Three worthy videos to start the day: Links 1, September 19, 2021

1. This will be the winter of our discontent

2. Bank of Canada looking to make digital currency. Perhaps it should be better known as digital slave chains

3. Besides the rampant police thuggery against citizens who want literally nothing more than the most basic of rights, one can tell Australia is now communist because you cannot leave without permission. At one point, the ultimate marker of a totalitarian and typically Marxist state, is that the walls are designed to keep you in rather than keep others out.

Thank you all who provided materials for this post, and this weekend.

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    You know what I think? I think the bad guys have been cultivating these useless stupid Baizou dickheads since the sixties and beyond and I think that population constitutes by far the biggest problem we have in the West – worse than homelessness or unemployment or drug abuse or any of those societal problems. And we’re actually getting used to it and thinking of it as normal.

    Imagine how nice it would be if we decided to, say, build a steel processing facility or do pretty much anything, and there didn’t have to be this fight-to-the-death against a mob of screaming Baizou who don’t even know what the issues are but know they have to stick it to the man at all times. Imagine how much better our countries would look on the evening news without the mobs and the screaming and the anger… Dictators delight in making us look bad to their own people and the world…

    But now it’s getting really serious and even crazier, as shown in the video, and the Baizou number in the tens of millions and they just love to vote, seek union leadership positions, go to meetings, write letters and run for office. Listen to AOC or Ilhan Omar and there is no difference between them and Hamas or the Ayatollahs or the Arab street. They, and all the other Baizou, are enemy agents – plain and simple. The entire US Democrat Party is made up of enemy agents… See how they’re wrecking their country? Doesn’t that qualify you as “the enemy”…? See how I can’t bring myself to put the “ic” at the end of “Democrat”?

    The West-haters have successfully created a hostile army within the nations of the Democratic West by constantly pushing the idea that “peaceful protest”, not voting, is the fundamental principle of Western democracy, and if we don’t wake up to the fact they are going to fling the back gates open and let the bad guys flood in like the sea… Oh… I forgot… that one’s already happening, isn’t it…

    • I personally am tired of all the cowards who make up excuses for bullies. I am tired of a Prime Minister who constantly reprimands the citizens of the country, always telling them what is wrong with them. He needs to be thrown out of office, he is a global coward, a puppet, an absolute disgrace.
      His latest little tirade “The unvaccinated are making our children sick” SHOULD be cause for him to be made to step down, inciting more hate.

      Remember last Remembrance Day when the Disgraceful, useful idiot made people stay away from the ceremony, the roads were blocked off with large dump trucks, the police were positioned facing the people, pointing rifles at the Canadian citizens. Only a few elites were allowed to attend with our clown prince. Just the start of all the oppression we have suffered and how it has escalated over the year.

      Remember the words penned on behalf of all the men and women who have fought and died for this country and all around the world.

      “Take up our quarrel with the foe, to you from failing hands, we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high, lest ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep though poppies blow in Flanders Field.”

      Meanwhile, barbarians are allowed to March in streets in Canada spewing:
      “Earn in Jannah (paradise) a high degree
      With your maidens under a tree
      it’s our only routine
      Coldly kill them with hate and rage
      The war did not even start
      Make sure you’re doing your part
      aim your rifle right at their hearts
      coldly kill hem with hate and rage”.

    • Chris,
      Establishment Republicans are every bit as bad as the Demonrats, have been for decades. Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse writes about the “Uniparty”, two wings of the same bird. A VULTURE.

      Take Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. asap, please! He’s been working with his Demonrat counterpart, Chuck Schumer, for decades. He bears the most responsibility of any single individual for the sabotage of PTrump.

      …….Just one example…….
      He controlled the appointments process, exploiting PT’s lack of D.C. experience, and ensuring the Prez would be surrounded by vipers and incompetents. Remember PT bragging about all those judicial appointments? They might not be all that great, either.

      Not only did McConnell set as his agenda to block that of the POTUS, he was the indispensable collaborator in the coup that started in 2016.

      And he’s as compromised as Pelosi and Feinstein put together. Mafia and CHY-na.

      He’s married to Taiwan “royalty”: A shipping magnate family that’s been working hand-in-glove with the PRC since Deng Xiaoping. Aristocrats of Taiwan enmeshed with the ChiCom Politburo.

      Much more on that…

      • And don’t forget good old Mitt Romney and to thank him for doing everything in his power to see that Joe Biden was elected President and Donald Trump was as sullied as possible…

        • Carpet-bagger Romney.
          Son of a Gov. of the State of Michigan, he never came to terms with the fact that he’ll never be POTUS.

          => Yucki’s own stomping ground:
          He started an MIT-affiliated management consulting company that was actually quite good at the time. Was governor here for a while.

          I never would’ve pegged him as a rat. Terribly disappointing when he threw the 2012 election to the Manchurian Candidate.

  2. And one more thing. I challenge the idea that “protesting” is some constitutionally protected right because it’s “an essential part of our democracy”. Who says? Did the ancient Greeks have perennial mobs of screaming idiots throwing things and trying to disrupt the meeting? And if they did, were they considered an “essential part of democracy”. I’ll bet they were flogged…

    What about members of Parliament and Members of the House of Representatives? Isn’t the whole idea of Democracy to keep us from fighting in the streets and instead to seek legal means to resolve our differences? Who exactly said that throwing rocks at the cops and lighting trash bins on fire was a “right”?

    • Rome’s Late Republican era was marked by the increasing frequency of such episodes.

      Then there was civil war, followed by dictatorship with a vestigial Senate. In short order the dictator transmogrified to god-figure.

      That marks the beginning of the Roman Empire.

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