USA wins the race to the bottom, Robert Malone makes the Vaxx cost/benefit clear: Links 1, August 17, 2021

1. Pentagon Warns of Worsening Terrorist Threat After Taliban Takes Over Afghanistan

The U.S. Department of Defense is now evaluating Afghanistan for the “reconstruction of terrorist networks” after the Taliban captured Kabul and declared victory over the weekend, said a spokesman.

Before the Taliban was toppled in the early 2000s by U.S. forces, the group was accused of harboring terrorist organizations including al-Qaeda and, later, the Haqqani network.

“It’s way too early to make assessments and judgments about what the terrorism threat is going to be in Afghanistan going forward,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporters on Monday. “The secretary certainly believes that, in light of recent events, that a reassessment of the possibilities for reconstitution of terrorist networks inside Afghanistan is warranted.”

(The problem with this statement, is that the Pentagon clearly does not know which gear is going forward, and which one is reverse)

2. This needs to be confirmed. It’s pretty meaningful if its accurate and honest. Pretty much nothing is anymore, but in the off chance…

3. In communism and Islam, the busing of information is the reverse of Greek thought. In Greek or Western thought, you begin with not knowing, then a path of discovery through the cognitive tools of reason and logic and evidence, then you come to a theory which must be falsifiable, and then it it tested to see if there is a better explanation. In Communism and Islam, you start with what must be considered true, and then eliminate any evidence or path of reason which leads you away from your prefab conclusions, while using the entire force of the state to preserve your model of what must be the case. The video below may be an example of this.

3. Two astonishing bits of video taken by and of the people who attached themselves to a large jet departing Kabul yesterday

This one is a link. NO idea how to embed it or if I even should. But its a good cautionary tale as to why one should not try and ride a stratosphere capable .8 Mach speed jet on the outside.

4. Here is a screen grab from a video on life under day 1 of the Taliban in Afghanistan. It is interesting in that many years ago, when I collaborated with UK Lawyer, Gavin Boby on a video about Tommy Robinson grabbing a poppy about to be burned from a jihadi in London and subsequently being charged for it, we researched the whole Islam flag thing and came to the conclusion that a black flag with white writing signified that it was Dar al Harb, or land of disbelief, and more importantly, land of war. Muslims divide the world into 2 categories. The world of war, and the world of Islam. Dar al Harb, and Dar al Islam. Those who live in the world of war are sometimes referred to as “harbis”. Denizens of the land yet to be conquered. Another word for targets. The white flag with black writing, was land taken for Islam. So conquered.

So this moment of the new flag struck me as interesting. NOTE: None of the original materials I found on this are still online. The Wikipedia has changed or removed all that last time I looked. Another reason I now support the idea of a library containing old books. At least you can know what was known at one point. Unlike the Internet as run by Google and Wikipedia etc.

5. This thread is by Dr. Robert Malone, the creator of mRNA technology which is used in the injections being near-forced on everyone in the West.


Scottish Government seeks to make many emergency coronavirus powers permanent

The Scottish Government wants its emergency coronavirus powers to become permanent – including the ability to order schools to close, impose lockdowns and operate virtual courts.

Ministers are considering changing the law to permanently allow them to release prisoners early or permit a wider range of healthcare professionals to give vaccinations.

They are seeking the public’s views on removing the planned expiry date for many of the temporary measures, with Deputy First Minister John Swinney arguing that some of the changes have had a “demonstrable benefit to the people of Scotland”.

The majority of the government’s current powers introduced during the pandemic are due to elapse in March 2022 although they can be extended by six months with Holyrood’s backing.

But the consultation published by the government wants to make many permanently available, claiming it would ensure “ministers can respond effectively and rapidly to any future threats to public health in Scotland”.

It adds: “The proposal is, therefore, to give the Scottish ministers the same powers to protect the people of Scotland from any incidence or spread of infection or contamination which presents, or could present, significant harm to human health in Scotland, not just Covid.”

And there you have it. Hey presto! It was never about health. Its about turning constitutional democracies and republics into arbitrary communist or fascist collectivist states to be run for and by the whims of the elite.

Thank you M., Johnny U., EB., Debbie F., KAF., Jan, Kojo and many many more who are working hard to both understand, and share that understanding with this community.

