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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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    • I want to know why this was put in the TVs in the first place, was it to protect stolen property or to allow a left wing government to control what we see? Either way I am going to go out of my way to ensure that no TV of my is connected to the net.

      • You know what’s fun?

        Get a projector. Then put what you want to watch on a thumn drive or USB key, and watch it on a ten foot screen you paint on your wall. They are surprisingly inexpensive, HUGE screen, when its off there is nothing but a shoebox you can put in a drawer, and so far, they are not ‘smart’ and have no cameras or mics.

    • They are trying to erode the Second, this one will have to play out through the courts which means it won’t be settled for several years. The members of the US Firearms community knew that this and a couple of other new innovations were going to be attacked what we don’t know is how successful the attacks will be. So far the vast majority of the 2A cases that make it to SCOTUS are being ruled on in our favor but you can never tell what is going to happen in the future.

  1. Recent videos on Afghanistan:

    Reports: 7 Afghan pilots assassinated off-base
    This assassination campaign was confirmed by Taliban spokesmen. It is suggested in the comments that the required intel was provided by Pakistan, and maybe Iran.

    Ben Shapiro shows Taliban torture videos:
    WATCH: Dreadful Videos Emerge Showing Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster

    From 2020, your tax dollars at work in Afghanistan. All for nothins, it seems:
    Inside The Fortress Built To Fight The Taliban | The Billion Pound Base | Spark

  2. Airbnb vows free housing for 20,000 Afghan refugees globally

    Airbnb opened the doors of its properties to 20,000 Afghan refugees globally Tuesday and sought assistance from hosts who rent property through the home-sharing company for more free housing for those fleeing the crisis.

    “The displacement and resettlement of Afghan refugees in the U.S. and elsewhere is one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time We feel a responsibility to step up,” said CEO Brian Chesky on Twitter. “I hope this inspires other business leaders to do the same. There’s no time to waste.”

    The UN Refugee Agency said last month that an estimated 270,000 Afghans had been newly displaced inside the country since January — primarily due to insecurity and violence — bringing the total uprooted population to over 3.5 million.

    White House officials said 28 U.S. military flights ferried about 10,400 people to safety out of Taliban-held Afghanistan over 24 hours that ended early Monday morning, and 15 C-17 flights over the next 12 hours brought out another 6,660.

    Airbnb has a history of making free shelter to those in need through its

    Since 2012, has housed 75,000 people fleeing or responding to a crisis, from COVID-19 health workers and earthquake or fire evacuees or responders, to refugees.

    Hosts are allowed to sign up for the program through

    “If you’re willing to host a refugee family, reach out and I’ll connect you with the right people here to make it happen!,” Chesky wrote Tuesday.

    Airbnb operates in approximately 100,000 cities in almost every country and region across the world.


    • twitter @disclosetv

      JUST IN – Taliban not to extend the August 31 deadline and Afghans are not allowed to go to Kabul airport anymore, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid says in a press conference.

      Evacuations must be completed by August 31, Afghans not allowed to go to airport: Taliban

      Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Tuesday that the August 31 deadline for Kabul evacuations will not be extended.

      He goes on to say that there is enough time to get foreign nationals out before the deadline.

      The Taliban, according to Zabihullah Mujahid, are no longer allowing Afghan people to travel to Kabul airport due to the chaotic situation there.

      At the press conference, Zabihullah stated that passengers at the airport should return home since their safety would be ensured.

      We need skilled people:

      Mujahid called on the US to “not encourage” Afghan people – especially doctors, engineers and the “educated elite” – to leave Afghanistan.

      He said: “We urge the Americans not to push skilled Afghans to go… We need their talent.”

      He went on to say that Afghan media outlets, as well as hospitals, schools, universities, and local governments, were now operational.

      Women not permanently barred from work

      “It’s currently for their benefit to prevent any ill-treatment,” the Taliban spokesman confirmed, implying that women will not be barred from working indefinitely.

      He claims that ladies have not been fired and that their salaries will be paid, so they should stay at home for the time being.

      About 50,000 foreigners and Afghans have fled the country from Kabul’s airport since the Taliban swept into power nine days ago, according to the US government.

