‘You will know nothing, and you will like it’ – authoritarianism in Canada and US links post 2, August 8, 2021

1. Doctors that question medical policy will be de-licenced

2. A reader sent in a James Corbett report on the Canadian government bio-digital convergence policies.



3. Trudeau seems to be indicating mandatory vaxx here. Another interesting feature of this video, is how some, likely ANTIFA managed to stay behind Trudeau with a “Defund the police” sign, when Trudeau’s thugs usually throw out reporters from any press conference that might ask a difficult question, or one where he or his policies look other than amazing. Somehow though…

4. Pyjamas Media on the ANTIFA (Future cops of communism) attack against an outdoor Church service

If you wondered what it looked like when Nazi brown shirts went after the churches in Germany, wonder no more: It probably looked like Portland on Saturday, when black bloc-outfitted antifa thugs burst into a waterfront prayer event featuring persecuted Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski. The antifa members sprayed those gathered, including toddlers, with chemicals and lobbed IEDs.

Antifa has attacked at least one church before. Antifa members organized their violent attack via Twitter and other social media platforms. They later gloated on Twitter that they had stolen the Christian group’s food and water.

Portland police watched as the terrorist group bear-sprayed parents and their kids, lobbed “flash bombs” into the sparse crowd, and reportedly threw the group’s sound equipment into the Willamette River. This being Portland, police didn’t arrest antifa for polluting the river, much less attacking people.

Portland’s police bureau has been defunded by at least $15 million and there’s been a mass exodus of officers retiring or going to places where the rule of law is observed.

As a result of antifa and BLM attacks on (the defunded) police, Portland is now awash in violent crime and on course to break records for shootings.

Mayor and Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler was busy attending a rap event and going out for drinks with a lady friend, so no orders for police to help were issued.

5. Vaccinating kids, but not illegal migrants. Pointing that out potentially costs this doctor his licence

6. Iceland: One of the most Vaxxed countries on Earth faces reality. The only way to get herd immunity is natural infection and recovery.

(Something that was known from the very start with vaccines and Corona viruses)

Thank you Val Price, M., Sassy, Tania Groth, Kalloi, AIAI., Hellequin GB., and MANY more. 

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8 Replies to “‘You will know nothing, and you will like it’ – authoritarianism in Canada and US links post 2, August 8, 2021”

  1. IMHO — Not a good idea for Dr. Scott Jensen to hold that envelope up to the camera with his home address showing.
    There are some pretty crazy Karens and Kens running around these days.
    Like Antifa but more hygienic, they think.

  2. ITEM 2: I’ve been reading it. I’m finishing up the economy section and a possible decrease in pension payments is mentioned and how seniors will be the most affected.

    They also write about Conspiracy Theorists (aka people who don’t agree with the narrative).

    Everybody should read the entire document and archive it. I’m certain other governments have a similar version hidden somewhere.

  3. 3- This man makes me sick. He is revolting in his vanity, sanctimony, and servile pandering to globalist masters. May he slip on a banana peel and bruise his fragile ego.

    • Don’t forget he taught acting classes. He’s an actor by default, thus a great liar. And we see it in his body language. He’s not intelligent but he’s ruthless. The guy has no soul and his eyes have no emotion. I wonder if his kids got the double jab, and what about the (estranged?) wife?

        • Is that the video where that “nurse” did the one-handed stab into the arm without first prepping the muscle and aerating the needle? There was a great video by an actual nurse taking apart the entire scene of TruMao and his beard getting that shot. EVERYTHING the “nurse” did was wrong and strongly indicates that he did not get a shot of any kind.

  4. Your duty to me
    Is to only buy halal
    Your duty to me
    Is on camera always smile
    Your duty me
    Be every form of bile
    Your duty to me
    Is on dial.

  5. Is it even possible for TruMao to give a speech without smirking every third word? He’s worse than Dubya was.

    If he is going to go down this very dangerous road of mandating these aggressive gene therapy shots, I think the worst part is that the supposed 80% of sheep that have already taken the shots will fully support him.

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