Nurse in Germany delivered thousands of Saline shots- Heroine or villain? Links 1 on August 11, 2021

1. Conservative shadow health minister avoids any real issues to bring forth ones leftover from the 80s

(IIRC some scientists, possibly the guy who invented the PCR test, but I cannot remember perfectly, claimed it was these drugs that caused AIDS as a disease and not HIV per se, which never has to evolve into AIDS according to them. It was the hedonistic lifestyle and dangerous drugs that collapsed the immune system. No recollection of how that issue played out though. Going from memory of one scientist in particular that did the late night talk show circuit injecting himself with HIV tainted blood on live TV. The article is hysterical though. It tries to say that Viagra is only legal because its for straight people, and amyl nitrates, a primarily gay use drug is illegal cause homophobia. Interesting times indeed.)

2. The bounty on unicorns just went up.


3. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the leader of Canada’s Federal Conservative opposition. Spend a minute thinking through the layers of subtext on this one. Andrew Lawton describes some of it here.

4. Nurse in Germany suspected of replacing Covid vaccines with saline solution

Authorities in northern Germany have appealed to thousands of people to get another shot of Covid vaccine after a police investigation found that a Red Cross nurse may have injected them with a saline solution.

The nurse is suspected of injecting salt solution into people’s arms instead of genuine doses at a vaccination centre in Friesland – a rural district near the North Sea coast – in the early spring.

“I am totally shocked by this episode,” Sven Ambrosy, a local councillor, said on Facebook as local authorities issued the call on Tuesday to about 8,600 residents who may have been affected.

While saline solution is harmless, most people who got vaccinated in Germany in March and April when the suspected switch took place are elderly and at high risk of catching Covid.

Police investigator Peter Beer, speaking earlier at a news conference covered by German media, said that based on witness statements there was “a reasonable suspicion of danger”.

(During WW2 it was a death penalty offence to hide Jews from the Nazis in Germany and occupied areas. After the war, these people were heroes of magnitude. Let’s see how that plays out for this nurse)

5. Germans expecting a Fourth Reich wave and stopping free Covid tests to encourage vaxx “Whether by the carrot or the stick”. Suggest Germans get some sticks of their own. We have seen this play before.


Thank you KAF., Johnny U., M., Richard, EB., PC., WTD., Kalloi, Tania Groth, Seneca the Elder, Wyewye, and all who contributed to this site and its user’s greater understanding. And this extends perhaps especially to those who have clear reasoned disagreements with any position this site takes. We are on the side of truth as much as anything. To be wrong about something makes you a step closer to understanding what is correct. 

I think I was probably injudicious to take a mocking tone with respect to Lindell’s attempt to expose the fraud that was indeed the 2020 US federal election. But at this time, information from solid sources, one of whom I posted, indicate that he may be doing more harm than good to his stated cause. This doesn’t speak to his motive. Only to the effect. And the importance of the effect as we all know, cannot be overstated given what fake-President Obiden is doing to the great defender of freedom for the past century or more.



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5 Replies to “Nurse in Germany delivered thousands of Saline shots- Heroine or villain? Links 1 on August 11, 2021”

  1. Derek Sloane should also be asking why you cannot get Ivermectin in Canada anymore. Even Dr. Christian mentioned this on one of his teleconferences…even doctors supposedly cannot get it if they request it. Who ordered this embargo, Merck or the TruMao government?

  2. 2. “Breaking! 52% of people hospitalized with covid19 in Ontario are vaccinated.”

    It is a shame they cannot turn down the PCR-cycles below 25 for every vaxxed patient who gets in hospital. There is no perfect lie.

  3. May I respectfully suggest that the overall effect of Mr Lindell’s effort is to get the conversation sorted out? The time when the courts are going to provide the remedy sought is over; they have proven themselves faithless and malfeasant. Obviously, as has been noted, following the ‘let’s get ’em in ’22!’ approach leads to more of the same, since the process has been subverted and shown to be extremely suspect.
    Where to seek redress?
    The only place to find it is publicly, among the people themselves, through a process of education, certainly, but in the final analysis it is clear that the only way to fix this problem is going to be nasty. While this is unfortunate, all the easy, inexpensive, and surgical options have been removed from the list over the years through the fruits of inaction.
    We are now left with the few choices that we didn’t want to make. These are difficult, long-term, expensive, and potentially disastrous options that are much more pass/fail than the others were.
    Mr Lindell, at least, is making the conversation widespread and public. This only ends one way, so pointing out that he is doing more harm than good is a bit disingenuous, for a given value of the word ‘harm’. What else is there to do? Vote harder? That’s how we got here.
    Something is very very wrong, and it is going to take strenuous and unpleasant measures to correct, assuming that possibility remains.
    Thank you for your attention. Blessings to all.

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