London Protest videos (And UK)

It is very likely there will be a lot of protests against the insane and constantly moving measures set for people in terms of travel, those who have submitted to the injections and other factors surrounding the changing rights and legal landscape in the UK.

As usual, the videos will be in the comments.

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  1. This is what they’re doing in AUSTRALIA to keep the citizenry subjugated:

    ‘This is not the Australia I emigrated to’: Outrage as police fly helicopters over western Sydney backyards blasting sirens and warnings to enforce Covid rules and stop a repeat of last week’s anti-lockdown rally

    A massive police operation was in Sydney on Saturday morning in anticipation of anti-lockdown protests

    About 1,300 police on foot, horseback and in patrol cars swarmed the CBD stopping cars and pedestrians

    Authorities wanted to prevent a repeat of the more than 3,500 people turned up for rallies last Saturday

    Officers established a command post at Hyde Park and setup a roadblock exclusion zone around the city

    NSW reported 210 Covid cases on Saturday with the majority in the south-west and Western Sydney

    Video of police cars lining streets:


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