      Many Afghans fear a repeat of the brutal interpretation of sharia law the Taliban implemented when they were first in power from 1996-2001, and retribution for working with the US-backed government over the past two decades.

      The Taliban, who ended two decades of war with an astonishingly swift rout of government forces, have been publicly tolerant of the evacuation effort.

    • Taliban releases political prisoners from Kandahar jail

      Some 220 political prisoners were freed from Kandahar central jail following the Taliban’s amnesty.

    • Greece finishes 40km border wall amid Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

      Greece has finished a 40km wall and surveillance system along its border with Turkey, amid concerns the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan could cause an influx of asylum seekers in Europe.

      Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrisochoidis and Defence Minister Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos visited the wall after its recent completion

      Thousands of Afghans have fled or continue to try and leave the country since the Taliban seized power.

      Greece was at the centre of the migrant crisis in 2015 and now seeks to ensure it does not become a gateway again.

      Amnesty International recently criticised Greece’s border policy, accusing authorities of‘ violently and illegally detaining groups of refugees and migrants before summarily returning them to Turkey’.

    • Taliban: Afghans ‘no longer allowed to go to Kabul airport’

      A Taliban spokesman has said the US must complete evacuations from Afghanistan by the August 31 withdrawal date, with ‘no extensions.’

    • Deutsche Pravda – Taliban declines extension of evacuation deadline

      Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid gave a press briefing and asked the US not to encourage Afghan people to leave the country.

      He said the group is no longer allowing Afghan nationals to go to Kabul airport and called on crowds at the airport to go home.

      Mujahid said “our aim is to rebuild our country.”

      “We are asking women to stay home at the moment,” until security is guaranteed, the Taliban spokesperson said. He added that Taliban fighters are not yet trained on “how to deal with women.”

      In regards to the Panjshir Valley region which is controlled by resistance forces, he said the Taliban would like to resolve the situation through dialogue.

      Mujahid claimed media outlets are safe and free to work under Taliban rule.

    • MSNBC – Brennan: ‘Very Encouraging’ To See Dir. Burns Meet With Taliban

      After CIA Director William Burns met with a top Taliban leader, former CIA Director John Brennan tells Andrea Mitchell, “I find it very encouraging that we had such high-level reach out to the Taliban so that we can coordinate some of these moves at the airport in Kabul to ensure the secure evacuation of U.S. citizens as well as others.”

    • G7 agrees on ‘roadmap’ for joint approach to Taliban

      The G7 nations agree on a roadmap for future engagement with the new leaders of Afghanistan at an emergency online summit.

    • CBC – B.C. to require vaccine cards for range of public activities

      The B.C. government has announced a plan to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination in public spaces.

      The new vaccine card will be available online for use on a smart phone, but for those who can’t access proof of vaccination digitally, the province says a ‘secure alternative option’ will be available.

    • London Anti-Vaccine Protesters Occupy Media Building

      More than 100 anti-vaccine protesters gained access to an office building in central London, home to some of the U.K.’s most high-profile news channels.

      The entrance to the main part of the building was blocked by police officers.

    • Health experts working on emergency approval of vaccine for children ages 5 to 11

      Reports indicate Pfizer might have enough data to submit for emergency use for children 5 to 11.

    • blazing cat fur – The FDA Did NOT Approve The Pfizer Vaccine

      Biden Lies To American Public, claims “The Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Is Safe And Effective And The FDA Has Given Its Full And Final Approval.”

      Here’s the full FDA PDF:

      The FDA did not Approve the Pfizer vaccine on 8/23/21, they only extended the Emergency Use Authorization, and it’s illegal for employers to mandate EUA vaccines to their workers. Apparently the government is trying to fool the public into believing the vaccine is FDA Approved and that they can be forced to take the vaccine.

    • FOX NEWS – Pfizer CEO says COVID-19 vaccine-resistant variant likely to emerge

      The company has not yet found a variant escaping protection of the vaccine, CEO Albert Bourla said

      Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Tuesday said the company believes a COVID-19 vaccine-resistant variant will likely one day emerge, though the company has a system in place to turn around a variant-specific jab within some three months.

