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2 Replies to “One Republican calls out Biden”

  1. Can you begin to imagine how overjoyed the Communist Chinese must be at having the hard-to-handle Donald Trump out of the way and now an open door to completely dominate Afghanistan as they make a nice mutually profitable deal with the bastards then corner the world markets in heroin, opium, and morphine – not to mention rare earth and other things. Imagine how many poppies they could grow with Chinese aid and technology and a government that actually wants them to grow as much they can without being disturbed by GIs or police. Nobody mention the Uyghurs – wink, wink…

    And, of course, al-Quaeda, ISIS, and The Muslim Brotherhood, along with assorted others, will be setting up gleaming central offices in lovely Kabul where they will be treated like honored comrades and left alone entirely.

    And am I supposed to believe that the Chinese couldn’t possibly have damning evidence that makes Hunter’s laptop and the Burisma prosecutor firing look like J-walking? Folks, it’s not unreasonable that the Chinese ordered Biden to pull out of Afghanistan in such a stupid way and that he had to comply or face actual prison along with his family. Real, actual, concrete-and-steel prison for acts of corruption expertly publicized and simply too hot to ignore.

    I come to this suspicion by using my “excellent” meter. And it’s pretty clear whose saying, “Excellent, excellent, our plans are working perfectly…excellent!.” It’s the bad guys, plain and simple.

    Oh, and if the West doesn’t change gears, ignore the polls, and immediately attack and destroy the Taliban for once and for all, it’s going to be one of the biggest blunders of all time. They need to send in everything they’ve got and kill the roaches by the tens of thousands, starting right now! Biden has made it so that current conditions are actually worse than they were at 9/11. If they had to destroy the Taliban then, then they need to do it again now. Right?

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