FaceBook becomes more open about its communist nature

Daily Mail:

Facebook asks Republicans if they need ‘support’ for becoming ‘extremist’ and will send the same to anyone who has searched ‘key words related to white supremacy’

Facebook is targeting conservative voices and asking them if they need ‘support’ after being becoming ‘extremist’ in its latest overreach on free speech and censorship which users say is patronizing and offensive. 

Several conservative voices like John Cardillo, House Delegate Nick Freitas and Alex Berenson shared screenshots of the alerts they received on Twitter. 

The alert asked: ‘Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist? We care about preventing extremism.

‘Others in your situation have received confidential support.’

Another targeted people which Facebook deemed had been ‘exposed’ to ‘violent extremism’ and asked them if they needed ‘support’. 

The ‘support’ being offered is access to groups like Life After Hate which seeks to rehabilitate people with alt-right views. On its website, they use a photo of the Capitol rioters as an example.

Epoch Times:

Facebook Now Sending Messages to Some Users Asking About Potentially ‘Extremist’ Friends

Some Facebook users have recently reported being sent warning messages from the social media giant relating to “extremists” or “extremist content.”

“Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?” one message reads. “We care about preventing extremism on Facebook. Others in your situation have received confidential support.”

The message also provides a button to “Get Support,” which leads to another Facebook page about extremism.

Redstate editor Kira Davis, who said was sent a screenshot of the message from a friend, wrote: “Hey has anyone had this message pop up on their FB? My friend (who is not an ideologue but hosts lots of competing chatter) got this message twice. He’s very disturbed.”

Lets be perfectly clear. The following story has meaning. Ignore are your peril.

China’s President Xi Jinping ‘turns down Mark Zuckerberg’s request to name his unborn child’ at White House dinner

Mark Zuckerberg may have impressed China’s President Xi Jinping by speaking to him in Mandarin, but it didn’t stop the leader from turning down a personal request from the Facebook founder.

According to Page Six, at a prestigious White House dinner hosted by President Obama and the First Lady, Zuckerberg approached President Xi about the subject of his unborn child.

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  1. ‘Jewish Supremacy’: A Nazi Slur Goes Woke
    The spike in Jew-bullying since Israel’s confrontation with Hamas last month has resolved the decades-long debate about whether anti-Zionism blurs into anti-Semitism. By targeting kosher restaurants, defacing synagogues and beating visible Jews, the haters clearly target Jews and Israelis as one….

    As some progressives unfairly view Israel’s national conflict with Palestinians through an overly simplistic racial prism, Israel’s harshest critics have mainstreamed an even more poisonous phrase, this time straight out of the Nazi handbook—“Jewish supremacy.”

    Jew-haters’ obsession about Jewish “power,” as Jews endured centuries of powerlessness and persecution, proves that Jew-hatred, the world’s oldest hatred, is also the most plastic hatred—artificial, fungible and sometimes lethal.

    Jews have been persecuted for being rich and poor, Marxist and capitalist, fitting in too much and standing out too much. Nazis justified their mass murder of Jews by escalating the canard about Jews controlling the world into a struggle against “Jewish supremacy.”

    In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler warned Germans against “the movement for expanding Jewish power on a wider scale and finally subjugating the world to its rule.” […] “Hitler breaks Jewish supremacy with his movement.”

    Words matter. In popularizing the phrase “Jewish supremacy,” Palestinian supporters—including dozens of woke Jewish studies and Israel studies professors—continue to try piggybacking on America’s racial reckoning and the West’s necessary fight against white supremacy. They are also continuing the broader campaign to demonize Zionism and Israel—dooming any peace efforts with slashing, delegitimizing rhetoric…


  2. Poor ol’ Zuckerberg hoping to be the last one eaten by the commie crocodiles by brown tonguing Xi. How revolting! Says far too much about him: he might be rich but as a human he fails.

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