“Who was Karl Marx” An interview with author, Jim Simpson

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2 Replies to ““Who was Karl Marx” An interview with author, Jim Simpson”

  1. Great interview Vlad and adds a lot to this site.

    ‘The Public need to understand:’
    1. The issue is never the issue. Divide and rule. Entrepreneurial paracites championing sickness for gain. The children of inherited wealth.

    2. Asymetric battles: Facts vs strategy. Due process vs any means to an Equal Outcome of the wrong people in the wrong job.

    3. Gaslighting. Lie and then threaten based on that lie.

    4. The Mother God. Allah, State or Image. Cut-out and painted up as gifted in Soul, Mind, or Body. Underlings, instead of Overlords.

    • Parasites.

      Is this not what politicians have become?
      To tax at the point of a gun
      Then gift a slice off your sum
      Won’t work, ev’n one hour done
      To fix the place they had come
      For votes in the next elecshun.

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