Competing data on mRNA shots: Links 2, August 24, 2021

1. This is the clearest stat seen so far if true. Those who are fully vaccinated may be far more vulnerable than those who did not take the shot. If this is true, and it needs looking into, then this would be what the people discussing ADE have been predicting. The comments under this tweet call it into doubt though.

2. Cwmllynfell rugby player Alex Evans dies during match

A rugby player has died after suffering a cardiac arrest during a match.

Alex Evans was playing for Cwmllynfell RFC at their home ground of Parc y Bryn in Neath Port Talbot on Saturday afternoon.

The match against Crynant was being played in the memory of a club stalwart who died earlier this year.

In a social media post, the club said of the 31-year-old flanker: “We have lost a brother on the field and it is hurting so much.”

Cwmllynfell RFC’s secretary said Mr Evans felt unwell during the game and left the field, later collapsing. Attempts were made to revive him with an on-site defibrillator, but he died at the scene.

He leaves his partner and a young daughter.

Messages of sympathy have been posted from numerous clubs, as well as the Welsh Rugby Union and World Rugby.

(Read the story to discover the lie of omission.)

3. COVID-19: B.C. orders vaccine passport for non-essential services

The province has a target date of Sept. 13 to introduce the B.C. Vaccine Card, which will be required to enter sporting events, nightclubs, restaurants and movies

VICTORIA — Corinne Lea, the owner of the Rio Theatre, said she’s “over the moon” at B.C.’s decision to require proof of vaccination to get into bars, restaurants, theatres, exercise classes and a range of other non-essential services.

“All of us in the arts and entertainment industry had such a horrible last year and a half of random closures and uncertainty,” Lea said. “I’m so glad the government stepped up and made a firm decision.

Related: Ontario lawyer discusses changes to rights and law in Canada

4. A good example of how the left uses language to force horror upon us all

From Honest Reporting: CTV Labels Palestinian Terrorist Who Shot IDF Solider A “Protestor”

Shame on CTV News for labelling a Palestinian terrorist who shot an Israel Defense Forces soldier in the head at point-blank range as a “protestor”.

CTV’s sanitizing the attempted murder of an innocent Israeli is appalling.

Over the weekend, Hamas-incited riots took place along the border between Gaza and Israel, where hundreds of Palestinians threw rocks and explosive devices at IDF soldiers.

In the ensuing violence that took place, footage that went viral online shows a Palestinian terrorist shooting an Israeli border police officer in the head at point-blank range. The officer, 21-year-old Barel Shmueli pictured above, is now in critical condition.

In covering the hostilities, CTV News published an Associated Press report to its website on August 21 which labelled the terrorist as a “protestor”. It said the following:

It also said a member of the paramilitary border police was hospitalized in grave condition after being shot. Amateur video from the Palestinian side showed a protester running up to the concrete barrier and firing a pistol into a hole used by an Israeli sniper.”

(Prepare yourselves for when an ANTIFA or other communist or Islamic terrorist harms you to have yourself punished for being whatever it is they can label you, while your attacker is celebrated. Nothing matters now but the revolution. All revolutionary actions will be promoted, celebrated and affirmed. All counter-revolutionary actions will be treated as crimes. And if the police cannot act against you, then ANTIFA or another revolutionary group will see to it you are punished as the new defacto police.)

5. Taliban:

Reports: 7 Afghan pilots assassinated off-base
This assassination campaign was confirmed by Taliban spokesmen. It is suggested in the comments that the required intel was provided by Pakistan, and maybe Iran.

Ben Shapiro shows Taliban torture videos:
WATCH: Dreadful Videos Emerge Showing Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster

From 2020, your tax dollars at work in Afghanistan. All for nothins, it seems:
Inside The Fortress Built To Fight The Taliban | The Billion Pound Base | Spark

Thank you C., M., ML., Richard, Johnny U.,, MissPiggy and many more who are accepting suffering for the sake of clarity and an understanding of reality.

Here is a great quiz which reveals a lot about how regulations, regulatory systems and rule of law has been replaced by a narrative. Take the quiz. we should know the answers shortly.

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  1. Commenting to “over the moon ecstatic” with the vaccine passport. Little do these people know, that they are essentially building their own prisons with the vaccine passport. Unfortunately there are still a lot of people who are deaf, dumb and blind!

    • From what I’ve noticed, when I give out information most people don’t take it seriously as the MSM tells them otherwise or doesn’t talk about it. However, that information goes to their memory hole and resurfaces when the news comes out. And that’s when they remember me.

      So, for now, all we can do is be vocal, mention vaxx injuries and deaths.

  2. – Last night, Bill Maher reveals he saw the list of vaxxed casualties. No way is he getting a booster shot.-

    ‘My body isn’t different? Everybody’s body isn’t somewhat different?’ Maher asked in response. ‘I just read the statistics about who dies from this –

    ‘Maher has previously tested positive for the virus, despite being fully vaccinated. He was asymptomatic.’

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