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4 Replies to “MD PhD claims Pfizer vaxx attacks human blood in vitro”

  1. Powerful presentation for its straightforward simplicity. Hugely interesting, too, that the waiver defending pharma may be imperiled because of the debris in their solutions. More stock of all vaxxes must be immediately sequestered and studied, now, for the record, in preparation of the mother of all lawsuits.

    Injecting bed springs and old tires into humanity’s arm–into childrens’ arms–is psychotic behavior that must stop immediately.

  2. I’ll give it a miss, I can avoid crowds and wear a mask when needed.
    Chances are I would recover from Covid (99.7%) the vaxx side effects are well attested and irreversible.
    Also the widespread censorship of alternative opinions is too authoritarian for me.
    Plus the mandates are against the Nuremberg Code and illegal in my view, although sophistry and legal wrangling may state otherwise.
    My nature is that whenever I am threatened or bullied I refuse to comply.
    Summer days and happy hours 🙂

  3. This is an excellent presentation and hopefully it will be widely shared. It is comprehensible by the medical community as well as most people not familiar with medical terminology. It makes the case against the Pfizer injections clear and un-refutable.

    One point. Dr. Fleming is dismissive about the observations of other medical doctors regarding what they observed on the slides of the vaccine. Many of us know about them, and he referred to the “graphene and life-forms”, which were observed by other medical doctors.
    He acknowledges significant contaminants in the slides he viewed. He chuckled when stating there were “no life forms and no graphene” found in his slides, but does anyone believe medical doctors, who have their own credibility on the line, would just make up such information. Those doctors seem to be very hesitant to even claim such things, it sounds so bizarre, and they are clearly shocked by what they are seeing and the implications, but they are claiming just that.
    And if the contamination of these injections is serious enough to have this “garbage” in them, is it far-fetched at all to imagine varying levels of contamination and inconsistency of production, such that graphene and/or larva could be present in other batches? It doesn’t seem far-fetched, it seems likely. What we need are many vials examined by many doctors and scientists and the findings organized, presented in the same clear way, and gathered, along with the demand for the program to be ended until these questions are answered. In the meantime, get the word out.

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