France: Protest Videos for August 14, 2021

As usual, all the content for this post will be in the comments. Please check regularly. The French are very angry at Macron’s totalitarian measures.

Macron defied: Small French town leads charge refusing to implement ‘grotesque’ scheme

A SMALL French town is fighting back against Emmanuel Macron’s “grotesque” vaccine passport scheme.

The mayor of Frejus, a small town on France’s southeastern coast, said he wouldn’t overburden his police officers by making them enforce the rules. Mayor David Rachline fumed: “I find this measure grotesque. We will punish the owners of restaurants, bars while most establishments have terraces and the virus is not transmitted outdoors.

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    • I was reading that Macron knew there would be protests of the Gilets Jaunes type and he thinks the movement will die down with time, as the Gilets Jaunes did. Because people will be so limited in almost all aspects of their daily life, they will eventually get the jabs. He also expects the protests to eventually become violent and that, also, will contribute to the die-out. Thus, he isn’t worried.

      I’m listening to the radio, I love music, and those government ads that are aired are so depressing that they can make one suicidal or violent. With time, the ads are getting worse. I can’t imagine being a young- or mid-adult listening to them. I figure they will succumb and get the jab. Outright government indirect brainwashing and it is legal!

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