Canada’s great leap ‘forward’ with Vaxx mandates: Links 2, October 6, 2021

1. In communism, its not about the nation. Nations don’t exist. Its all about the party. The flag of the Soviet Union as well as North Korea were not national flags, but flags of the communist party. Here is how Trudeau will make sure that the Conservative Party will be reduced to Max Headroom at best. Note that the CBC reporter is purely a stenographer and never asks a single question about any of Trudeau’s totalitarian policies, or even distinguishes between the disease of Covid, the vaccines, or the policies in terms of what is good for Canada or what Canadians want.

2. This Global News video is a datapoint on evil itself. Note how she phrases the question on natural immunity. Note its NOT about the science, or if natural immunity is as good as, or better than the mRNA shots. The question is phrased so that all roads lead to the vaccine. The question is carefully and deliberately articulated to be: “How soon after you recover from Covid should you get the vaccine”. This video is a distillation of evil. This question comes in around the middle. There is not a hint of any thought which is counter to the party-narrative.

3. Another doctor in Ontario quits over Vaxx mandates: “How many people are we going to kill if we keep following this narrative?”

4. Dr. Tenpenny says Pfizer insider claims closer to 200,000 people died within a week of getting the shots. Now we may have a verification coming tonight. Project Veritas, which varies from stunning and critically important reveals to somewhat banal ones, claims tonight they have hidden camera from Pfizer which is the most major thing yet. That is tonight at 8:00 ET. So maybe we will get confirmation of Dr. Tenpenny’s claims then.

5. US government ordering Google to provide users’ search data: report

(This is why we use a VPN. And if there are any people out there still so wonderfully naive that they believe “nothing to hide means nothing to fear, they should know the FBI is investigating parents who question school boards who teach Marxism and pornography to their young children for TERRORISM. This means we have reached the stage of ‘hide everything and fear everything.’)

The US federal government is secretly ordering Google and other search engines to track and provide data on anyone who searches certain terms through “keyword warrants,” according to a new report. 

In recent years, only two such warrants have been made public, but accidentally unsealed court documents obtained by Forbesshow the government has been making these requests far more frequently. 

The unsealed warrant stemmed from a 2019 federal investigation in Wisconsin, where investigators were searching for men they believed had taken part in trafficking and sexually abusing a minor. 

In an effort to track them down, officials ordered Google to provide any information on users, including account names, IP addresses and CookieIDs, that searched the victim’s name, two spellings of her mother’s name and her address over 16 days throughout the year. 

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7 Replies to “Canada’s great leap ‘forward’ with Vaxx mandates: Links 2, October 6, 2021”

  1. I will not listen to anything this freak has to say, as far as I am concerned he is making an awful lot of Canadians sick. If only we knew the real number of Canadians who died from Covid, the number who have committed suicide, the number who have died because their cancer treatments were cancelled, the number who died because their operations were cancelled, and the number who have been seriously injured or died from this global puppet insisting everyone must be vaccinated. The health of an entire country is in the hands of a snowboarding / part time drama teacher who probably could not hold a job if his name wasn’t Trudeau and a graphic designer.

    • Don’t forget that flu deaths and hospitalizations have been zero for a long time now. Whatever anyone says about that, it has to be because they have all been counted as Covid.

      I say this because there is tons of solid evidence from medical professionals down to funeral home people, that they have been padding the covid death count using everything from car accidents to suicide. So for sure flu would be an easy crossover.

  2. Looking forward to a great Thanksgiving celebration
    Including family, friends, old young, babies, preschoolers,
    Really old and middle aged….
    Some with shots
    Some NOT

    Fuck the fascist government mandates

    We will all do our thing and ignore the ruling tyrant morons

    We need to bring back that old logo


  3. As a rule I don’t ever listen to or watch any reports from CBC global or CTV as all are filled with lies and propaganda
    The Gobbals networks of the nazis instilling fear absolute compliance and lies

    • I quit watching CBC 25 years ago, CTV 20 years ago. I keep telling people not to watch the fear, fear, fear. It is criminal what the media puppets/collaborators, Justine Trudeau and Doug Ford have spewed.

    • That about sums it up. They are at this point pure Alinsky/Goebbels narrative machines. They invent or invert events if they need to in order to get people to follow the narrative. They are Pravda at best.

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