A quick note to all who visit this site

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As many of you will have noticed, we were down for maintenance yesterday. We are doing serious security upgrades given the size and power of enemies of this site and the interests they have in stopping free and open discussion of counter narratives.

As a result, some things aren’t working as well as they did yet. But we are working hard to get back to where we were at the user end, and even better and safer at the back end.

Thank you all for your patience and please don’t get discouraged. This is the cost of the fight for freedom. So please try now and again to post your comments and links and for the moment, maybe keep them in a doc or txt file for when everything works properly. Which should be later today.

Thank you again and so sorry for the inconvenience and frustration.

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Canadian artist and counter-jihad and freedom of speech activist as well as devout Schrödinger's catholic

2 Replies to “A quick note to all who visit this site”

  1. Vlad- no problem with anything and thanks for al that you are doing for the cause of Liberty and Freedom.

    You, Cain and Sundance are our warriors in this horrific battle between good and evil.

    I don’t know what we would do without you guys and all the other bloggers who risk their lives, actually or metaphorically, to do this work.

    As far as yesterday, we all were worried that something had happened to you. Given these perilous times many of us feared the worst.

    So glad to know you are alright. You are in our prayers and may the good Lord watch over you always.

  2. Thanks Vlad,
    Please to hear, a techy has to do what a techy has to do, to keep it rolling.

    Your information, and narrowing down to focus thoughtfully, and to the sources are appreciated.

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