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  1. If I was the President of the United States I would do a shocking about-face and immediately order every asset available into the region while telling the Afghan people to stand and fight ’cause help is on the way. Then I would send all those Apache helicopters and Spookies and drones and F-16s as well as any Brits or Frogs who want to join in on a great big search and destroy mission to kill as many Taliban as I possibly could while exhorting the Afghans to fight back and call in the Taliban locations on their cell phones. Then I would pull out of Afghanistan in an orderly fashion…

    Leaving Afghanistan in full Taliban control is simply not acceptable…

  2. “…And there you have it. Hey presto! It was never about health. Its about turning constitutional democracies and republics into arbitrary communist or fascist collectivist states to be run for and by the whims of the elite…”

    Can these bastards not see there is no other reasonable conclusion to be made?

    • Are illegals still walking across at Roxham Rd? Are they vaccinated? Does anyone know were they are from?

      Please Canadians vote the Liberal, “Build Back Better”, fear monger, globalist freak out. .


    This is what the American “justice system” does. Regardless of circumstances when they find themselves in possession of somebody famous they feel the need to torture them to death, “for their own protection” locked in a supermax in permanent solitary confinement with nothing to do all day long. I don’t know why they always do that, but it’s what they’re doing to Ghislaine Maxwell over a few very dubious pimping charges that would normally be ignored years ago. Apparently, they’re waking Chauvin up every hour to see if he’s still alive and denying him everything on the grounds that it’s “for his own protection”. The Justice System is being run by sadistic psychos out of control… Oh, and they don’t charge Democrats…

  4. #2…..Israel vs Palestine…“rolling 7 day average of new (cases) infections”….doesn’t make sense until you click on image….get sent to Twitter….click on the image…..then see that Palestine is below the chart (1000 threshold) at less than 500 per day.

  5. 3. There is a third and important (I would say second and important as I do not perceive communism or Islam as valid paths to discovery in any circumstance. A largely disregarded path popularly and acacemically ignored is the science, also found among the Greeks if memory serves, of pathing truth just by thinking about various things. There are some things, especially in the social sciences, that must start this way. Eeyore’s path is what is generally called the “scientific method” as if only one scientific method exists. It is not just an ignored method that the social sciences can ignore without peril.

    In the following article, George Pickering explains this through Murray Rothbard’s preface in Ludwig von Mises’s Theory and History. The article does not capture the power of that preface as it is probably the most concise and best overall explanation of this ever written, to me. I suggest getting the book for the preface, if for no other reason:

  6. 4 The black / white flag explanation is a bit simplistic, but basically correct. And I believe it is a symbolic statement by the Taliban, they’ve re-established their emirate (not a caliphate, they don’t have a leader from the Quraysh tribe).
    I checked wikipedia and it mentions the Black banner and its connection to the coming of the Mahdi, but indeed not the dar al-harb / dar al-islam division.
    The white flag is associated with the Umayyad dynasty btw, but that was after Muhammad of course.

    HT has this to say about it:
    “The Flag (Liwa) is White, and Laa Ilaha Illa Allah Muhammad Arrasullullah (there is no God But Allah and Muhammad is his messenger) is written on it in black, and it is held by the Ameer of the army or Army Commander.”
    “The Prophet (saw) entered Makkah and his flag was white.”Reported By Ibn Majah
    And the Banner is black (raya), and Laa Ilaha Illa Allah Muhammad Arrasullullah (there is no God But Allah and Muhammad is his messenger) is written on it in White, it is assigned to the Army Corps commanders (battalions, companies, other army units), and the evidence is that that the prophet (saw) and he was the Army Commander in Khayber said:
    “I will give tomorrow the banner to a man that Allah opens it on his hands, he loves Allah and His Messenger, Allah and His Messenger love him …And he gave it to Ali, may Allah be pleased with him”

    The dar al-harb / dar al-islam division was created by jurists after Muhammad, and has legal implications. There’s also “dar al-suhl” btw, which was mentioned in the Quran:
    “Early Islamic jurists devised these terms to denote legal rulings for ongoing Muslim conquests almost a century after Muhammad. The first use of the terms was in Iraq by Abu Hanifa and his disciples Abu Yusuf and Al-Shaybani.”

    “Dar al-Sulh (Arabic: ??? ?????? “house of conciliation/treaty”) are terms used for territories that have a treaty of non-aggression or peace with Muslims”

    “Wahbah al-Zuhayli argues that the concept of Dar al-Harb is mostly historical: “The existence of D?r al-Isl?m and D?r al-?arb in contemporary times is rare or extremely limited. This is because Islamic countries have joined the United Nations covenant that stipulates that the relationship between nations is peace and not war. Therefore non-Muslim countries are D?r al-‘Ahd?…””

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