France gets one last chance to save itself from oblivion: Links 1, October 3, 2021

1. CDC director explains that the “vaccines” do NOT prevent trasmission of the virus “anymore”. So why the hell are they not locking up the vaccinated and preventing them from using public facilities since its clearly they, according to the CDC anyway, that are the threat to those that did not take it? Funny how fast things don’t change when there is an agenda at work. The excuse for the coercion can flip a 180 but the policy stays the same.

2. Rand Paul cites Israeli study showing that those who got the vaccine are 7X more likely to get sick with Covid

3. Computing forever explains how the Hegalian/Marxist dialectic scam will be used this winter to force green agendas with phoney power shortages

4. Afghan cultural enrichment in nice hotel in UK

5. Dear France. God, or providence, or chance has given you a chance to save yourselves. Will you take it?

Not only is he the only person on the field who can and wants to save France as the traditional French polity it has been for centuries, but it would wipe clean the slate for Alfred Dreyfus.

Thank you all who grace these pages, and contribute their best thoughts for the benefit of all readers, even if its not in agreement, so long as its well intentioned.



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