrant at 0:13

    EU condemns ‘cynical’ use of migrants at Belarus border

    Polish prime minister visits Belarus border

    Two from Deutsche Welle:

  13. I came across rumors of “sharia patrols” in Moscow recently. I did some research and found this (both article and YT video in Russian):

    Turns out a private security firm deployed Chechen mercenaries to police Troitsk, a city just outside the Moscow ring. They have wahhabi-style beards and wear dark clothes, so I can imagine they were perceived as a menace.

  14. VARES Report for Friday, Nov. 12, 2021. This is what 1% looks like

    Vaccine Adverse Reactions 875,653

    Deaths 18,461

    Serious Injuries 135,400

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