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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. “Kathy Griffin gets booster shot in wake of cancer battle, more celebs who got COVID-19 vaccines” Wonderwall Editors – 4 days ago

    “COVID-19: Points to Ponder from a Pathologist’s Perspective – Ryan Cole, MD” AAPS – Published October 5, 2021

  2. “It’s extremely important to get over what essentially is an attempt to make us all feel helpless and obedient and docile,” Breggin told Mercola. “We have to know who are the masters driving this.”
    Robert W Malone, MD – October 9, 2021


  3. paul j watson – Doctor Says Physicians Are Being “Hunted” For Speaking Out by Press & Medical Boards

    Dr Robert Malone branded a “terrorist” by Italian media.

    Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines, says he was branded a “terrorist” by the media in Italy and warns that physicians who speak out are being “hunted via medical boards and the press.”

    “I am going to speak bluntly,” tweeted Malone. “Physicians who speak out are being actively hunted via medical boards and the press. They are trying to deligitimize and pick us off one by one. This is not a conspiracy theory – this is a fact. Please wake up. This is happening globally.”

    “I was labeled as a ‘terrorist’ in the Italian press when I was in Rome for the International COVID Summit. My crime? Advocating for early treatment of COVID-19 disease. I suggest that merits a bit of meditation,” he added.

    Malone is one of many doctors who have been completely persecuted merely for discussing issues relating to COVID treatments and vaccine side-effects.

    He has faced fierce opposition for his assertion that children shouldn’t be given COVID-19 vaccines and has also consistently highlighted concerns over links to myocarditis risk.

    Those concerns are now being justified by Finland, Denmark and Sweden halting the Moderna jab for for younger males after reports of cardiovascular side effects.

    Despite such concerns being regularly voiced by doctors, the Federation of State Medical Boards announced back in July that it would consider pulling medical licenses of doctors who traffic in “misinformation” about COVID.

    In another stunning development, Malone’s IP address was blocked by the New England Journal of Medicine so he couldn’t read studies on their website.

    The doctor said he was aware of how to get around the IP block, but called the move a “petty act.”

    • CBC – Pushback grows as vaccine mandates become more widespread in Canada

      As more sectors require staff and patrons to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination, the pushback to the mandates is becoming more vocal.

    • Italy: ‘Democracy is at risk’ – Trade union members assess damage after anti-vaxxers storm their HQ

      Dozens gathered in front of the HQ of the Federation of Italian trade Unions (CGIL), Sunday, to decry the storm of the building by anti-vaccine activists the day before.

      Union members could be seen assessing the damage to the offices as many called the violent act unjustifiable.

      “It’s not only CGIL that’s at risk, but democracy and the freedom of all of us,” a CGIL member said.

      Thousands of people took to Rome streets on Saturday against the expansion of the Italian COVID19 health pass.

      A group of protesters tried to reach the prime minister’s office while another – reportedly the far-right organisation Forza Nuova – stormed the headquarters of CGIL.


      SOT, CGIL member (Italian): “I think that protest has nothing to do with it. They are acts of violence, so there is no their merit. Absolutely there is no merit. Why the CGIL? Because the CGIL is a national reference point. We have been engaged in the vaccination campaign and we have realized a campaign in order to make the vaccine obligatory. We have done meetings in workplaces, we have also realized a communication campaign, so, regarding this, we are also a national reference point. This has also created, on the social network, a shameful attack to the CGIL. This is an attack to the presidium of the democracy, the merit has nothing to do with it, like also vaccines and the green pass. This is a real squad attack. There is no merit because there is no justification for this violence.”

      SOT, CGIL member (Italian): “Someone explained us, we were not here, I just arrived when they were already inside, they explained us that in the same time they were attempted an attack to Palazzo Chigi. The first attack has been rejected, so they were convinced that it was finished and so they have recalled everyone to Palazzo Chigi. After this someone has to do investigations since it is obvious that ours is a sensitive point. It was one of the points which has been declared as a sensitive one.

      SOT, CGIL member (Italian): “But it’s not up to us. They are fascists, they cannot tell that is our fault the ambiguity concerning the vaccines. We have signed in June a protocol on the vaccination in the workplaces, consequently we cannot be accused to be against vaccines. We have done the campaign on the vaccination in the workplaces. For the vaccines we have asked and we continue to do it that with the Green Pass, the workers will not asked to pay themselves for the COVID test. We think that this is wrong. It is a right to go to job, it is a right to guarantee the security of the workers. This is the only thing that we have told and we will continue to tell.

