The slant of the playing field now so pitched you need a Llama to stand on it: Links 1, July 21, 2021

1. Dutch PM lies his way out of a lie with another lie about the Great Reset

(Personally the most offensive part of the video is where the Dutch PM, Rutte, tries to dismiss his inquisitor’s concerns as a conspiracy theory and then equates it to 911. He is using a fallacy that states because some conspiracy theories are untrue, all conspiracies are untrue. This is an insult to all our intelligence, not just to the Dutch parliament.)

2. Five armed cops bust a tradesman at his home for a Facebook post he made about NSW destroying his industry

(Avi does a good job of showing how direct death threats get zero police attention and something which is totally legal, saying that someone’s actions against an entire group may cause a person to act out, gets a massive police response. This is what this site has called from its start, tyranny by selective enforcement. Of course Stephen Coughlin explains it in a dimensionally better way in his essay on leftist tactics. I cannot remember how many scholarly essays I have read which detail how the actions of a politician could lead to violent push back. But this guy was arrested for saying exactly that but in plain-speak.)

3. Radical No-Go Zone Imam Claims Swedish Flag for ‘Heretics’

A radical Islamist imam in the Malmö no-go zone of Rosengård has claimed that Muslims carrying Swedish flags are “heretics” as the flag contains a Christian cross.

Imam Basem Mahmoud, also known as Abu Hamza, has a history of allegedly preaching hatred against Jews and others he deems “infidels”, with Swedish media having reported on his hate-filled sermons six months ago.

Despite the imam being reported to the police for incitement to racial hatred, he continues to preach hateful sermons weekly at the al-Sahaba Mosque in Rosengård, Swedish newspaper Expressenreports.

According to the newspaper, the imam became angry seeing high schools students waving Swedish flags and said in a sermon: “Those who carry crosses should not be offered prayer because it is our belief that these people are perfect heretics.”

“If someone wears a cross on their clothes without being aware of it, we order him to take it off. Whenever the prophet saw a cross in a cloth or on someone’s clothes or whatever, he destroyed it,” he added.

Earlier this month, Mahmoud is said to have called for Muslims to kill Jews, Expressen reporting he quoted an Islamic Hadith saying: “Judgment day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them. The Jews will hide behind stones and trees, but the stones and trees will say: ‘Oh, Muslim, there is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him.’”

(In Islam, this kind of “Heresy” is a death penalty offence. This article dramatically underplays the severity of the charge. But likely nothing will be done cause Islam is above and immune to the laws you and I would have a posse of police on our driveway within an hour or two. Please see item 2.)

4. Muslim boarding school in Yorkshire fails its Ofsted report after a book calling for gay people to be killed was found in its library

An independent Muslim boarding school has failed its Ofsted inspection after a book calling for gay people to be killed was found in its library.

Inspectors said the text, named ‘Islam on Homosexuality’, had been stamped as a library book by the Institute of Islamic Education in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

Ofsted stated in its report that the book included ‘sections on punishment of individuals because of their sexuality and views which contradict the rule of law’.

(After an expensive and lengthy investigation, they will likely move this book to a higher shelf. But at no point will a lot of police pile up on the author’s driveway and arrest him. Or anyone connected to the book or its presence there. Please see item 2.)

5. Coptic Orthodox church torched in Surrey, BC

(So many Churches have been burned down in Canada over the past several years its not even news. And that has grown by a log since the phoney grave scandal.)

Another church has been targeted and destroyed by arsonists in Canada.

The St. George Coptic Orthodox church was engulfed in flames on Monday morning. Firefighters in Surrey, BC arrived at the scene at around 3:30am and were able to stop the spread of the fire to other buildings. However, the church could not be saved.

The RCMP is treating the blaze as suspicious and is currently investigating the incident.

Surveillance video showed a female suspect lighting items on fire at the door of the church on Monday morning.

(Too early to tell if its arson with a video of a woman lighting a fire. But a herd of cops can arrest a guy for a FB post where he suggests someone might get violent against the person destroying an entire industry. Please see item 2.)

Thank you, Richard, Pym Purnell, EB., ET., Johnny U., Hellequin GB., M., MarcusZ1967, Tama, Sassy, Yucki, Chris Jones and many more for your efforts so far this week. 

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