Ireland moves to easily recognizable authoritarianism: Links 2, June 19, 2021

1. I have learned not to ignore these kinds of things

2. Please read this entire thread on the Chinese spy who defected to the US. I sure hope he made the right decision. After what we learned about the FBI he may have done more good to freedom and the West by defecting to Russia.

More here at RedState

3. If men can identify as women and use female bathrooms and compete in women’s sports, then damn it I identify as Texan.

4. REVEALED: Google & USAID Funded Wuhan Collaborator Peter Daszak’s Virus Experiments For Over A Decade.

Google funded research conducted by Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance – a controversial group which has openly collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on “killer” bat coronavirus research – for over a decade, The National Pulse can today reveal.

The unearthed financial ties between EcoHealth Alliance and Google follow months of big tech censorship of stories and individuals in support of the COVID-19 “lab leak” theory.

The Google-backed EcoHealth Alliance played a critical role in the cover-up of COVID-19’s origins through its president, Peter Daszak.

Daszak served on the wildly compromised World Health Organization’s (WHO) COVID-19 investigation team. He championed the efforts to “debunk” the lab origin theory of the virus, despite mounting support for the claim first made by experts on Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic podcast in early January 2020.

Left-wing websites masquerading as “fact checkers” still call the lab theory “false,” despite the shift in tone from the Biden regime, leading world scientists, and intelligence officials.


DOCUMENTS: U.S. Gov’t Sent “mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates” to University Researchers WEEKS BEFORE “COVID” Outbreak in China! How did they know . . . Unless they caused it?

5. Healthy soccer player dies in field of heart attack after getting Covid shot

6. Under new legislation, you could do 5 years in jail for not surrendering your computer password and or pin for your phone or computer when asked by police.

Thank you M., Richard, Matt bracken, EB., PC., Major Tom, Kalloi and many more who are managing to retain sanity in the face of a firehose of nuts

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5 Replies to “Ireland moves to easily recognizable authoritarianism: Links 2, June 19, 2021”

  1. ITEM 1 – Boris Johnson anticipates going full lockdown in September, maybe before. He’s terrified of the Delta-variant. For now, he’s giving a bit of slack before his anticipated storm hits.

    The problem: Boris had C-19, he was quite sick. So, he’s projecting. The guy seems unaware of the issue re the number of cycles used to determine positives. Unwilling to recognize herd immunity. And unwilling to accept alternative therapies.

    I’m reminded of someone badly tripping while going down a stairway, they break a leg. That person will always be overcautious when dealing with stairs.

    • Forgot something else: I wonder if Health Dept finally knows the dangers that await many who have been mRNA injected, resulting in eventual death. If we’re reading about it, the government sure is reading about it. And if so, why are they still pushing for people to be jabbed? I’m thinking of the 60+-year old people.

      People as of their mid-sixties start requiring more health services, government-paid medication, they collect their pension…

  2. 3 – Lots of luck with your identification as a Texan. Other states have slowly passed most of those laws over the last 19 years. We started doing that because of Obama, and a few have passed new versions this year. The sides are forming for the Second Civil War, I still say this is a war the left can’t win.

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