Psychologist answers many WHYS of this last 16 months MUST SEE

From today’s Reiner Fuellmich broadcast, an English Dr. of psychology explains a lot of the holes in our understanding of the events of the last 16 months. The strange narrative and anti-science policies like masks on the healthy etc. This is really interesting and nearly seals the deal on this whole, dare I say, ‘scamdemic’.

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3 Replies to “Psychologist answers many WHYS of this last 16 months MUST SEE”

  1. The only ‘fear’ and ‘risk’ I felt personally, through all this, has been the greatly elevated threat and risk of stupid sheeple, vicious Informants and zealot storm troopers.
    It has, however, exposed the ones too dangerous to have around in a survival situation.
    Keep your rope near to hand…

  2. This reminds me of the Eugene Ionesco play ‘Rhinoceroses’, in which some people in a society turn into rhinos. At first this is shocking and unacceptable, but as more and more get rhino-ized, everyone feels they have to change into rhinos, too. It was based on how he saw Rumania be infiltrated first by Fascism and then by Communism. The institutions have closed rank, each backs the other in a very totalitarian way, increasingly divergence is treachery.

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