Israeli data shows boosters also failing: Links 1, August 9, 2021

1. Zero covid deaths for a month in Sweden. Which did no lockdowns or any of the other hysterical BS the rest of us were subjected to

2. CNN shills for Obama’s massive birthday bash. They are a sophisticated crowd so, no masking or social distancing for them. They are the elite. Viruses don’t affect them unless they are conservative.

3. Italians are BURNING their Covid certs in a show of liberty with fellow Italians

4. Well. This didn’t work out so well.


5. Oz-Rita dug this up which I have been bugging her for, for weeks now. YES the police are exempt from mandatory vaxx while firemen are not. Curious. If this is about medical safety and science, then why would police be exempt? Its not like they don’t come in close contact with people and often the unvaxxed illegal at that.

police and gendarmes will not be subject to it, commentators wonder – RT in French

Unlike caregivers and firefighters, members of the police will not be included in the professions subject to compulsory vaccination from September 15. Some see it as a suspicious derogation.

Without further explanation, the government confirmed on July 13 that members of the security forces, police and gendarmes, would not be subject to the vaccination obligation from September 15. This is what BFMTV and The Parisian, citing the Interior Ministry.

During his televised address on July 12 in the evening, President Emmanuel Macron announced that “nursing and non-nursing staff in hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, establishments for people with disabilities, for all professionals or volunteers who work in contact with vulnerable people, including at home ”would be obliged to be vaccinated from September 15. Among those forced, under heavy penalties, to be vaccinated, we find firefighters and paramedics as confirmed by the government spokesperson on the platform of the continuous news channel, but not the police officers. and the gendarmes.

Gabriel Attal nevertheless clarified that this exemption for the police concerned exclusively their working hours. “On rest time, members of the police are subject to the same restrictions as the rest of the population, including the health pass,” says BFM. Indeed, among the announcements of the authorities, the health pass will become the norm for going to places open to the public. It will be extended in early August to cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals as well as to planes and inter-regional trains.

Thank you all for your efforts this weekend.

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  1. It will be interesting this fall and winter when Influenza makes a sudden comeback after disappearing since beginning 2020. Will people pick up on the scam? And will they be pushing for an Influenza shot?

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