“until, the philosophy, that holds one (class) superior to another, is finally discredited, everywhere is war” Links 2 for September 14, 2021

1. More examples of police in Australia using brutality and arbitrary use of total thuggery against people asking for their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Please watch this whole video, even if nothing else on this site today.

(Many may remember footage posted at Vlad at least a year ago where police grabbed and brutalized a young woman on the street with a young child with her. It was caught on a cell phone camera at the time and when posted, many people could not believe this was happening to the point where we got harsh comments and messages insisting we take it down as it simply could not be as advertised. Now we know it was probably worse.)

2. UK Government Says Vaccine Passports Integral to COVID Winter Plan Day After They Were Supposedly Scrapped

The UK government has insisted that vaccine passports will remain an integral tool in fighting the spread of COVID just a day after health secretary Sajid Javid asserted that they had been completely scrapped.

Well, that didn’t take long.

During his media rounds yesterday morning, Javid said that vaccine passports represented a “huge intrusion into people’s lives,” adding, “I am pleased to say that we will not be going ahead.”

However, within 24 hours, the government has indicated that the system will in fact form a “first-line defence” against a winter wave of coronavirus.

3. Planned power outages is as good a sign of communism as a hammer and sickle.

4. Sky News lays it out. Mandatory vaxx is unacceptable on ANY metric

5. “It’s not worth it”

Thank you all for your efforts today and everyday. Much much left to do. Please stay tuned as we move to the last leg of the Great Election Fraud that will be Canada’s 2021 election.

Bob Marley’s comment on item 4, even if it be anachronistic, as its eternal, it cannot be truly an anachronism.


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4 Replies to ““until, the philosophy, that holds one (class) superior to another, is finally discredited, everywhere is war” Links 2 for September 14, 2021”

  1. The Ottawa Hospital apologizes after names of unvaccinated staff revealed

    The Ottawa Hospital has apologized after a privacy breach revealed the names of unvaccinated staff members in a group email inviting them to complete a COVID-19 vaccine education session.

    The president of CUPE 4000, which represents hospital staff, said the breach has angered some of those on the list and may prove to be a setback in convincing them to get vaccinated.

    “People were reluctant first of all to give their information (about vaccination status) because they weren’t sure where it was going to be stored,” said Lou Burri. “A lot of employees are upset and they are going to dig in. This made things worse, for sure.”

    The Ottawa Hospital and other hospitals in the city, as well as most across the province, announced employees must have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine by Sept. 7 and their second dose by Oct. 15.

    The hospital has said it will encourage vaccination and require testing during the transition period. As of Oct. 15, it will “examine the vaccination rate of our staff and determine whether further measures are required to ensure the safety of our health-care environment.”

    Burri said about 390 members of a workforce of more than 10,000 remain unvaccinated.

    He said he, and many of the workers, would have preferred if the hospital had contacted them one-on-one about education and to encourage vaccination.

    “Needless to say, people were reluctant to get the vaccine in the first place and this just threw a big curve ball in.”

    As of now, Burri said, workers who refuse to declare their vaccination status or undergo a swab are being sent home without pay.

    In a statement, the hospital said the email, which was sent last week, “was immediately recalled and all copies were deleted. An apology and explanation was sent to the staff members affected.”

    It was investigated by the hospital’s information and privacy office and reported to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.

    “The Ottawa Hospital expects every member of our organization to receive the vaccine, as it is an important step to ensuring the safety of everyone in our community. Educating our unvaccinated staff is an important step in that journey. Health-care workers have worked tirelessly to protect our communities throughout the pandemic, and they deserve protection and support to enable them to do their jobs safely, and to the best of their abilities.”

    • It’s terrible. The staffers are sent home without pay. We have a serious lack of medical staffers. Nothing makes sense.

      Meanwhile, proven monoclonal treatments are a non-issue.

      – Researchers have recently discovered antibodies that can neutralize a range of SARS-CoV-2 variants and other coronaviruses.

      They hope that their work, which appears in the journal NatureTrusted Source, may help with developing treatments for the current COVID-19 crisis, as well as potential future pandemics.