      “Every time that the variant appears in the world, our scientists are getting their hands around it,” Bourla told FOX News’ America’s Newsroom cohosts. “They are researching to see if this variant can escape the protection of our vaccine. We haven’t identified any yet but we believe that it is likely that one day, one of them will emerge.”

      Bourla noted a company process to develop a variant-specific vaccine within 95 days from identifying the variant of concern. Infectious disease experts and public health officials have reiterated for months that broadening the reach of the existing vaccines across the population, in the U.S. and abroad, will reduce the opportunity for the virus to further mutate.

      CDC data indicates 62.5% of U.S. adults are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, with 73.1% receiving at least one dose. While federal health officials look to rollout COVID-19 booster shots among most Americans come September, pending FDA review, the head of the World Health Organization on Monday called for a two-month moratorium on administering booster shots of COVID-19 vaccines as a means of reducing global vaccine inequality and preventing the emergence of new coronavirus variants.

      Nevertheless, full FDA approval for the Pfizer-BioNTech shot on Monday was widely anticipated to boost confidence in the vaccine and accelerate the country’s vaccination rate.

      Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, reacted to the full FDA approval on Tuesday, telling TODAY show co-hosts that survey results indicated some 30% of unvaccinated individuals reluctant to receive shots would seriously consider vaccination following full FDA approval of vaccine. He also anticipated “much more enthusiasm” in vaccine mandates across corporations, universities and the military, while also noting that Pfizer can now advertise the shot given the full approval.

      However, Bourla told FOX News on Tuesday that the company is not prioritizing marketing of vaccines to ease vaccine hesitancy, but is instead focused on increasing vaccine supply to meet global demand and keeping up with emerging variants.

      “I don’t think right now for us it’s a priority to do anything different than what we do,” Bourla said.

    • global news – Quebec makes masks mandatory in classrooms for 9 regions, including Montreal

      Quebec is making masks mandatory in the classrooms of elementary and high schools in nine regions, including Montreal, as COVID-19 infections continue to climb.

      Education Minister Jean-François Roberge announced the latest measures of the back-to-school plan Tuesday, as the academic year begins this week for some students.

      “It’s a measure that is preventive and prudent,” he told reporters.

      The mask mandate will apply in the Montreal, Centre-du-Québec, Estrie, Lanaudière, Laurentides, Laval, Mauricie, Montérégie and Outaouais regions.

      It’s a change in tune from Quebec’s education ministry. In June, Roberge said masks would likely not be obligatory in class for the upcoming school year. Earlier this month, the province announced that students will have to wear masks on the bus and in hallways, but not in the classroom.

      But last week the government tightened rules for universities and CEGEPs due to the fourth wave of the pandemic. Masks are now mandatory in class for post-secondary schools. At the time, Quebec Premier François Legault said the province was in discussions with public health authorities about implementing the same measure in elementary and high schools.

      Roberge said Tuesday that many of the measures outlined earlier in the summer still stand. High school students will be in class full time and there will be no class bubbles.

      The goal, he added, is to keep institutions safe amid an uptick in pandemic indicators.

      “We want to keep students in school,” Roberge said.

    • IRELAND – DUBLIN – St Vincent’s at capacity as ‘worried unwell’ add to the workload woes

      Emergency chief braced for new wave of hospital Covid cases as schools and colleges prepare to reopen

      St Vincent’s hospital in Dublin is admitting a “worrying” number of double-vaccinated patients for treatment for Covid-19, emergency department head Professor John Ryan has said.

      He emphasised that just because people are double-jabbed does not mean they are immune to the virus.

      “Right now, we’re seeing a significant number of breakthrough cases,” he said.

      “These are people who are double- vaccinated but still getting Covid. It is worrying.

      “In the main, though, more of our Covid cases here are in the young and unvaccinated.

      “There is no doubt that without vaccines we would be seeing much more cases in ICU. But it is also an issue, people who are double-vaccinated thinking they are immune.

      “I would advise everyone to still continue with public health measures, and I’d advise anyone who can get vaccinated to do so.

      “This is a horrendous illness. We are seeing it every day. It makes people very unwell, including the very young, fit and healthy.”

      Prof Ryan said Ireland is “coming into uncharted territory” in terms of Covid because of population movement as schools and colleges prepare to reopen in the coming weeks.

