12 year old Australian girl arrested for not wearing a mask, gets pepper sprayed, cop has no mask


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7 Replies to “12 year old Australian girl arrested for not wearing a mask, gets pepper sprayed, cop has no mask”

  1. Pepper-spraying 12 year olds.

    That’s the kind of society we’re heading to as well.

    Would you rather that, or that a few die from the virus?
    I’ll take the latter.

    Note to all judges out there: Don’t select me for a jury where someone is accused of assaulting a cop who pepper-sprays a 12 year old. I’ll vote not guilty, regardless of the evidence.

      • Also I think that is a false dichotomy. Although I understand you are positing that even if real…

        But not pepper spraying people with masks won’t kill anyone. Masks don’t work except for surgeons who are trying not to infect a patient who’s body is open right under them and organs exposed and who doesn’t want to sneeze, drool, cough or drop facial hairs inside them and infect them with bacteria.

        Then masks are a good idea.

    • “It all started when a 20 and 37 year old women were outside of a supermarket without a masks so the police immeidtely confronted them and ask them to comply with the massk mandate that was set in place by the Australian government.

      When the women refused an all out brawl occurred which ended up in the 20 year old’s little since being pepper sprayed”

      “A 12-year-old girl was allegedly pepper sprayed in front of shocked onlookers as her sister was arrested for refusing to wear a face mask during Sydney’s Covid lockdown.

      Distressing footage of the melee was shared online overnight after the girl’s family threatened to sue the officers involved for ‘assaulting and harassing a child’.

      New South Wales Police confirmed two women, aged 20 and 37, were arrested during the altercation on July 2 and charged with assaulting officers and breaching Covid orders.

      They did not comment on the allegations that a child was hurt in the process of the arrests.^

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