      SOT, CGIL member (Italian): “CISL and UIL yes we will do it, we have not yet a square, but the 16th we will take to the street and we will defend, as we have always done, the democracy and the right of everyone to participate because we have the presumption to be responsible for the guarantee of the democracy in this country since the 1920. We are always very alerted, someone else has underestimated a climate which is growing up. And it is necessary that starting from this moment everyone has to be alerted. It’s not only CGIL that’s at risk, but democracy and the freedom of all of us.”

      • Italy: Hundreds of union strikers march against Green Pass implementation for employees

        Hundreds of strikers were seen marching with flags in Rome on Monday to demonstrate against the the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine ‘Green Pass’ becoming mandatory for workers.

        Members of various trade union centres, such as the Confederazione dei Comitati di Base (Cobas), carried red flags as they marched through the city centre.

        Monday’s protest comes just two days after anti-vaccine protesters attacked the offices of CGIL (General confederation of Italian workers). Thousands of people took to the Italian capital streets on Saturday against the expansion of the Italian COVID-19 health pass. A group of protesters tried to reach the prime minister’s office while another, reportedly led the far-right organisation Forza Nuova, stormed the headquarters of CGIL.

        The protesters complained about the dwindling proximity of politics and the CGIL, founded in 1944, to workers and the resulting dwindling turnout in local elections.

        “They have not opened an intensive care unit, they haven’t opened a hospital and have closed hundreds of them in recent years, is this just about the vaccine? Only the vaccine?,” asked one protester.

        The Green Pass was previously declared mandatory for workers from October 15th as part of further measures against the COVID pandemic. It proved either vaccination, recovery, or a charged negative test. In return, the Green Pass ensures that from Monday onwards relaxations would be possible, such as cinemas, theatres and concert halls once again operating at larger capacity.


        SOT, Protester (Italian): “They have not opened an intensive care unit, they haven’t opened a hospital and have closed hundreds of them in recent years, is this just about the vaccine? Only the vaccine? We condemn violence.”

        SOT, Protester (Italian): “And we disengage from politics, because it does not represent us. At the last administrative two people out of three did not go to vote. Not only is politics losing the electorate, but it is also happening to the big confederate unions, because the base is growing and the CGIL is losing. Many are tearing up their registrations. So, condemning that act of violence, if we continue like this, the base will soon surround the CGIL, because it no longer represents us, this is the fact.”

      • Carlo Maria Viganò: “Il green pass è solo uno strumento di repressione”

        Mons. Viganò continua a benedire e a dare conforto spirituale agli uomini liberi che in ogni angolo del mondo combattono contro una feroce dittatura politica mascherata da emergenza sanitaria.

        “I protocolli ministeriali sembrano scritti da stregoni e non da scienziati”

          • the real communists will be protesting on Oct 16 in Italy

            --- today's protesters are a different kind of Leftists....
            wikipedia = COBAS - Confederazione dei Comitati di Base

            The Confederazione dei Comitati di Base (Cobas) is a rank and file trade union center in Italy. It was formed in the late 1980s by members who were dissatisfied with the leadership of the three main Italian confederations (CGIL, CISL and UIL). Many of its members see it as syndicalist, but it has also courted the Trotskyist group, the League for the Fifth International with whom it shared a platform at the anti-G8 protests in Rostock in 2007.

            Cobas regard themselves as rank and file unions in contrast to the traditional, hierarchical unions that impose compromises on their members.

            [...] unofficial rank and file committees, Comitati di Base, known as Cobas, who have been at the forefront organising militant strike action in many industrial sectors since 1987. The COBAS have led strikes of railway workers, teachers, airport workers and bank workers as well as being heavily involved in organising general strikes and demonstrations against the government's austerity measures. For example, in 1992, they alone, and against the Italian Communist Party, organised a 300,000 strong demonstration in Rome against rising unemployment and have called for half-day general strikes to be extended.


        • I had a bad experience in Rome. Caught in a general strike. No transport, mob. Awful.
          A very elderly couple from Sicily rescued me, shamed the thugs.

          They drove me on a tour of Mussolini landmarks. Their hero never would've tolerated crippling strikes, abuse of a young foreign girl.

          This incredible couple saw a different Mussolini from the one in our history books.

      • FIRENZE







        Italy To Take Measures Against Anti-Vax, Fascist Demonstrations

        Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi will take measures to prevent further violent demonstrations led by Anti-Vax movements and neo-fascist groups.

        […]On Saturday, citizens took to the streets to protest against the COVID-19 vaccination certificate, which will be mandatory to work from Oct. 15.

