Assange charges were an FBI frame up? Links 1, August 12, 2021

1. Remember how right after the vaxx rollout, the US government said they would turn down the cycle threshold of the PCR tests used to determine a “case” of Covid to 25 for those who were injected and leave it at 40+ for those who are not?

2. Some interesting numbers here. If anyone is feeling sleuthy, maybe they can verify?

3. President Obiden lies. I think. Its hard to tell what he is actually saying.

4. So here is the scientific argument in favour of the vaccines. We can forget that they could use this exact same propaganda for anything at all. Its essentially plug and play. Could be used for what happens when you take the vaccine, or pro or anti-abortion or anything at all. One thing is for sure. There is ZERO argument, science or reasoning in this Australian emotional mugging.

5. At this point most who are paying attention know the FBI is a criminal institution. So this should be considered as possibly true.

Siggi The Hacker, Key Assange Witness, Admits to Perjury

Sigurður Ingi Þórðarson, a key witness in the United States Department of Justice case against Julian Assange, has admitted in a recent interview with Stundin that he fabricated aspects of his testimony against the Wikileaks founder.

Last summer, US officials presented UK authorities with updated documents regarding the indictment against Assange. In light of Sigurður’s recent admission, some of the charges against Assange are now materially contradicted.

Stundin reports that Assange never asked Sigurður to hack the phones or otherwise illegally access the phones of Icelandic MPs. Sigurður now maintains that he was provided with files that contained recordings of MPs from a third party, and that he offered to provide them to Assange. Previously, he had claimed that he acted under Assange’s instruction.

Sigurður worked for some time as a volunteer at Wikileaks, beginning in February 2010 at the age of 17. After moving his way up in the organization, Sigurður contacted the American embassy in Iceland with an email cryptically titled “Regarding an Ongoing Criminal investigation in the United States.” After negotiations, he then began working as an FBI informant within Wikileaks for some time.

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3 Replies to “Assange charges were an FBI frame up? Links 1, August 12, 2021”

  1. Assange was taking on a lot of powerful enemies in an effective way: The Title of this article is “Google is not what it Seems” detailing deep and inextricable links between Google and the government proper.

    Not being an American, it’s not really relevant to me whether Google’s attacks on free speech are done as a function of the American congress, thereby explicitly violating the first Amendment. Clearly an oligopoly is de-facto government. But Assange’s exposure of the organizational links really show how dangerous their conspiracies are.*

    He truly is a political martyr. I hope he is released to his family and compensated opulently.

    *Steve Bannon’s rhetoric is not strictly accurate: There are both conspiracies and co-incidences.

    • Having sex in Sweden without a condom is a criminal offense. So, a gal in Sweden conveniently filed a complaint to that effect with their Justice Department. And thus was born the extradition charge against Assange. Much later, the girl recanted her story and the charge was dropped.

      What really upset all Democrats was the 2016 info leaked relating to Hillary Clinton.

      In all things of political martyrdom, fake complaints abound. Yes, Assange must be released, so terrible what has been done to him.

  2. I remember last year (so long ago)…physicians were being directed to count every mortality in which the victim tested positive for COVID as being due to COVID. And the death rate zoomed up to 2% in some demographics.
    What if every mortality now occurring in which the victim has been vaxxed were attributed to the vax? What would the death rate look like.
    Gotta love “science.”

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