      Antibodies are the human body’s defense mechanism against unfamiliar substances such as bacteria and viruses in the blood. Once generated, antibodies bind to the foreign substances, which are called antigensTrusted Source. The binding process triggers the body’s immune response and mobilizes other cells to fight the invading antigen.

      Scientists can also make antibodies in a laboratory setting. Three monoclonal antibody-based therapiesTrusted Source, which are designed to block the SARS-CoV-2 attachment to human cells, are currently available through emergency use authorization by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These are:

      bamlanivimab plus etesevimabTrusted Source
      casirivimab plus imdevimabTrusted Source
      sotrovimabTrusted Source

      One of these, casirivimab plus imdevimab, has also received approval for use in the United Kingdom.

      According to Dr. William Schaffner, people who test positive for SARS-CoV-2 and who are at risk of progressing to severe disease — including those who are over the age of 65 years and those who have weakened immune systems — should talk with a doctor about receiving monoclonal antibody treatment. –


  2. Here is a sign of things to come for Ontario schools….

    Cornwall elementary school closes due to COVID-19 as cases rise at Ottawa schools

    Half the students at a Cornwall elementary school are being asked to isolate at home after one person tested positive for COVID-19.Viscount Alexander Elementary was closed for the day Monday, and about half the classes will return Tuesday, said Eastern Ontario Medical Officer of Health Dr. Paul Roumeliotis at a briefing Monday. The other half of the classes at the school have been asked to remain isolated at home “for the next little while,” he said. Roumeliotis declined to specify whether the person who tested positive for the virus was a student or staff member.

    The school was closed Monday to allow officials to identify who was in close contact with the person, he said.

    Meanwhile in Ottawa, the number of COVID-19 cases identified at schools has increased to at least 43 people at 30 schools. Most of the cases are at the two French-language school boards, which returned to school a week earlier than the English boards.
    The Ottawa French-language Catholic school board reported Monday that 21 people have active cases of COVID-19 at its 56 schools, with another four cases resolved. There are active cases at 14 of the board’s schools, with 22 classes currently dismissed as students are sent home to isolate.

    Most of the schools have only one active case. The highest count is at École secondaire catholique Franco-Cité on Smyth Road, where five people have tested positive and six classes have been dismissed.

    There are two active cases at each of Samuel-Genest, Découverte and des Pionniers schools; and one active case at each of Mer Bleue, La Vérendrye, Marius-Barbeau, Notre-Place, Pierre-Elliott Trudeau, Saint-Rémi, Sainte-Bernadette, Garneau, Pierre-Savard and Lamoureux schools.

    In addition, the board reports one resolved case of COVID-19 at each of George-Etienne-Cartier, Samuel-Genest, Notre-Place and Pierre-Savard schools. Parents at Paul-Desmarais secondary also received a letter from Ottawa Public Health on Sept. 9 about one case at that school, but it has not yet appeared on the board website.

    The Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est does not specify whether the cases are among students or staff.

    At Ottawa’s French-language public school board, there were six active cases of COVID-19 among students and one resolved case as of Sept. 10, according to the board website, which had not been updated by early evening on Monday. That includes four students who tested positive at Élémentaire Michäelle Jean elementary school in Barrhaven last week.

    The Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est began posting daily data on COVID-19 cases on Friday.
    Ottawa French Catholic school board reports 13 COVID-19 cases; 18 classes dismissed
    Students file into St. Patrick’s High School in Ottawa earlier this week.
    Runny noses and other COVID conundrums as Ottawa kids head back to school

    The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, the city’s largest with about 71,000 students attending classes in person, reported three staff members and two students with COVID-19 as of Monday. There was one case at each of the following schools: Ridgemont, Maple Ridge, Stittsville Public, Norman Johnston and Manor Park. Classes resumed there on Sept. 9.

    The Ottawa Catholic School Board opened schools on Sept. 7. It reported Monday that a total of five students and one staff member have tested positive for COVID-19, with one case at each of the following schools: All Saints, Notre Dame, St. Isidore and St. Rose of Lima.

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