Could the Australian Premiere be the first domino to fall?

The man in the video above is an Australian businessman who started a political party in Australia to try and return it to a Western Democracy, named Clive Palmer.

More from him. He is quite explicit.

Now the questions are:

Is this article accurate, or if not, is it a deflection from a similar and equally abhorrent truth? A tactic we saw a lot during the US election, where phoney claims about the fix were promoted in order to deflect from the actual methods used to cheat that we finally now see coming out of Arizona?

Pfizer Lobbyists Claim Responsibility For Installing Ford and O’Toole Into Current Positions

A serious question: when someone helps install a politician into a position of power, and then becomes a lobbyist, are any “favours” then expected of said politician?

This specifically addresses 2 of them. One is Erin O’Toole, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and Leader of the Official Opposition. The other is Doug Ford, Leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, and Premier of Ontario.

Both men are in their respective positions as a result of others who then went on to become lobbyists for Pfizer. Both support the mass vaccination agenda, and support lockdowns and martial law of society. Last month, 4 lobbyists from Pfizer tried to push for vaccine sales on behalf of their client. This is according to records from the Ontario Lobbying Registry. Let’s take a look into who these people actually are.

If the claims are true by Clive Palmer, and I notice he hasn’t been arrested or sued yet for them, then we know Pfizer considers bribing politicians as advertising expenses. So it stands to reason they do it to more people than just the NSW Premiere. We need to look into a lot of politicians now.

But this is following the Qui Bono model of motive. Its possible, but seems to me at least, unlikely on its own. An ideological component is the case with some of them. For instance the ones we know who went through Klaus Schwab’s little school for future leaders such as Chrystia Freeland. Which according to a researcher on exactly that school, includes a curiously high number of health ministers and advisers at different levels from around the world.

Back to Australia just for a moment:


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5 Replies to “Could the Australian Premiere be the first domino to fall?”

  1. Yes that’s Clive Palmer he is one of the wealthiest precious minerals in the West t men in Australia and what we call on the right > a good bloke. His wealth come from mining but he remains one of those straight shooting characters and in this case his people have found out that that mad bitch holding all Sydney and New South Wales in lock u is just another wretched whore of a politician. of a politician, The sad thing is that Australia and like New Zealanders to a level of nearly 50% of us are stupid, mindless cowardly fuckwits who love the discipline and care nothing for the wealth of the country.

    • I would say it’s more than 50% in many countries. Just look at the people who put on the unhealthy facemask as they haven’t even shut the door of their car in a retail parking lot before heading to the store. Those are brainwashed zombies.

  2. On a small scale from some 25 years ago, I did find out that some municipal staff, such as many title-holders and office types, each contributed $2,000 to the reelection of the local mayor. How can that be? Easy.

    The lobbyists (ex: housing developers) give the cash money to the mayor who then spreads it out to the employees. The employee who gives $2,000 as a contribution from its own account gets a 75% tax credit and wins big time as the employee has the cash $2,000 to spend at will. I imagine the same would apply throughout all municipal areas allied with the mayor.

    Since municipal election turnout is never high, the bribed staff (their relatives…) are all voters. At the end, when the mayor wins, the mayor gets to keep the campaign contributions and will work hard to satisfy the briber’s demands.

    That was 25 years ago and on a small scale. Thus, I most certainly believe the elected Premiers and their Health ministers are bribed to satisfy the demands of their most significant campaign contributors.

  3. It’ll take a LOT MORE than one domino, but knocking this one down feels good.
    The second part of the recent series on the WEF at GoV is dead on.

    The private/public, research/finance connections are very much in evidence around here.

    The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Biogen, Moderna, the incredible networks at places like the New England Complex Systems Institute…
    …fed and watered byWHOM?

    Few actually think about it.
    That’s someone else’s department; information silos keep out noisy distractions. Just talk with former classmates and colleagues who live all over the world.

    Somebody else is the public face, wearing makeup and tightly controlled. The press, remote.

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