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7 Replies to “Interview with inventor of mRNA injection tech explains why we should not inject it”

    • This article is extraordinarily useless. It doesn’t address any of the problems, and is made nearly entirely of false analogies. There are no long term studies because it hasn’t been around for the long term. The serious adverse effects are far more common than reported, and they are being reported a lot. This is also a brand new technology. So new and different that just calling it a “vaccine” is a fallacy by false analogy.

      The report is propaganda. Sorry. But its there. People can judge for themselves.

      • Sort of a tangent mentioned in passing in the article: shingles, appearing years after some vaccines.

        Now we know people with certain autoimmune disorders are getting post-COVID vaxx shingles. Even if they’ve had the shingles vax!

        Thankfully, neither I nor members of my family with related diseases developed shingles post-covid vaxx.

        Immunologists are now recommending – informally – that their patients take valcyclovir with their vaxx. Just in case.

        I’m not seeing this connection reported in the list of adverse events. Maybe I missed it.

  1. What I find baffling about propagandists such as the person who wrote this piece is, unless they are disingenuous in the sense they will write such things without any intention of be injected themselves, they simply cannot know the truth of the matter, yet write as if they do. So, in the end, they may have fooled only themselves and to their own great detriment.

  2. “About 30 years ago, a handful of scientists began exploring whether vaccines could be made more simply. What if you knew the exact structure of the mRNA that made the critical piece of a virus’s protein coat, such as the spike protein of the COVID-19 virus?”

    “First, scientists learned how to modify mRNA so that it did not produce violent immune system reactions. Second, they learned how to encourage immune system cells to gobble up the mRNA as it passed by in the blood. Third, they learned how to coax those cells to make large amounts of the critical piece of protein. Finally, they learned how to enclose the mRNA inside microscopically small capsules to protect it from being destroyed by chemicals in our blood.”

    “So, 30 years of painstaking research allowed several groups of scientists — including a group at Pfizer working with a German company called BioNTech, and a young company in Massachusetts called Moderna — to bring mRNA vaccine technology to the threshold of actually working. The companies had built platforms that, theoretically, could be used to create a vaccine for any infectious disease simply by inserting the right mRNA sequence for that disease.

    Then along came COVID-19. Within weeks of identifying the responsible virus, scientists in China had determined the structure of all of its genes, including the genes that make the spike protein, and published this information on the Internet.

    Within minutes, scientists 10,000 miles away began working on the design of an mRNA vaccine. Within weeks, they had made enough vaccine to test it in animals, and then in people. Just 11 months after the discovery of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, regulators in the United Kingdom and the US confirmed that an mRNA vaccine for COVID-19 is effective and safely tolerated, paving the path to widespread immunization. Previously, no new vaccine had been developed in less than four years.”

  3. Incredibly exciting technology! Imagine the miraculous achievements that await humanity with refined gene editing:

    Imagine, too, the problems created by mRNA’s politicization. Two-tier societies pop up instantly–the Jabbed and the Jabbed-Not. Blaming the Jabbed-Not as the source of all human misery. I can see the dystopian sci-fi now…too bad Charleton Heston is dead. Yet, these people are not responsible at all. They just want to be left out of a circus that makes no sense to them, without the imposition of state and regulation. Without the imposition of Great Reset Gurus grinding them into dust. Studies have shown that those who are against injections are much better informed on average than those who get stabbed. MSM will have you believe otherwise.

    Politicization by those who politicize EVERYTHING. Collectivists. And before the Jabbed and Jabbed-Not existed we had Covid-19 which was politicized ad tyrannia, ad dominatus, and we cowered and huddled in our homes afraid because fear is the favoured tool of the Great Resetters. But now the virus is the summer joke while the STAB remains. The radio man says the bug is receding because the STAB is working. A better argument is that the bug is receding because it’s summer. Always been this way with the flu. Sorry radio man.

    But the joke is on the vaxxx deniers, I s’pose. You know, people who are as bad as holocaust deniers because the collectivist lingo engineers linked them…

    Frankly, I think the people who should be most angered by current developments are the brilliant, earnest scientists who created this tech in the name of humanity, but had it hijacked by politicos both domestic and Chinese CCP.

    So yes, great tech. But taken in the context of historical times this Harvard single dimension take on the subject becomes woefully remiss. And how dare it be I who politicizes a non-political, purely scientific article, someone may say? Sorry. But in an ocean of politics you can’t swim without getting wet. Don’t ask me, I’m nobody. Ask Gates or Fauci or Xi or Biden or Cuomo or any English political asshole why they politicize science to the detriment of humanity. Ask Harvard why they show the promise but not the politics:

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