Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

There used to be a guy on Twitter I followed, who made it his mission in life to get videos like this one of CBC crews peddling one thing while flagrantly ignoring it themselves behind the cameras. As i recall, it was during the first lockdown when only leftists could gather anywhere.  Needless to say, Twitter got rid of him lickety-split. Frankly he is lucky he didn’t find himself in the next cell to Julian Assange since truth is hate speech now.


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  1. I was out this morning for 90 minutes of which most was spent outdoors in one big parking lot. When I have an appointment and the wait is more than five minutes, I head outdoors to remove the overbearing mask and check in once in a while.

    I’m seeing the subtle brainwashing the media has on people as 9 out of 10 individuals are fully masked while walking around outside, even looking at retail shop window displays, alone or with others. The same goes for walking on sidewalks. It wasn’t like this a few months ago.

    Even the local papers of my mid-sized town have double-spread government full-page ads featuring the mask and the vaxx. You open the radio and every twenty minutes or so, the vaxx and the mask.

    We’re clearly becoming the visible minority as weak minds allow themselves to be lured in by the nasty media. I’m reminded of Uyghur training camps.

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