      “This is like New Year’s Eve, essentially,” he said. “There is about to be a lot of population movement with schools and colleges reopening.

      “We know this virus spreads with people moving, so we have to be prepared for an increase in cases.

      “I don’t know if we could ever get back to the high infection cases we saw in January — I hope not. I do think the only way out of this is through vaccination.

      “I do a hospital report every week, and each week I write the same thing: ‘Next week will tell us a lot’.

      “Things keep changing with Covid.

      “I’m not optimistic or pessimistic. I’m a pragmatist. It is what it is. But we have to be cautious and prepared.”

      At St Vincent’s, which is “at capacity” across all departments, the oldest Covid patient is aged 99.

      Within its Covid emergency department, it has 12 closed cubicles, two resuscitation beds and designated Covid wards. The non-Covid emergency department is coming under sustained pressure.

      “We have 15 Covid patients at the moment and three of them are in ICU,” Prof Ryan said. “The numbers are going up. The reality is, we don’t know what will happen next. There’s a nervousness and uncertainty right now.

      “We’re seeing a lot of people who have been diagnosed with Covid but who are deteriorating at home, so they come into hospital feeling miserable and very unwell.

      “We call them the ‘worried unwell’. They have a lot of reserve, a lot of them are fit and healthy young people.

      “I’m nervous about restrictions easing further. I think we’re doing everything about a month too soon. There are still people left to vaccinate.

      “In the UK, they had their so-called Freedom Day. It’s an interesting experiment. I would rather watch from afar than it being done over here.

      “The UK’s Covid numbers initially dropped, but the numbers are back on the way up now.”

      The fact that winter is looming is also a worry, Prof Ryan said.

      “Winter is a concern. We had zero influenza last winter, but if influenza cases come back, it will be tricky.

      “The other issue is that we’ve all been able to be outside so much the past few months, which really helps to stop the spread of Covid. But we will all be back inside again this winter. That concerns me.”

      Prof Ryan said he finds it “frustrating” when people choose not to be vaccinated, because he has witnessed the damage Covid can inflict.

      However, he also acknowledges the vaccine uptake in Ireland is one of the highest in the world.

      “We’re second only to Malta in Europe, but there are still 500,000 people in Ireland who are not vaccinated,” he said.

      The problem globally with mass unvaccinated populations is that this is how new variants develop and thrive. This, in turn, can affect Ireland’s own fight against Covid-19, with the potential for vaccine-resistant variants to emerge.

      “Nigeria has just 1pc of its population vaccinated,” Prof Ryan said.

      “And Delta hasn’t got its teeth into Brazil yet. In the ‘Red States’ in America, they’re in the fourth wave because so many of them are unvaccinated.

      “New variants develop within large unvaccinated populations. Parts of the United States are an example of how bad it’s going to get.”

      The world should now be concerned over the impact of new variants. “If we get a variant that is vaccine resistant, we’re goosed,” Prof Ryan said.

      “Ethically, there needs to be equitable access to vaccines regardless, but it will have an impact on us all because there is not.

      “The last thing the world needs is a Covid vaccine-resistant strain.”

      Prof Ryan and his colleagues at St Vincent’s are dealing with other issues — a major increase in hospital presentations for non-Covid-related medical emergencies.

      The hospital has divided its emergency department into two sections — Covid and non-Covid.

      “Vincent’s has one of the busiest emergency departments in the country.

      “We have our regular emergency department and our Covid emergency department. In our regular emergency department, we’ve just had the two busiest months of all time.

      “We have in excess of 200 patients a day into our regular emergency department. That’s unheard of.”
      Visit our Covid-19 vaccine dashboard for updates on the roll out of the vaccination program and the rate of Coronavirus cases Ireland
      As society has reopened, St Vincent’s has seen a gradual increase in more “traditional” hospital presentations.

      “There’s more ankle sprains, hip fractures, drugs and drink-related presentations as well as people with mental health issues,” Prof Ryan said.

      “The GPs are busier than ever because of Covid, so hospitals are under pressure.

      “We also have a zero-tolerance for people on trolleys in Vincent’s now because of Covid.

