Another Canadian doctor asks to have the Covid vaccines stopped for youth

There is a CTV clip where they do not let him make his whole statement and then spend the rest of the time doing damage control, but no actual argument as to why he is wrong. Just critical theory and contradiction.

I hope CTV and CBC are taken to Nuremberg II which one can hope is set up for 2022.

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  1. We should all be very proud and supportive of these brave physicians.

    How many physicians have prescribed routine asthma inhalers when the first signs of the C-19 respiratory distress showed up? They told us to stay at home and when breathing becomes a real problem, go to the hospital.

    There’s an awful lot of incompetency and cowardice at work.

    * Using an asthma inhaler can cut the amount of time it takes to recover from Covid, MPs have been told. *

    Ministers say doctors have prescribed the respiratory aids in some circumstances which has shown in some cases to reduce recovery by three days.

    As a result Sir Graham Brady, from the Covid Recovery Group of Tory MPs, suggested the Government should make more use of them, according to the Telegraph.

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