A few witty observations: Links 2, August 12, 2021

1. And natural immunity would have protected us from both. I blame the universities.

2. A nice collection of observations. Answers what could be a Passover question: “What makes this vaccine different from all other vaccines?”

3. Doctor demonstrates the futility of masks using a vape

4. More abuse of 1st amendment rights by the FBI

5. The following Baltimore Mayor was endorsed by Our Revolution, A DSA front

Thank you Mad W., M., Richard, KAF., PC and all who made the effort to try and see light wherever it is.

If masks prevent disease, why would there be a break from them for a reward? Wouldn’t it be a threat? Do what your told or you have to take the mask off for 20 minutes and risk a deadly disease?

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5 Replies to “A few witty observations: Links 2, August 12, 2021”

  1. I can imagine Pee-air and Fidel looking at him up from Hell, both shaking their heads.

    “That can’t be mine,” says Pee-air, “too stupid.”
    “Well, he’s not mine, that’s for sure,” Fidel says hauling on his stogie. “I was a revolutionary and had great courage. This thing has nothin’. What did Margaret say?”
    “She said he was Mick Jagger’s spawn.”
    “But he looks just like you.”
    “No, Fidel, everyone says he looks like you.”
    “Well I don’t want him.”
    “I don’t want him, either. Just look at his eyes. There’s nothing in there.”
    “Let’s ask Soros when he gets here. Won’t be long now. Maybe he’ll claim the idiot.”
    “Nah, nobody will go for that. It’s you or me.”
    “Let’s just say he belongs to the Comintern,” interrupts Bernard Shaw, “and leave it at that.”
    “Fuck you all!” Lysenko says as he bursts into the cave, livid. “He gives the Comintern a bad name.”

    A fist fight ensues. It is a ballet of groin kicks and eye gouges. Finally, Stalin and Mao rush in from their adjacent cell.

    “Break it up!” shouts Stalin. “Break it up or I’ll kill you all!”
    “But aren’t we already dead?” Pee-air replies, trying to catch his breath, dumbfounded.
    “There you go,” says Mao quietly. “The truth reveals itself.”

  2. 5/ Who do you call when you’re subjected to this kind of abuse as an American citizen?
    Not only 1st Amendment, it’s a textbook violation of the 4th Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable search and seizure.
    Well, trash the ‘textbook’, trash the Constitution. We’re in a whole different place.

    Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse has a brilliant series that illuminates how we got here:

    The Fourth Branch of United States Government

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