Project Veritas: Pfizer uses foetal tissue in the vaxx

See here’s the thing.

There is only one reason a person should be able to not get the injection. And that reason is that they don’t want it.

Each time you play their game with them. Where they get to make up the rules about what exemptions are valid, and you buy into those with religious exemptions or any other kind, you are accepting their authority to tell you that you have to take it. And mark these words carefully.

They WILL remove all the exemptions one at a time or all together.

They already are. They have said that a singular belief is not good enough. That it has to be a real religious exemption as THEY define it for YOU. I know a medical professional who had to leave a job at the hospital because they denied a deeply held religious belief as a ‘singular belief’ despite the fact that in this case it was legitimate in the sense that on top of the person’s medical expertise leading the person to think the vaxx is a very bad idea, the person’s religious beliefs also exempt this person. But no dice.

So the exceptions, just like private clubs when they hit us world wide with the smoking ban, is a con. They never intended to allow any exceptions except at a whim. Like the pro basketball players that don’t have to have it to come to Canada to play a sport because they provide a national service. Got that? A pro basketball player doesn’t have to take the vaxx. But you do. Because your service isn’t a special one to the nation.

So the second you say any reason for not taking it other than I do not want it, and I will not take it, you are setting yourself up for tyranny. Foetal tissue or not.

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  1. Agreed. I have been surprised by the number of people (everybody) who accepted the premise the government has the right to examine your reasons for not wanting the vax. How easily we fell! The state said jump and we said yes, how high.
    But nobody is discussing being tested weekly like diseased farm animals, and how dehumanizing and degrading that is to the human person, to have to be tested weekly as if you are a carrier of a disease. They tell us directly, “to protect the vaccinated”, when it is the vaccinated who are clogging up hospitals due to vax injuries which look like Covid, or, Covid they got because their immunity is zip, post-vax.
    What does it do to the human person to have a nasal swab made in China with God knows what on it shoved into their nasal cavity near their brain week after week after week, for what, months on end? There is talk that the swab has things like aluminum, fiberglass, sulfur, etc., and is sterilized in ethylene oxide, a known carcinogen, according to the FDA. But nobody talks about it! We have all just accepted weekly testing as a “win” in lieu of being forced to take an injection we don’t want? It’s not a win, it’s a debasing practice and we’ve all just played along. Money is important. Benefits are important. But what is dignity and safety worth. And without a mass effort, how successful against this are we likely to be.

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