Australia, and curious events in Canada: Links 1, September 27, 2021

1. In a Zoom meeting last night, I was privileged to listen to a man who had a channel I had never heard of, but appears to have some amazing content. There is one in particular coming at some point hopefully today which sounds fascinating and important he mentioned, but is not up just yet. But this one is, and for Canadians its worth a listen. It is an interview with the last surviving person who is one of the architect of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But check out his channel for more content and if the other one he mentioned appears, we will post it as soon as we find it.

2. A friend of the site sent this in last night. It’s a curious video, and I wouldn’t have paid it any attention if I didn’t happen to take a photo of a similar plane flying low and slow over Ottawa’s East End on August 15th. (Some profanity)

August 15th, Ottawa:

3. Great Britain is now experiencing an unusual burst of excess deaths, unusual for this time of year, and it is not Covid. It appears to be all from heart issues. Quite mysterious indeed.

The link comes from the creator of mRNA tech, Robert Malone. I wonder what he thinks it is.

4. Police move in to force HEALTHCARE WORKERS out of protesting in Melbourne


Also related: (From Alex Berenson’s substack)

5. Oh that zany whacky cray cray ol’ Alex Jones. This was 2009:

Thank you M., Ed357, Trozzi, Richard, Whitespace, KAF., Johnny U., C., Shalagh, Mad W., Sassy, EB., Solar Wind, Kalloi, all the people on Twitter who go out of their way to send us materials, and all who contributed to the Reader’s Links posts this past weekend. A good time to remind new readers, please get a flashlight and dig deep into the daily reader’s links comments. It is a serious source of great information.

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  1. INTERVIEW: Unvaxx’d MPP Rick Nicholls threatened with REMOVAL from Ontario’s legislature
    It’s egregious enough that Rick Nicholls was kicked out of caucus — but now political foes and friends alike might further cancel him by forever banishing him from the legislature.
    Last month, Chatham-Kent-Leamington MPP Rick Nicholls stood firm against taking the COVID-19 vaccination. And it was not a decision without consequence. Premier Doug Ford had issued an ultimatum: all his MPPs had to get jabbed by a set day and time, or face expulsion from caucus. And it was no bluff. Indeed, precisely one hour before the deadline, Nicholls, who was first elected in 2011, held a brief press conference at Queen’s Park noting that he was not going to acquiesce to the premier’s demand nor deadline.

    Said Nicholls: “I took the premier at his word that vaccination is a choice and that all Ontarians have a constitutional right to make such a choice. Like almost two million eligible Ontarians, I choose to exercise this autonomy over my own body, while continuing to work hard for the people of Ontario.”

    Shortly thereafter, Ford gave Nicholls the boot. No reasonable accommodation to be seen here.

    That Nicholls was kicked from caucus was bad enough. But in the department of adding insult to injury, members of the NDP approached House Leader Paul Calandra and said they’d very much like Rick to be banished from the Ontario Legislature permanently, given that he is supposedly a modern-day Typhoid Mary given his lack of jabs. (The question arises: if everyone in the House is double-vaccinated and wearing masks and practicing social distancing, how could Nicholls be a one-man super-spreader in the first place? Or is this experimental vaccine really that… useless?)

    Now you would think that with the PCs enjoying super-majority status, that Calandra would’ve told the COVID-Karen members of the opposition to take a long walk off a short pier. But no. Nicholls says Calandra actually tried to convince him to retire; Nicholls informed him that wasn’t going to happen any time soon. And that’s when Calandra allegedly intimated that when the legislature resumes sitting next month, Nicholls might be forced to walk the plank, should the opposition put forth a motion that Nicholls must leave — something that could pass, should a majority of Rick’s former colleagues go along with such a motion. (We reached out to Paul Calandra but never received a response.)

    In any event, the question arises: are we living in a democracy — or a dictatorship? It’s egregious enough that Rick Nicholls was kicked out of caucus — but now political foes and friends alike might further cancel him by forever banishing him from the legislature? Shameful.

  2. Blog/Vaccine
    Posted Sep 27, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

    Here is a protest in Vancouver to boycott Earl’s, where they allegedly called the cops and had a man arrested for not having a COVID passport. If vaccinated people can still get and spread COVID, then what is the point behind COVID passports? The unvaccinated would be the ones at risk — not the vaccinated. So something does not add up.

  3. Vlad…the C-130 bit is just a stupid-ass nothing burger from a unlettered tundra wigger with bilateral frostbite and a jug of wood alcohol.
    Ottawa has an air base, called Uplands. C-130 transports are based there. The CAF uses C-130’s for transport tasks, air dropping, parachuting and SAR. That looked like a C-130H putting out SAR jumpers. Plane fly’s an orbit, PJ’s get out over the airfield.
    Spraying something. No. T-56 turboprops are very smokey.
    Look. Chem trails are a myth, period. Fat-earth, tin-foil toque dumbness.
    ( 40 frippin years in heavy specialty aviation, and things military.)
    There are no chem trails.
    Find footage of oil-slick dispersal, often done with C-130’s. If they are spraying, everybody see’s it, it’s unmistakable. The equipment for spraying fills the entire cargo hold, leaving no room for jumpers, or cargo( passengers ect) it’s either or, not both.
    Again. Chem trails/clandestine aerial mystery spray evil conspiracy is the most nonsensical of all BS modern myths.
    P.S. Leftiods love chemtrail myths. Why? Dumbness.

    • 100% agree about chemtrails. But in decades of living in and around Ottawa’s East end Ive never seen a low slow aircraft like that over the area, and seeing as how the fellow in Thunder bay hasn’t either, I thought it was worth a post.

      Also this summer, I saw military Chinooks flying over the Ottawa River for hours. Not the S&R ones, military ones. It does feel like exercises for something.

  4. Training, training, training. Simply cranking up, doing a few bumps and circuits, and getting back down with any degree of proficiency ( ie: no smoking crater/long-pig luau ) requires endless hours of wearing a hole in the sky around the airfield. Same-same for Para’s – up, jump, get down, get back in, do it again, all day, every day. Then, operational training – simply driving the machine is not enough. You’re also expected to make military noises while doing that – in all weathers and conditions. It all adds up to a lot of airplanes converting a lot of kerosene into noise. Also, is not the transport Operational Conversion Unit and Chinook OCU’s at Uplands and Trenton… anyway, honestly, nothing to worry about. The ones to worry about are the RCMP owned Cessna Caravan’s. They’re a poor-man’s U-2, with an air-opening left-rear door, packed full of Stingray boxes, WestCam day-night optical/IR, vertical and oblique large format high rez camera’s, EW boxes, MMWR, and probably, an ARGUS staring optical system.
    They fly at night, 3000-5000 feet, no lights, and left-hand orbit when hoovering/watching.
    If you hear a single engine light turbo(PT-6)prop circling above for hours on end, and you can’t see the nav-strobe-beacon lights – smile! The man is watching. I know these aircraft well – I was one of the AME’s who did the spy-gear installation back in the mid ’90’s.
    Simply; you would not believe the amount of highly invasive, warrant-less general surveillance the Maple-Stasi conducts all the time.
    True North Korea. That`s what you have.

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