One Australian describes the newest coercion and bullying methods by the govt now in effect

I would like to add my own comment to his.

There is only one reason that a person should ever take a vaccine or medication. And that is because you, the recipient, feel its genuinely in your best medical interests to do so, after your own research informs you that this is the case.

There is only one reason that you should not take this, or any other vaccine or medication. And that is because you don’t want to. And no other reason should ever be asked for, or given. Because once the people who are coercing, forcing, threatening or otherwise creating an environment where your only choice is to take it offers you “exemptions” under their terms, you know its a con. A length of dryer hose leading from what looks like the exit of a rat trap back to the entrance. Because since they made the exemptions, they can decide when and how they apply. And they won’t. Any other reason you give just creates an opportunity for them to invent a reason why it doesn’t matter. They can and do lie. They can and do block you from knowing what they know. The only answer they cannot defeat is:

“I don’t want it”.

Thank you Oz-Rita for sending this in.


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  1. He should emigrate to Mexico and come to the US illegally.

    Then he won’t have to get the shot and Biden will give him half a million bucks. Simple.

  2. If I remember correctly, aren’t the police exempt from the jab where he lives?

    Earlier today, Ontario relented on mandates for nurses. It was well worth it for those nurses who held out against imposed injections. And Quebec followed suit also although the nurses must get tested three times a week which was already in effect.

    If more workers from essential services follow the nurses’ lead, this could have a domino effect.

  3. Richard Griffith is his name. He was/is a playwright, rather on the left (I assume since the “Artist” community dresses that way, especially in Melbourne, and he sometimes talks of his former news papers, which let me suspect this).

    Since the rapid and rabid Communist-Totalitarian Take-over in Australia, he has suddenly emerged, not as a “woke” man, but as an “awakened man”, and a very courageous one at that. He puts himself where his mouth is (*), is on all freedom ralleys and also opened a site where he live-streams often fascinatingly authentic conversations, if with technical hiccups, with interesting folk every night (1 hour long usually).

    Although, I do not know him personally, I have followed him and his partner (another brave and highly intelligent Australian) since they came out, they are the kind of AUSTRALIANS that made Australia attractive.

    In this link you hear him interview another young Australian who was refused hospital treatment, and there are links to his site (who disappear every second day). He is also on Face Book which I dont frequent, so no link there.

    (*) He tells of the moment, when he was bashed down by the Melbourne/Victorian Gestapo, and the Policeman who held him down violently, begged him to “Please Dont make me do this”.

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