Macron has made vaxx-pass mandatory for all EXCEPT THE POLICE

At this point I think Macron is now fully out of the totalitarian closet. We will be posting videos on some of his most recent proclamations today. But for the moment, some reactions to them:

Thank you Oz-Rita. We will have more on this as the day regresses.

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9 Replies to “Macron has made vaxx-pass mandatory for all EXCEPT THE POLICE”

  1. Just about all of the current crop of national leaders are totalitarians who are coming out of the closet, the people in the West forgot the lessons of history and didn’t watch our political parties and our news media closely enough to prevent the left from taking control. This lack of vigilance has created the conditions where civil wars are coming to all Western Nations and Nations like China are going to start trying to conquer the world.

    I refuse to believe that the forces of freedom will be defeated but it will take a long, hard and bloody war for freedom to survive. Many people that I trust are warning of possible nuclear war with China in during the war years. I don’t think this is going to happen, Nukes were the super weapon of WWII, WWIII will be the war of bio and cyber weapons. There may be limited nuclear exchanges but no large scale exchange will take place.

  2. FRANCE: Business owners caught not complying with ‘sanitary passport’ requirements will be fined the equivalent of $53,000 USD and sentenced to one year in jail. (No mention if the sanction applies to one faulty client on the premises or many clients.)

    “The sanctions in case of failure will be severe. According to the draft law incorporating the new measures announced Monday by Emmanuel Macron that AFP was able to consult on Wednesday, the operator of a place of business that would fail to meet the future obligations of control of the health pass will be liable to a fine of up to 45,000 euros and one year in prison. ”

  3. GERMANY: Merkel not following in Macron’s footsteps.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced that Covid jabs will not be mandatory in Germany, not even for healthcare workers, saying such a move would break public trust and people must decide for themselves whether to be vaccinated.

    Merkel confirmed that her government currently has no intention of implementing mandatory vaccination as a means of combating the pandemic. Speaking at a press conference at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Tuesday, she confirmed that “we do not intend to go down this road.”

    The chancellor expressed concern that a roll-out of mandatory Covid jabs could break the trust between the government and the people, and stated that efforts to make inoculation more appealing were preferable. Figures from the RKI already show that 80% of Germans are largely in favor of being vaccinated.

    Jens Spahn, the minister of health, echoed Merkel’s position on resisting introducing a mandatory inoculation scheme, stating that vaccination was a decision to be made by the individual, albeit one that benefited society more broadly.

    • Yes she is. She just made up new language to make it look like she isn’t but she is planning the same things exactly.

      • I agree with you, that Stasi member is planning something to ensure that she has as much or more power then Macron

      • I agree, but I do not think she even had to make up the new language because the phenomenon of “broken trust between the governments and the people” had been war-gamed at Event201 in 2019.

        “The chancellor expressed concern that a roll-out of mandatory Covid jabs could break the trust between the government and the people.”

      • She’s waiting to see how the French citizenry will react and then she can do her thing.

        How did the French react? Well, I just read between Monday night and Wednesday night, some 5 million people checked into one online vaxx website to book an appointment.

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