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4 Replies to “Full Tucker Carlson for Friday, October 1, 2021”

  1. Hi Vlad, I thank you so much for posting Tucker’s show here: I no longer have a tv as I cannot afford any kind of cable, etc: and when I try to watch him on youtube it gets crazy: so for me, and I am sure for many others, you are really doing a service by this: Thank You. I love Tucker ! and you !

    • Youtube only really allows material on that discourages people from watching Tucker. And not having a TV is the first step to being well informed.

      Glad we can help.

  2. 28 Sept 2021 https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/jy0379 (Janet Yellen’s remarks on the loophole of the step-up in basis at the end of life)

    Me: Think about the push against families generating their own untaxable assets. Each meal that a family member prepares at home for the rest of the family instead of purchasing at a fast food drive-through (or elsewhere) deprives the government of sales tax, income tax from workers, gas taxes from transport, and the tax on the extra income that the family needs to generate in order to purchase a ready-made meal. Each family that somehow manages to provide its own “child-care” deprives the government of the tax revenue that could have been generated had the family member engaged in full-time employment along with the gas taxes generated when commuting AND the taxes paid on incomes of child-care workers. The more that families feel a push to become solely adult wage-earners with night-time custody of their children, the more revenue the government can obtain and the more control of rearing children is transferred outside the family.

    You’ll know things have reached bottom when Ms Yellen mentions “imputed rent.”
    https://www.businessinsider.com/imputed-rent-hidden-tax-break-homeowners-2016-9?op=1 “The Netherlands is one of just five countries that actually tax homeowners as if they’re paying themselves rent. (The others are Iceland, Slovenia, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, according to the OECD.) But back here, some economists argue that not doing the same thing is like giving American homeowners a huge tax break, and is distorting the housing market.”

    Here’s another one: “One form of gift people often overlook is the ability to live in a property rent free due to the generosity of a family member.”

    • Few people understand that government revenue from taxation never exceeds approximately 19% of that total tax. This is because over-taxation results in GDP loss due to a reduction in capital investment. It is a statistical enduring fact.

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