Remembering the last phoney environmental catastrophe

This is one of my more satisfying moments since I started this site. Growing up in the 70s, I was subjected to CBC blasting anti-Western commie propaganda at me in the form of the very familiar crypto-environmentalism we are all so used to. The faces were the same. It was primarily David Suzuki warning us all that Western industry was going to bring the temple down with its pollution and other sins against the environment. But the predictions were notably different.

Back then, Suzuki and all the other disingenuous men-of-destiny who were trying to pave the way for policies that would collapse Western free market nations, were claiming that pollution from industry would blot out the sun and bring on a new ice age that would cause mass death and starvation. A plot later adapted by the Simpsons.

The thing is, its very difficult to find a single clip of Fruit Fly Geneticist, David Suzuki talking about “Nuclear Winter”, (the process where industry would mimic the effects of a global nuclear war and kick up so much dirt into the atmosphere the sun is dimmed so much it brings on an artificial ice age) since he metamorphosed into speaking about how the exact same cause, Western industry, would cause “global Warming”.

I even asked someone I know at Parliament to check the library there for CBC clips of Suzuki talking on nuclear winter, and now and again I do the search with zero results. Its harder even than finding the clip of Patrick Swayze mocking Latin American culture on Saturday night Live, singing, “One Ton of Fanmail” along with Dana Carvey. That clip was removed from the DVD set but can be found online now. But not David Suzuki’s decades long propaganda on nuclear winter.

So it is with great satisfaction that we can present the next best thing.

Leonard Nimoy.

In this clip, Nimoy does not state that this coming iceage will be due to Mankind’s industry. David Suzuki really did. And very often. The truth of the matter from a scientific perspective is best explained by the documentary, The Cloud Mystery. If one accepts that a model is as good as its predictive value, which is a decent way to qualify science, then this model is the best we have.

If anyone happens to be in possession of one of those clips of David Suzuki and nuclear winter, please leave a link to it or a breadcrumb as to where one might find it in the comments.

Thank you Dan K.

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  1. Imagine if you were in your early twenties, were talented and hard-working, and had a virtually psychopathic need to get to the top of the ladder no matter what. Then you meet a nice man who compliments you and says he follows your work and likes what he sees. Then, after a little while, the nice man asks you if you’d like to have a fairy Godmother who could help you climb to the top and always have good luck and great reviews for your academic papers with tenure secured at any university of your choice and no worries about mortgages or student loans or any of that pesky stuff. Just a non-stop continuous good-luck bomb and non-stop winning sitting in your pocket at all times… um, lemme see… Sign me up!!!

    Yuri Bezmenov described the people they chose as agents and the above is a perfect example of what he was talking about. Unless you think the whole “Soviet Union” thing was nothing but a Republican hoax and there never was a KGB with tens-of-thousands of agents around the world and a huge budget. Who the hell do you think the agents are? Think about it. Yuri said that we’d know the agents by the time the crisis phase arrived. Why the heck is Rob Reiner always so consistently left wing? Does it really make sense that old Robby-boy has not had one “American” thought in his entire life as he enjoys a life-long winning-streak despite being an ugly bald goof-ball? And how about Hanoi Jane? Ever heard her say anything that wasn’t consistently destructive toward the United States and the West in general? And how did Ralph Nader get so much attention as he damaged the American auto industry to the tune of billions of dollars without even being questioned about his “facts”? Wouldn’t it be fun to have the power of the Soviet Union covertly backing you as you fought for dominance in the Western World as the good luck just kept pouring in?

    Just look at how groovy David Suzuki’s life has been since he first came on the scene. Nothing but great jobs, big money,l and constant adulation despite having a rather nasty personality according to anybody I know who actually met the guy. I come from the same neighbourhood as Dave and I know that if you ask him for an autograph he tells you to “Fuck off!”. He’s a real sweetheart and his Volvo belches smoke…

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