      “But we’re getting squeezed, and the regular emergency department is under severe pressure.

      “The waiting times are longer and it’s never been busier. We’ve cut our Covid emergency department in two because we had to get back to dealing with orthopaedic and rheumatology patients. We have also had to make sure we’re providing a safe environment.”

      Patients arriving at the St Vincent’s emergency department are carefully screened to ensure safety for everyone, but it takes its toll on its stretched services and staff.

      “At the beginning of the pandemic, that was a lot to deal with because it was the unknown,” Prof Ryan said. “We handled it, but it was very tough.

      “Then the Covid situation in January became terrible again and there was serious pressure with the number of patients in ICU.

      “Now that there are other pressures and problems emerging we can’t be complacent.

      “Covid has not gone away. My advice to everyone is to continue to keep your distance, wear your mask and get vaccinated.

      “We have an amazing staff here. We have a motto: ‘Treat often, care always’.”

    • CNN – Surgeon general: FDA approval of Pfizer vaccine reaffirms effectiveness

      Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy tells CNN the FDA approval of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is a “milestone” in the fight against the virus.

    • Gov. Kathy Hochul: ‘New Yorkers Can Expect New Vaccine Requirements’

      New York Governor Kathy Hochul said Monday she would institute a mask mandate for students at schools in the state and require staff to be vaccinated against Covid or tested weekly.


      Hugo Schmeisser 15 sec ago

      someone has been taking makeup advice from drag queens


      rc133122 2 min ago

      Look at this demon


    • NY lawmakers consider vaccine mandates for air travel

      With the surge in positive COVID cases due to the Delta variant in the US, vaccine mandates are sweeping the country.

      But some New York lawmakers are upping the ante, calling for a vaccine mandate for air travel


      92% of LGBTQ+ adults have been vaccinated, and now we’re seeing why.

      San Francisco recently announced that from August 20, anyone wishing to enter bars and restaurants will have to show proof of full vaccination

    • Gov. Noem REFUSES to block vaccine mandates from businesses

      Gov. Kristi Noem refused to block businesses from requiring vaccine mandates from their employees.

    • global news – Unvaccinated people playing “roulette” with Delta variant, Ontario’s top doctor says

      Ontario’s chief medical officer of health Dr. Kieran Moore said Tuesday that people who are choosing to stay unvaccinated against COVID-19 are playing “roulette” with the Delta variant, stressing that if the public wants to get back to normal, the province has to build the highest protection possible with vaccines.

      […] He again pushed for people to get vaccinated, saying the fourth wave was being fuelled by the unvaccinated.

      He said evidence shows individuals who are unvaccinated are eight times more likely to be cases than those who are vaccinated and those without a vaccine are 29 times more likely to be in hospital and 48 times more likely in ICU.

      Ontario reported a total of 486 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, with 18 more deaths, however 16 of the deaths were from more than two months ago and were being reported due to a data clean-up.

    • Oregon to require masks at outdoor public settings starting Friday

      […]in yet another attempt to slow spread of the contagious delta variant of COVID-19.

    • sky news australia – Michigan woman wins $2 million USD for being vaccinated

      Christine Duval of Michigan has won $2 million- purely for being vaccinated against COVID-19 – after winning a statewide competition in a bid to boost vaccination rates.

      Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer rolled out the MIShotToWin competition in the hope it would keep the vaccination momentum up over summer.

      Michigan residents over 18 years old could win $2 million USD, $1 million USD, $50,000 USD daily and those vaccinated between 12-17 years old could win school tuition.

      Ms Duval said she will put the money towards her children’s education, remodelling her house and giving back to mental health charities in Michigan.

      + comments on the YT page

    • City News – More businesses, province requiring vaccine passports

      More Canadians will require vaccine passports to access non-essential businesses, and health experts say it may become the norm.

    • Delta variant and back to school

      We know the delta variant is more contagious, but work is still underway to understand if it leads to more severe outcomes and hospitalization in children.
      Carly Robinson speaks with Dr. Jim Kellner about what parents need to know.

