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2 Replies to “FDA Panel Steve Kirsh: Vaxx kills 2 per 1 saved at best”

  1. Vlad Tepes,
    I wonder how far this totalitarian mass movement can blunted by new data. Our leaders have continually been caught out in major lies. The masses have attached their anxieties to covid, and their hopes to vaccines and cognitive exclusion is very strong. Helpless anxiety and disappointed hopes are not easy to change cognitively. Even so, I hope this information gets disseminated.

    PS. This was an FDA panel. I only mention it in hopes more people can find it via searches.

    I regularly read blogs with links to deleted youtube videos. Controversial topics are heavily censored by Alphabet inc.. If not 404ed immediately, quietly 451ed.

    On youtube, the time for the clip above is from 4 hours and 20 mins 10 seconds: (You can add “&t=4h20m10s” to the URL)
    Direct link:

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