Reiner Fuellmich speaks with Holocaust survivor on the current Vaxx as eugenics program

Much like the graphene oxide claim, the idea that this is part of Bill Gates’ admitted depop desires to bring the world population down to 500,000,000 people, seems over the top. But out of respect for this woman and for Reiner and his team, its worth a look.

But also because there most certainly is some truth in it.

At the start of this whole mess, we interviewed a doctor from Sweden which did no lock downs or mask mandates and had a very easy go of the whole Covid mess. In fact everyone in Sweden continued to enjoy life and have a good time and no one seemed to pressure them to destroy themselves like everywhere else had.

Well, not quite everyone.

Jon Tallinger and a nurse in the Swedish system explained to us that in fact the government of Sweden left clear instructions to doctors, that the elderly, should they have the respiratory disease that accompanies Covid19, were not to be moved to a hospital, were not to receive any kind of treatment, not even oxygen, and were in fact to have morphone administered to them.

Every doctor I have spoken with agrees, if you give morphine to a patient with respiratory distress, it kills them.

So in other words, the Swedish government very early on used Covid as a means to murder their elderly and infirm. Dr. Talinger had made it clear that just simple oxygen via a hose, not even a respirator, could have saved a LOT of lives. But that was off the table. Like doctors in Canada, the US and most of Europe, the government took over treatment of Covid patients and made the practice of medicine ‘corporate’ or top down rather than best practice. No HCQ, Ivermectin, Colchicine or any other life saving drug is allowed to be prescribed to Covid patients to this day in Ontario so that all roads lead to Vaxx.

Sweden, one might suspect, did not have to lock down and ruin their economy because they acted fast to kill their elderly, and perhaps for other reasons of their advanced state of de-nationalism.

In fact, eerily similar things happened in New York and Ontario and other locations with very high death rates in elderly care facilities. Lots of morphine, not so much oxyhen or ivermectin.

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3 Replies to “Reiner Fuellmich speaks with Holocaust survivor on the current Vaxx as eugenics program”

  1. Regarding the latest Fuellmich conference, statements (from Gates, Soros, Turner, etc) about climate change, overpopulation/depopulation are not hidden. Their rhetoric is backed up with copious spending. …. Perhaps we all need to take them seriously.
    Also consider, we are approaching how many abortions worldwide (over the past half century or so)? 1.2 billion human lives wiped out? 1.5 billion? Do these same folks celebrate this?

  2. I’m an RN, I’ve worked in palliative care. Morphine *is* used (appropriately) in palliative care to manage “air hunger” in the dying. Yes, it depresses respirations, yes, it likely contributes to somewhat earlier death than might have happened; however it is generally a more comfortable death for those who are actively dying (gasping for air is an awful way to die; this happened to many during Covid times). Morphine use in (true) palliative care is necessary, controlled, and helpful. The enormous error (or perhaps not an error), world-wide, not least in Canada’s nursing homes, was to treat all “positive” Covid tests as death sentences, and assume the elderly would die, along with not sending them to hospital for symptom relief at a minimum, because of the fear of “overwhelming” hospitals. It does need to be noted that again, in Canada, the vast majority of people in nursing homes would have a DNR order, and those are often interpreted to mean absolutely no treatment of *any* illness, which is wrong. The vast majority of early deaths in Covid were nursing home patients; very few were ever sent to hospital, and even those few only because families fought for it.

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