  3. This garbage almost seems sarcastic

    Paywall/ incognito mode or archiver access the content

    The question of how to deal with the millions of Americans who have chosen not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 is often framed in the starkest terms.
    Option 1: Use vaccine mandates to force shots into their unwilling arms.
    Option 2: Give up on the possibility of returning to normal life anytime soon.
    But there’s a third option: advertising. If America has one true genius, it’s knowing how to rewire the decision-making loops of every human being with a pulse. The ad industry succeeds every day at selling beer and pickup trucks across the political divide. Could that same magic make everyone want a vaccine? Rather than viewing vaccination through the lens of sociology or epistemology, as the Biden administration has been doing, why not treat it as a complicated — but ultimately solvable — marketing problem?
    Here’s what we know: The unvaccinated tend to skew young, rural, Southern, and heavily Republican. Over the summer, in less than 60 days, the gap in vaccination rates between Trump-voting and Biden-voting counties increased fivefold, to 12%. Even as the White House continues to send Dr. Anthony Fauci out to do TikTok interviews with Gen Z influencers, the data suggests it may be time to switch gears. What worked to get the first 70% of Americans vaccinated isn’t going to persuade the remaining 30.

    I would try to use humor to disarm them. Puns are nice — it’s such a low bar, and they can get sticky in your mind. I was thinking about arms and injections in your arms, and Second Amendment arms being a really important freedom in some of these states. What if you had Sean Hannity with a bare arm saying: “It’s right to bare arms. Kill COVID!”

    What Toyota did during the Olympics was amazing. They never showed a car. It was just an idea: “Start Your Impossible.” The point wasn’t “here’s the new truck.” It was more “be a part of something.” It’s frustrating to be working in this field and see Toyota have such a great thing, and then have the United States miss this.
    So many of the messages we receive are negative. Drinking and driving, seat belts, anti-smoking, climate change. On the positive side, you have “Just Do It.” One emotion you could try and connect with is pride. Like military recruitment, rallying for a cause: “You need to go serve your country.” When guys signed up for World War II, did they do it for themselves? When you sign up for the vaccine, you’re doing it for your family, you’re doing it for the community.
    What if you could get Facebook and Google on board? They’ve got billions of dollars to muscle this. Why is that not happening? Why isn’t Facebook or Google or Nike throwing down the dollars and saying “We gotta do this!”? You look back and think how much we spent marketing the War on Drugs. How much have we really spent messaging this? It’s disorganized. Where was the big message during the Olympics? That’s a big opportunity to rally us. We’re already feeling prideful. While we’re celebrating how awesome we are at gymnastics, why not be awesome in your community and get a vaccine?

  4. Our Mistaken Ideas About Human Rights Failed Us in Afghanistan – Frontpagemag
    Daniel Greenfield
    11-13 minutes

    Human rights are not a government, they’re a culture.

    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

    Human rights are not a government, they’re a culture.

    America was founded on that simple premise. The Declaration of Independence’s conviction in the equality of men, individual rights, and governments gaining their authority from the consent of the governed was based on “self-evident” truths.

    These truths are “self-evident” to Americans in the way that they’re not self-evident to the average Afghan, Pakistani, Iraqi, Russian, South African or Chinese citizen. They have their own truths that are equally “self-evident” to them based on their own worldview and culture.

    The Taliban, like the vast majority of Muslims, assert that believers in Allah are superior to infidels, that men must have supreme authority over women, and leaders over people.

    This hierarchical model governs a lot more of the world than anything we’ve come up with.

    And even in America there are voices that favor tearing up the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and reverting to a hierarchical model. From the Marxists on the Left to the Neo-Reactionaries on the Right, there are those who would turn back the clock to feudalism with enlightened philosopher-kings imposing an “ideal society” on the inferior class of men.

  5. Vichy Conservatives – Frontpagemag
    Lloyd Billingsley
    5-7 minutes

    Collaborators with the Biden Junta in the Café Américain.

    “Country club Republicans” was once the description of choice for those conservatives more concerned with their own pedigree and status than implementing policies that benefit the people. RINOs, “Republicans in name only,” is now more common but a new term from Paul du Quenoy at American Greatness is far more accurate.

