Alberta ICUs overwhelmed with clothing mannequins: Links 1, October 11, 2021

1. Pfizer did experiments on 200 children. Can children consent? Can parents consent for them? Doesn’t matter, the parents didn’t give consent either.

2. This video tracks what companies own what other companies. It’s much more interesting than it sounds. The punchline is, it’s sufficiently consanguineous as to be both illegal and produce highly deformed progeny. Should anyone wish to spend a little time vetting this video’s claims, which should be quite easy as all the info would be public by law, I would welcome them posting their findings in the comments. Or why these claims do or do not matter. Which they may not. Or the alternatives may be worse. But if true, its worth knowing.

3. According to CBC, Alberta is suffering a pandemic of the clothing store mannequins. I suppose this means we had better vaccinate the forests.

It’s the fact that no CBC employee has felt enough shame to come forward and fess up, that makes me think the next round of Nuremberg trials will look a lot like the Green Room for The National.

4. Non-vaccinated nurses will have their licenses suspended on Friday, Order of Nurses says

(Now Quebec has Crossed the Rubicon. It is one thing, and already authoritarian to fire people, or more accurately force-quitting them like a recalcitrant Mac program. But to actually remove their medical licenses which they have earned is quite another thing. This ends their ability to practice their profession legally. This is a Casus Belli.)

MONTREAL — The Quebec Order of Nurses (OIIQ) announced on Monday that it will suspend the practice permits of its members who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 as of next Friday.

The decision comes three days after Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services Christian Dubé urged the various professional orders of health-care workers to suspend the licences of those who have not been vaccinated.

The minister added on Friday that recalcitrants who thought they could work elsewhere might be in for a surprise in the coming days.

OIIQ president Luc Mathieu said in a Radio-Canada interview on Monday that as of the end of last week, 4,338 of his members had not been properly vaccinated and that the status of 5,716 others remained to be verified.

(Nowhere in this news item is there a question or a hint that this is a problematic policy. One cannot say the same of CTV articles about counter-narrative stories.)

5. “Unforeseen crew issues”

(Click on the tweet to see the all crew must be vaccinated” part.)

Thank you M., ML., C., Richard, Shelagh, Chris Jones, MarcusZ1967, Maria, EB., ET., and all who can tell the difference between the consequences of an event and the policy meant to shape that event.

Doctor Robert Malone is one of the people who actually invented mRNA gene therapy.



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  1. #3. Wouldnt hospital staff have to be in on that propaganda piece too? Use a bed, have all the medical equipment in the shot, put it on the mannequin , etc….? Or CBC has its own set for faking this for 18+ months now.

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