Vaxx, protests, Pushback against the EU: Links 2, September 19, 2021

1. Director of NIH on booster shots

(Comments are much better than the video)

2. Calgary freedom rally. How many thousands do you see?

(This may be the time, or maybe it really isn’t to ask one question of or about Maxime Bernier which has not been asked.

Before I ask the question, it should be known that those who want to vote for him should indeed do so. But the idea is to let the world, and Canada know, how many people want what Maxime promises. In other words, its a symbolic vote for principle.

And the question I would ask is:

How will Maxime Bernier be resistant to whatever the pressures are, that drove Conservative premiere of Ontario, Doug Ford, Conservative Premiere of Alberta, Jason Kenney, and leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Erin O’Toole, to go from rational and Western thought based policies and opinions rooted in individual liberty, to totalitarian collectivist ones?

To be more clear. I do believe that Bernier is sincere. As was Kenney and Ford. But they all flipped in a manner that makes one suspect there is external pressure to do so. What makes Bernier immune to that pressure? Lets remember that even Trump had to flip on critical policies from external pressures, mostly from the anti-state which surrounded him. But that exists in Canada as well plus the COMINTERN.

3. Slovenian presentation to the European Commission and Parliament

4. Sneak preview of the Project Veritas leaks from CDC and Pfizer starting tomorrow!!!

5. Retiring CDC administrator, Marion Gruber, explains the process that should be used to approve booster shots for the mRNA injections.

When I briefly studied Anthropology, we were taught to interview the retired, as they had less to protect and were more likely to tell you the truth. One gets the feeling watching this, that its more warning than informative. This is the process that the panel should use before approving more shots, as opposed to what they will use, which is just approving more shots.

This is from the September 15th major CDC panel on boosters for the mRNA injections from this year.

Thank you all who have worked very hard to find and deliver important information, and in effect and in practice, have volunteered to replace a multi-Billion dollar news industry that now works against its name and purpose, and now, like so many other major industries, it becomes the public’s responsibility to both pay for enemy vectors of attack, while essentially doing the work those services were meant to perform pro bono and for the good of society. So while I try and recognize both the collective and individual efforts of so many here at this site who do that each and every day, I want to spell it out a little better here.

This is no small thing. And it boils down to the reader’s willingness to accept reality as presented in countless videos which are proof that the official narratives are lies, but willingness to even look at the possibility. We here, we do our part.

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3 Replies to “Vaxx, protests, Pushback against the EU: Links 2, September 19, 2021”

  1. Re: #2, Mad Max and the PPC

    I too happen to believe that Maxime Bernier is sincere in his expressed convictions; I also believe that if he was to find himself in a position of real power federally he too would probably “flip-flop” on some issues. On the positive side, the platform that he and his Party have put forward is so much farther in the direction of “rational and Western thought based policies and opinions rooted in individual liberty” than those of O’Toole et al that he would have a lot more flip-flopping to do than they did.

    My hope is that the PPC’s ideas and positions will be put out into more general view and discussion than they have been for decades and perhaps, perhaps, move the Overon Window thereby.

    That is my hope but if a (former) bastion of freedom like the US appears unable to even hold a fair election … we have nothing to do “but to resist, with hope or without it” (as Elrond states in the LOTR).

  2. 3- Resonant for its universal relevance to all nations. And beware the poisoning of all demonstrations by bad actors in an attempt to assassinate the character of the great unvaxxed. The truth is setting us free from filthy, dirty, greedy, self-loathing, fearmongering killers.

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