    “Vichycons” – Vichy conservatives – applies to those soi-disant conservatives comfortable with conditions under the Biden Junta, what Angelo Codevilla calls an oligarchy – after serious election irregularities that Conrad Black helpfully outlines. The Vichy reference goes back to the 1940s and the 1942 film Casablanca dramatizes the parallels.

    Paris has fallen to the German National Socialist invaders, and their puppet Gen. Pétain governs from Vichy. From Nazi-occupied countries across Europe, people flee to French-controlled Morocco, where a measure of liberty still prevails. Still, the gendarmes demand to see papers, criminals lurk on every hand, and life is cheap. That may sound familiar to Americans in 2021, but there’s more to it.

  6. Yesterday I had a man that I have known for 30 years, come to my house to do some carpentry work. I have waited months for him to finish another project. When he arrived he told me right off he has been double vaccinated and ask me if I was. I told him I had not been vaccinated and he immediately step back from me and told me he would not be able to do the job. I thanked him for coming and he left. I watched him go down my driveway and thought what a GREAt job the politicians have done in creating fear.

  7. Private sector team organizing flights out of Afghanistan blasts Biden admin for standing in the way: ‘This is a massive f*** up,’ ‘morally reprehensible’
    Phil Shiver
    3-4 minutes

    A team assisting the Afghanistan evacuation effort by coordinating privately chartered flights out of the country for American citizens and foreign nationals is excoriating the Biden administration for “impeding” its efforts.
    What are the details?

    The operation, jumpstarted by Washington-based lobbyist Robert Stryk and former Republican congressman and Navy SEAL Scott Taylor, uses donor funds to arrange flights from Kabul to nearby countries for roughly the cost that commercial airlines were charging before the U.S. military withdrawal.

    It aims to help vulnerable Americans and Afghanis who worked with the U.S. trapped inside the country amid the Taliban’s takeover and the ensuing evacuation fiasco.

    One would think that in the face of mounting criticism over its botched withdrawal, the Biden administration would take any help it could get, but amazingly that has not been the case, according to Stryk and Taylor.

  8. Aug 23 tweets from Major Wazir Akbar Mohmand, afghan resistance against Taliban. Some have video:
    taliban have sent massive battalion from kunduz to recapture Baghlan. Although they are superior in number/artillery we’ll fight to the last man & make a stand here. If I die, then I die as a free man & not a slave of pakistan Might be my last tweet Allhumdulilah ????? ???
    True to my word & promise, made a stand in #Baghlan. #Taliban threw everything they had at us, didnt give them an inch. 800 Taliban killed. Resistance fronts formed in Wardak, Kapisa, Parwan, Takhar, bamyan Baghlan. TBN stretched and trapped We have Strategic Salang pass!
    TBN sent 1000s reinforcements from takhar, kunduz kabul to recapture Baghlan. They were ambushed by resistance and trapped with the help of local resistance. 800 tbn eliminated in past 36 hours across all fronts. dozens tents with dead taliban, I dont like sharing graphic videos

  9. Tweets from Major Wazir Akbar Mohmand, afghan resistance to Taliban. This thread is from Aug 21, includes photo and videos:
    Khinjan district of #baghlan province was also liberated today by the #Afghan resistance. In Andarab district dozens of #taliban surrendered with several humvees and weapons. Fighting alongside some brave men. Liberation continues

    The khawarij white flag of taliban was removed from Andarab in #Baghlan province and our national tricolour flag was raised high. The people are supporting the Resistance. Inshallah more updates to come as we move to take full control of Baghlan and its provincial capital

    9 taliban terrorists surrendered to the Resistance in Andarab district. 6 of them were nationals from #Pakistan
    The resistance commander is wearing a large smile on his face

    A large scale attack by taliban, in an attempt to recapture Andarab in Baghlan by elite units. A counter offensive was unleashed by the Afghan Resistance as well as local forces leading to annihilation of the whole taliban battalion including one of their commanders.

  10. Llama antibodies reportedly reduce harmfulness of COVID-19, could be used as vaccine supplement and treatment agent
    Dave Urbanski
    3 minutes

    Photo by Alexei Kushnirenko/TASS via Getty Images

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    Researchers in Belgium said llama antibodies lessen the harmfulness of COVID-19, Reuters reported.
    What are the details?

