Ankle bracelets? Busted for getting air? An explanation may lie in a link here: Links 2, August 17, 2021

1. Trying to find out exactly where this is. The story about the head of a party being a doctor and having his licence removed for non-narrative thinking on the vaxx sounds familiar and I think its Israel.

2. New Zealand’s communist in chief, uses a single “case” of Covid, no mention if it means a sick person or a + PCR test, to create another major lockdown.

If you watch the official press conferences and government announcements of rules and restrictions in Australia and New Zealand, you see some of the most bizarre and dystopian reactions from the government.  It really is jaw-dropping and almost unbelievable how the citizens of the area are under the complete control of their government and ministries of health.

Today the extreme far-left New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, announces a “level four” emergency shutdown as a result of a single case of COVID being identified yesterday. A single case.


(The “thin resume” and very young, nearly useless Jacinda actually follows a pattern of world leaders who seem not to have any experience at anything and find themselves as leaders of nations or very high positions. Like Canada’s PM or his health minister, herself a graphic designer with no actual experience in medicine or even hospital admin. More on that here. What could all those people have in common? How is it that someone like Ardern or Trudeau, or Obama for that matter even Obama make it to the top spots with nearly no experience or achievements? Obama interestingly managed to write two autobiographies before he actually did anything, and got a Nobel Prize for voting “present” in a state senate for some time. The link may explain some of this.)

3. Sydney man fined for popping out for fresh air

4. How does evolution actually work? Dr. Robert Malone explains it by showing us how vaccinating people during a pandemic actually causes more contagious mutations of the same virus.

5. EXCLUSIVE: Ontario PC Party issues ultimatum to unvaccinated MPPs, gives until Thursday to get COVID-19 vaccine

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party has issued an ultimatum to its unvaccinated MPPs: take the COVID-19 vaccine or be fired. 

An Ontario PC MPP, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Rebel News that all party MPPs suspected of not having been vaccinated against COVID-19 are being warned by party leaders that they have until Thursday to get the shot. Failing to do so, they face being kicked from the PC party caucus. 

This comes as Ontario Liberal party leader Steven Del Duca calls for a mandatory vaccination rule for all members of provincial parliament and strict protocols for those who remain unvaccinated, as Ontario’s legislators prepare to return to Queen’s Park in September for the fall session. Del Duca’s letter to the speaker does not consider whether an unvaccinated MPP should be punished or prevented from entering the building.

According to the MPP, Ontario PC Party President Brian Patterson and campaign manager Kory Teneycke have been calling MPPs who have not publicly stated their vaccination status on social media, issuing them the ultimatum. 

(I hear the Blue Party in Ontario is a pretty welcoming and tolerant lot)

Thank you Oz-Rita, Johnny U., KAF, Pauline, EB., M., Sassy, and all who are staying balanced on their feet in an increasingly strong wind.



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3 Replies to “Ankle bracelets? Busted for getting air? An explanation may lie in a link here: Links 2, August 17, 2021”

  1. Wow, they are demanding them to publically state their vaccination status on socialist media?! That is NO ONE’s business.

    So does anyone actually believe Captain Cheesecake when he says he’s not going to push for COVID passports for Ontario? And I just read that the fat thug is going to set up injection clinics in public schools and NO parental consent is required…in other words they are going to force-inject all those children.

    We made a big mistake by letting them use the word “vaccine” unchallenged. These shots are NOT vaccines. And they’re trying to ram it up everyone’s butt despite the fact that it is STILL not approved by any regulatory agency.

    • I’ll go you one better.

      I predict here and now, that regulatory agencies will change their modus operandi in order to approve these injections, purely as a means to negate the objection by many that they are not actually approved.

      I predict this because this has been the tactics in society increasingly over the last 20 years or so, replacing truth and reason with the Hegelian/Marxist dialectic scam.

      Its the reason the left creates problems that are easily solved or invents fake problems that don’t need a solution in order to force their solution to what they think is a problem but we would not.

      In other words, replace truth with lies that destroy civilization.

      All our institutions are increasingly corrupt. I can’t see why health Canada or the CDC, or all the US regulatory agencies etc. would not bypass all their procedures in order to get to yes.

      I don’t know the procedure myself. But I bet that to certify an actual vaccine of the now old fashioned variety, say, recombinant DNA like the Hepatitis vaccines, it takes 5 to 10 YEARS of safety reports before they are approved.

      So no approval of these things have any meaning within 2 years, and especially as there is NO CONTROL group.

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