        […]During the demonstration, numerous violent clashes occurred between protesters and police. Shouting “No Green Pass” and “Freedom!”, protesters stormed the national headquarters of the General Confederation of Labor of Italy (CGIL),

        […]On Monday, Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese and the Rome Mayor Matteo Piantedosi organized a meeting to develop a security plan to be implemented as from Oct. 15.

        […]The Italian authorities underestimated the magnitude of Saturday demonstrations as they implemented security arrangements for a concentration of about 3,000 people. Most probably, far-right movements were “totally indifferent to the vaccination certificate, but they used it as a pretext to attack democratic institutions,” Labor Minister Andrea Orlando pointed out. 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • CBC – Unvaccinated family members infect lung transplant recipient with COVID-19

      A fully vaccinated double-lung transplant recipient in Alberta caught COVID-19 after attending a photo shoot with unvaccinated family members.

      He told his story from a hospital bed to remind people that vaccines also protect vulnerable people in their lives.

    • ctv news – ‘Missing clarity’ for Canadian travellers, centralized vaccine passport needed: expert

      Beth Potter from Tourism Industry Assoc. of Canada wants to see one centralized vaccine passport for all Canadians.

    • Deutsche Pravda – Vaccine skepticism drives up death toll in Bulgaria

      Only 20% of the Bulgarians are vaccinated.

      It’s the lowest rate in the EU.

      Even healthcare workers and doctors refuse to get vaccinated.

      One of the reasons is a deeply rooted distrust in political institutions.

      The government is starting a new campaign in hopes of getting vaccination numbers up and infections down.

    • Anthony Fauci Refuses To Say It’s Safe For VACCINATED Americans To Be Inside Without A Mask

      Fauci refused to say it’s safe for vaccinated Americans to be inside without a mask,

  4. QUEBEC – Non-vaccinated nurses will have their licenses suspended on Friday, Order of Nurses says

    MONTREAL — The Quebec Order of Nurses (OIIQ) announced on Monday that it will suspend the practice permits of its members who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 as of next Friday.

    The decision comes three days after Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services Christian Dubé urged the various professional orders of health-care workers to suspend the licences of those who have not been vaccinated.

    The minister added on Friday that recalcitrants who thought they could work elsewhere might be in for a surprise in the coming days.

    OIIQ president Luc Mathieu said in a Radio-Canada interview on Monday that as of the end of last week, 4,338 of his members had not been properly vaccinated and that the status of 5,716 others remained to be verified.

    The decision on the license suspension is expected to be officially communicated to those affected on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Mathieu noted that the suspensions will remain in effect until proof of proper vaccination is provided.

    Mathieu said order of nurses members are responsible for protecting the public and that vaccination is a recognized means of doing so.

    The president added that members who refuse to be vaccinated could be assigned to telepractice duties if the institutions for which they work allow it.

    As of March 31, the Order had close to 80,500 members, including just over 900 who were inactive and another 1,347 who had limited practice rights to participate in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

    A decree from the Quebec government will force the suspension without pay of all health-care personnel who are not vaccinated as of next Friday, Oct. 15.

    The College of Physicians has already announced that it will suspend the right to practice of its recalcitrant members.

    • CBC – Health-care staffing concerns amid vaccine deadlines in B.C., Quebec

      — with thousands not fully inoculated — experts worry about the risk of staffing shortages.

    • Fox News – Unvaccinated police officers face termination despite shortages

      Seattle Police Officers Guild President Mike Solan warned communities will ‘pay the price’ as the city continues to grapple with shortages in the department.

    • TORONTO – city news – TTC explores replacing unvaccinated staff

      The TTC may call up retired staff to replace workers who won’t get vaccinated.

      Maleeha Sheikh explains how many staff the transit service might have to replace.

      Plus, checking in on Metrolinx’s vaccine policy, and the impact on Go Transit.

    • city news – Registration for children’s vaccination begins in B.C.

      Health officials in British Columbia encourage getting kids registered before COVID-19 vaccinations are approved.

      Mark McAllister explores whether Ontario should as well and what else should be done to prepare for rollout.

    • global news – WHO advises additional COVID-19 vaccine dose for immunocompromised people

      The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended on Monday that immunocompromised people be given an additional dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, due to their higher risk of breakthrough infections after a standard immunization.

  5. ctv – Most Canadians support health-care workers refusing treatment to threatening, disrespectful unvaccinated patients: Nanos survey

    TORONTO — Nearly two-thirds of Canadians say they support health-care workers refusing treatment to threatening or disrespectful patients who are unvaccinated against COVID-19, according to a new survey from Nanos Research.

    The poll, conducted by Nanos Research and sponsored by CTV News, found that 40 per cent of Canadians support and 24 per cent somewhat support health-care workers refusing treatment to these patients.

