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2 Replies to “Nurse Practitioner explains what happens when you take vaxx damage and try and work with Pfizer and the CDC to solve it”

  1. Now that we know of a certainty that the big drug makers have a nefarious agenda — the evidence of which daily grows more ominous — and we know without doubt that our government intends our harm, given their frenzy to push a poisonous injection on the entirety of our population, I’d like to add my voice to that of Dr. Judy Mikovitz: NO MORE shots, none. ever. again.

    May God be merciful and gracious to the countless souls who are suffering untold misery, physically and emotionally, and that at the hands of our “protectors.”

    Handsel and Gretel got lost in the forest. A quaint cottage emerged in a clearing; an inviting billow of smoke rose from the chimney. “Come in,” said the little old lady when the children approached her door. “Warm yourselves; you’re just in time for dinner.”

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