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3 Replies to “Enemy propaganda”

  1. Well now that’s just plain silly. If that guy’s COVID-19 has progressed to the point that he has ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) then I’m Bugs Bunny in a tutu. People with ARDS are really really sick – way to sick to be wasting breath on a bunch of stupid questions, especially shaming questions in which they are setting you up to denounce yourself and apologize to the world for being so, so wrong for doubting Dr. Fauci. People with ARDS are suffocating and have a wide-eyed look of terror on their faces (See Nelson Mandela deathbed interview) because they are drowning without being under water and it’s bloody terrifying and horrible. It’s an unspeakably dreadful death and the only cure is usually a morphine hot-shot that you never wake up from. No kidding!

    That “patient” in the video is just an actor with a thing on his face. What a bunch of lying bastards we are stuck with. And there seem to be countless thousands of lying bastards just like them…

  2. I wonder how much they pay him for this role?
    Can’t be much, because scenes of “dying” Soldiers talking about their mothers “apple-pie” in old World War II movies have more credibility.

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