More parents demand School board end Covid fascism: Links 1, August 14, 2021

1. Trudeau seems not to have consulted with unions before unilaterally declaring the civil service all have to be vaxxed

Lack of Consultation

The Federal Government just announced a unilateral decision to require mandatory vaccinations for all federal public service employees. CAPE is disappointed by the lack of consultation around this decision and the absence of advance notice. 

Mandatory vaccinations for all federal public service employees will have serious implications and will bring a new level of disruption that would have been better addressed through thoughtful discussions and coordination with unions. 

CAPE remains committed to its mandate to protect the rights and, health and safety of all its members in the workplace. 

2. Laura Ingram: Canadian research doctor who explains that “we made a mistake” The mRNA gene therapy appears to attack the ovaries, and may cause the immune system also attack the ovaries.

3. Quebec is appealing to reason and logic to get everyone to be vaccinated is using sex drive and fear and concern about consequences if they don’t get vaccinated

4. Eminently sensible Denmark has ditched all Covid regs. All of them.

5. Another amazing testimony to a fascist school board, and Twitter pulls it down as soon as they notice it.

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  1. Defender Children’s Health Defense site CDC VARES Report as of July 30, 2021

    Under reporting shows

    Adverse Reactions 545,338

    Deaths 12,336 including 13 year old girl, ID #1505250, who died of heart condition after first Pfizer shot
    13 year old boy ID # 1406840 died after first Pfizer shot
    13 year old boy ID # 1431289 died after first Pfizer shot
    13 year old boy ID # 1463061 died after first Moderna shot
    15 year old boy…………..

    Serious injuries 70, 105

    Justine Trudeau is stilling pushing Canadians and mandating Canadians get shot, is it not time for all reasonable, sane people to stand up and DEMAND this madness be stopped. I DO HOPE HE GETS WHAT HE DESERVES COMING TO HIM.

  2. Just a little notation: The Lancet in 1998 report Phase 1 of clinical trial of a WHO birth control vaccine. Scientists said a vaccine given to marmosets and baboons were “ blocking fertility at an early stage of pregnancy with no discernible alternatives to menstral cycles. This method, therefore, could be highly acceptable birth control in both developed and developing countries.

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