A couple of tweets containing Israeli news about the vaxx

It’s wrong in one way though. Hospitalizations and deaths are much higher now than last year when there was no vaccines and its evident in countries where they have the highest vaxx rate. Israel and Singapore. It begins to look like this mRNA stuff trashes your natural immunity, not just to Covid, but to everything from shingles to cancer.

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3 Replies to “A couple of tweets containing Israeli news about the vaxx”

  1. O/T but well worth it.
    AUSTRALIA NewSouthWales is falling apart. The Deputy Prime Minister just resigned, the third resignation in a row.

  2. Isn’t it “nice” to see the decendants of Dr. Josef Mengele at play again?
    It still boggles my mind how easily the vast majority of Jewish/Israeli people are led into the “Gas-chambers” again.
    This time by their own Government.

  3. Predictable. Attracts jooo-haters like flies to [excrement].
    At this site it makes for a short thread, fortunately.

    Hellequin may as well use autocomplete, he never passes up a chance to plug it in. Bizarre, lip-smacking satisfaction.

    Then some troll pops in with the cliches.
    An IQ test: marker for below the curve.

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