Hizb-allah in India, Irony in Australia: Links 2 for August 18, 2021

1. Indian police deal with a Shiia Muharram demonstration in the streets in Srinagar, which appears to be in Kashmir. Watch the first third. One of them is waving a Hizb-allah (Hezbollah) flag. That is making a statement. Hindu police do well to take it seriously.

(Curious that Youtube wants to know who watches this one)

2. President 45 Trump appears to think the ‘boosters’ is a cash grab.

3. David Wood on Twitter’s deceptive practices to enforce their biases. Taliban on Twitter but many conservatives and Trump are not.

4. medical staff picket hospital in Staten Isle. “My body My choice!”

5. Ozzie MP advocate for Vaxx gets Bells Palsy

Thank you M., WTD., Johnny U., Amy Mek, Grimly_Fiendish and MANY more who make this a community worth serving.

You know, its funny. I follow Wikileaks on Twitter. Never saw a single tweet in my timeline though.

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  1. #5…
    Didn’t age well…..
    I’m sorry about his misfortune…..
    He made his choice….I’d made mine and would like to be left alone about it…..and generally to be just left alone.

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