    Antibodies were extracted from a llama — whose name is Winter — and the VIB-UGent Center for Medical Biotechnology in Ghent said laboratory testing also revealed that variant virulence was curtailed, the outlet said.

    Dominique Tersago — chief medical officer of ExeVir, a VIB-UGent spinoff — said the technology is a potential “game-changer” but would supplement rather than replace vaccines by protecting people with weaker immune systems and treating infected people in hospitals, Reuters said.

    More from the outlet:

    Deadly shooting at Kabul airport’s north gate, German military says
    Edmund DeMarche
    2 minutes

    Afghan security forces stationed at the Kabul international airport on Monday engaged in a firefight with “unknown attackers” that resulted in the death of one Afghan officer, the German military said on Twitter.

    The reported shooting underscored the dangers international troops and fleeing Afghans continue to face in the city now controlled by the Taliban. The German military said in a tweet that one Afghan security officer was killed and another three were wounded in the early morning incident. The Associated Press, citing the Germans, said that U.S. and German forces also got involved, and that there were no injuries to German soldiers.

    The U.S. Defense Department did not immediately respond to an after-hours email from Fox News. A U.K. official told Reuters that he was aware of the reports but his troops were not involved. Two NATO officials at the airport told Reuters that the situation was under control.

    Video: Gun Battle Breaks Out In Downtown Portland Antifa Protest
    2-3 minutes

    Chicago isn’t the only major city in the United States that’s utterly out of control. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have made chaos a standard and given the citizens of the United States a run for their money.

    Chicago is known for its gun violence on the streets, and it has become an everyday occurrence in the city. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ignores the problem and says the violence is decreasing. She’s wrong.

    In Portland, it seems that a trend is developing for gun violence in the street. Protests plagued the city throughout 2020 and have followed into 2021. It’s a severe problem and hasn’t subsided in a year and a half since the Black Lives Matter protests began when George Floyd died during an altercation with police.

    Gunfire rang out in the streets when a man, said to be a member of the Proud Boys and another man, said to be a member of Antifa, shot at each other. It’s unconfirmed if either man is associated with the groups.

    Bin Laden SEAL Goes After Biden With Impeachment – He Tells Joe It Would Take 9 Guys To Save Americans
    Adam Casalino
    3-4 minutes

    Bin Laden SEAL Goes After Biden With Impeachment – He Tells Joe It Would Take 9 Guys To Save Americans
    What’s Happening:

    Americans from all backgrounds are shocked and disgusted by Biden’s handling of Afghanistan.

    But nobody is more outraged than our veterans.

    Thousands of Americans fought to free Afghanistan from terrorism. Many of them died doing so.

    Those that survived and made it home now watch their hard work crumble down. All because of Biden’s total lack of leadership ability.

    One of those veterans, no less than the man who killed Bin Laden, is speaking out.

    He’s saying he could help with just “nine guys.”

    From IJR:

    O’Neill in fact said that if given the green light, he would only need himself and a small force to rescue Americans trapped in the country by Taliban terrorists…

    “Look, I don’t want to be in charge, but if I was would I want to get the Americans? Cool. Give me nine guys, I’m gonna walk through the streets and I’m gonna kill everyone I see, and I’m gonna grab the Americans,” said O’Neill.

    O’Neill believed that with the right men, he could easily liberate Afghanistan from the Taliban. On top of that, he is calling for Biden to face the consequences of his actions.

    Supreme Court Under Siege By Pelosi – The Speaker Pushes Bill To Strip Authority To Protect Elections
    Adam Casalino
    3-4 minutes

    Supreme Court Under Siege By Pelosi – The Speaker Pushes Bill To Strip Authority To Protect Elections
    What’s Happening:

    Even as the country faces numerous crises, Pelosi is trying to grab more power.

    Never let it be said the Democrats can’t exploit a problem for their own gain. But they not only do that, but they often use crises as a distraction to push their toxic agenda.

    Because just as everyone is distracted by the horrors going on in Afghanistan, Pelosi tries to push this new bill.

    And what does this toxic bill do? It tries to rob the Supreme Court of its power to protect elections.

    From Vox:

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