Italy, Menage, Jacinda Ardern’s commie roots and poisoned fruit, Paul Weston asks a question: Links 1, September 17, 2021

1. Italy to starve out the unclean

Italy set to make Covid ‘green pass’ mandatory for all employees

Italy is expected to become the first major European country to make its Covid-19 health certificate mandatory for all workers in both the public and private sector from October, as the government tries to speed up vaccinations and keep the infection rate down.

A new decree set to be approved by the Italian government on Thursday will require employees at all workplaces to show proof of vaccination, testing or recovery under the certificazione verde or ‘green pass’ scheme, a minister said on Wednesday.

The digital pass proves the bearer has received at least one vaccine dose, tested negative or recently recovered from the virus.

UPDATE: Where do you now need to show a Covid green pass in Italy?

It was originally brought in to allow quarantine-free travel between EU member states, and Italy is one of several countries that also made it a domestic requirement at venues such as museums, gyms and indoor restaurants.

“We are heading towards a mandatory green pass not only for public sector workers but also private sector ones,” Regional Affairs Minister Mariastella Gelmini said on Italy’s Rai radio on Wednesday.

(Italy is one of the most communist governments in the EU, where they actually tried a deputy PM for kidnapping because he tried to stop illegal immigration.)

2. Nicky Menage strikes back at MSM and White House for lying about her and her views

3. Thinking of voting Conservative in the Federal election on Tuesday?

4. Trevour Loudon, one of the most effective and knowledgable exposers of communist revolutionaries in the world today, explains the New Zealand Premiere, Jacinda Ardern’s commie background

5.  Paul Weston asks a perfectly reasonable question. Why are Covid deaths MUCH higher, 10X higher, since the vaccine than before

Thank you M., ML., Gates of Vienna, Hellequin GB., MissPiggy, Johnny U., PC., and many more who are keeping their balance when the seas are choppy as all hell.

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