Showing urinals to Afghan women 2015, police defending tyranny in Oz today: Links 1, August 21, 2021

1. Australian trucker makes the same set of promises in the name of freedom as does many French truckers if vaxx mandates are imposed

2. Portland: Christian mother with children crash press conference about an ANTIFA attack with chemical weapons (claiming the meeting was racist?) but the attacked are black.

3. I think this Afghan woman may have a point

(Audio video is a bit out of sync but I believe it is what she is saying. If its confusing let me know and Ill try and sync the tracks myself and make sure.)

4. This is interesting. For those that do not know, the donation of a men’s urinal as “art” to a major gallery was the key moment in post modernism. It was the factual statement of contempt to Western civilization and all standards of beauty. It was an act of contempt and hatred by the left against the West.

Here, we see it being taught to Afghan women in 2015

5. Thousands march across Australia against lockdowns as police escalate violence

(POLICE escalate the violence. Important to note)

More videos and descriptions of today’s melee in Australia here at Daily Expose.

So protests are illegal in large parts of Australia, and police are there defending tyranny. I think its time they dropped the pretence of democracy.

Thank you Kalloi, M., ML., Johnny U., Hellequin GB., Malevolent Pixie, MissPiggy, and many more who are enduring the horror of the truth of the world, so that we all may be able to make sane decisions for ourselves.

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7 Replies to “Showing urinals to Afghan women 2015, police defending tyranny in Oz today: Links 1, August 21, 2021”

  1. # 4 And we wonder why other countries don’t want to accept Western Democracy, when they see this foolishness as portraying the West, why would they want to? They must think the West is quite insane.

    • Indeed. Even the Taliban are only half as bad as Western “democratic” governments.

      The proof? They only insist on *half* of their population wearing face diapers.

  2. RE: “Showing urinals to Afghan women”
    Showing a urinal to any Mozlem, male or female would be something they should not be familiar with… at all.
    According to Shariah Law and the “The Reliance of the Traveler and Tools for the Worshiper” males must urinate while squatting.
    “Not to urinate while standing, which is offensive, unless there is an excuse, such as when standing is less likely to spatter urine on one’s clothes than sitting, or when sitting is a hardship.”

  3. 1. – I wonder how locking down a country by trucks eliminates lockdowns and helps the cause of freedom. You tell me.

    Is it an enemy operation by controlled opposition?… Truck blocades only destroy the economy even more, which is a tactical goal of the globalists anyway.

    And most truck drivers are not independent, I guess, they work for multinational (globalist) forwarder companies…

    • Disruption of food supply and more. A hungry people are a dangerous people.

      IMHO, truckers hold the key to freedom for without them, the economy crashes. Everywhere, experienced truckers are in demand as populations increase in numbers via government-imposed foreign migration.

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