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6 Replies to “Tucker Carlson opening monologue”

  1. AMEN brother! Or, one of those blazing tires around THIER necks…..

    this WILL put me on a list! All I can say is GOOD!

    • I support you.

      And the crazy scientist who wants to make humans 50 cms shorter and give them a pill that would make them sick at the sight of red meat… Meanwhile, the CCP is working on bio-engineering their soldiers to give them super strength.

      We’re in deep trouble not knowing what is going on in research labs.

  2. How did the Climate manage to Change through those Millenia before Humanity evolved?

    Must have been all those Dinosaur farts.

  3. Quote: “Its time that certain key people at Google and Facebook got waterboarded for a month till we know what they have been doing to us”.
    Right On!
    Fully seconded by me and I can add another couple of hundred to that list. Then, NOT execution for treason etc. but a loss of all material goods for the entire family and any crony/family who intervene to help are also added to the list. I would also ban politics as a profession and enforce 2x 4 year terms as maximum and forbid any one such from becoming a lobbyist.
    The only catch here is that any and all socialist governments will start it up all over again. Marxism like yslam should not be allowed to influence politics.

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