    Of those surveyed, 21 per cent said they oppose health-care workers refusing treatment to unvaccinated patients who are threatening or disrespectful, while 11 per cent said they somewhat oppose that. Four per cent of respondents said they are unsure.

    Nanos reported that British Columbia residents were more likely to support health-care workers refusing treatment at 50 per cent, compared to residents of Quebec at 29 per cent support.

    Nanos also asked Canadians how they feel about current COVID-19 restrictions imposed on people who are not vaccinated, and whether they are too strict or not strict enough.

    According to the poll, the majority of Canadians said that restrictions requiring people to be fully vaccinated to go to indoor public spaces (60 per cent) and back to a workplace (63 per cent) are “just right.”

    Nanos reports that 14 per cent of respondents said the restrictions for both indoor public spaces and workplaces are too strict, while 22 per cent said they are not strict enough. Two per cent reported being unsure of strictness levels in indoor public spaces, and four per cent felt unsure about restrictions on being fully vaccinated to return to the workplace.

    The survey found that residents of the Prairies are more likely to say these restrictions are not strict enough (28 per cent each), than residents of the Atlantic, who say that at 17 per cent for indoor public spaces and 15 per cent for workplaces.

    The new polling from Nanos also found that 56 per cent of Canadians said staff of businesses should be responsible for ensuring that customers visiting their establishment are vaccinated, while one in five respondents (18 per cent) said it should be up to government employees.

    Those aged 55 and older were more likely to say that the staff should ensure that customers are vaccinated at 68 per cent, compared to 51.6 per cent of respondents between the ages of 34 and 54, and 45.2 per cent of surveyed Canadians between the ages of 18 and 34.

    According to the poll, 10 per cent of respondents said they are unsure of who should be in charge of ensuring customers that visit a business are vaccinated. Three per cent said it should be up to a combination of authorities, and five per cent said it should be no one’s responsibility.

    Three per cent of those surveyed said that private security firms should be responsible for ensuring customers are vaccinated. Another three per cent said that responsibility should be placed on police, while one per cent said it should be up to bylaw officers or health inspectors.

    Nanos conducted an RDD dual frame (land- and cell lines) hybrid telephone and online random survey of 1,017 Canadians, 18 years of age or older, between Sept. 30 and Oct. 3, as part of an omnibus survey. Participants were randomly recruited by telephone using live agents and administered a survey online. The sample included both land- and cell-lines across Canada. The results were statistically checked and weighted by age and gender using the latest census information and the sample is geographically stratified to be representative of Canada. Individuals randomly called using random digit dialling with a maximum of five call backs.

    The margin of error for this survey is ±3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20. Charts may not add up to 100 due to rounding.

    • Nanos research (Nick Nanos a died in the wool Liberal) called my house a few years ago with the pretentious spew of carrying out a poll, after several questions answered, I was asked my age and abruptly told they did not need to carry on – my age bracket was full.

  6. twitter @RealJoelSmalley

    Update on Israel vs Palestine.

    As expected, Palestine deaths continued to rise in line with mass vaccination campaign.

    Have to admit though, was not expecting that last spike.

    If this isn’t a data issue, it is quite extraordinary.

    Otherwise, identical to Israel.

    + CHART


    How Israeli Ministry of Health, deleted thousands of testimonies

    On September 30th, Israeli Ministry of Health, deleted thousands of comments and testimonies about vac(x)ine adverse effects. This is how it unfolded.

  7. Pyongyang marks 76th anniversary of Workers’ Party of Korea

    North Korea has marked the 76th anniversary of its ruling Workers’ Party of Korea, decorating Pyongyang with flags and placards, while flowers were laid in tribute to the country’s former leaders Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il.

  8. Canada’s Criminal Code -Offences of employers — Everyone who being an employer or the agent of an employer, wrongfully and without lawful authority

    425.1 (1) Threats and retaliation against employees — No employer or person acting on behalf of an employer or in a position of authority in respect of an employee of the employer shall take disciplinary measures against, demote, terminate or otherwise adversely affect the employment of such an employee, or threaten to do so.

    (a) with the intent to compel the employee to abstain from providing information to a person who duties include the enforcement of federal or provincial law, respecting an offence that the employee believes has been or is being committed contrary to this or any other federal or provincial Act or regulation by the by the employer or an officer of the employee of the employer or, if the employer is a corporation, by one or more of its directors; or

    (b) with the intent to retaliate against the employee because the employee has provided information referred to in the paragraph (a) to a person whose duties include the enforcement of federal or provincial law.

    Punishment — Anyone who contravenes subsection (1) is guilty of (a) an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years; or
    (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

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